Thalia is going to murder Natsu Dragneel for reading the ancient book and send them here. In the middle of medieval time from a different dimension called Earth. She is grumbling under her mouth. Wondering why would Natsu read the stupid book when he couldn't understand the story at all. Not to mention, she's going to disguise herself as a human and not wanting to get herself in danger.

"How can he read the stupid book and look where it got us now?" Thalia grumbled and slashing the tree angrily. "AGH! I hate that flame brain so much." She needs to use all her magic to maintain herself as a human, not her true form, Exceed.

"There's no point of complaining, Thalia." Ruby spoke up and sighs heavily. "We don't even know how we're going back home. Do you know where we are, Misaki?" She asks the black-haired girl curiously.

Misaki shakes her head and looking up to the sky in deep thoughts. "I sense light and dark wizards are hiding their presence very well."

"Like us?" She blinks her eyes and looks surprised Misaki's answer.

"Different... they don't want their presence to be noticed." She exhales softly and wondering why they hide. "I don't know where exactly we are but we need to be on guard."

"Yeah, except the fact our outfits and our hair-" Thalia was cut off by someone.

"Look what we got here, boys... an old man." Three mages stopped their conversation and giving each other a silent look. "All by himself."

"Tch, bandits." Thalia squinting her eyes. "Five against one elder." She whispered at them.

"I'll deal with them." Misaki assured them. "You two need to stay by his side."

"Okay." Ruby agrees on Misaki as they silently approached them.

"Mah, mah, don't you think..." Misaki started to speak as the group of bandits are looking at them. "It's unfair to corner an elder man?" She asks in a calm tone.

A man in his mid 50's stared at the girl in a serious look on his face. Her outfit is different compared to anyone. The black-haired girl is wearing white sleeves covered with a blue-black sleeveless robe as it tied around the black belt on her stomach. Her lower part is wearing plain black pants and white long socks as her shoes are black. Her hair is tied up in a tight bun as he fringe splits into two to show her beauty.

"Who the hell are you, girlie?" He snarled and grinned maniacally. "What a beautiful lady you are."

Misaki's face remained neutral and didn't show any fear or disgusts. "Leave the elder alone in peace."

"We will..." He comes closer and not knowing her companions are watching them closely. "If you come with-"

"I refuse." She spoke up bluntly. "You and your companions are pigs. I suggest to leave or things would get ugly."

The bandits laugh at her threats whereas the elder looks worried about this young woman. She sighs and stared at them with a serious look on her face. "Have you ever heard this phrase, 'don't judge a book by its own cover?' Gentlemen? I may not look intimidated but I can do worse than you've ever seen."

The group of bandits just laughs and thinks she's bluffing. Misaki silently runs in front of them as she kicks the man face then swinging her sword without unsheathing it towards them. Dodging gracefully like she's dancing and knocking them out without blood being shed. The elder man looks baffled and didn't expect this woman could handle them easily.

"Ruru and Thalia." Misaki called them as they showed up behind the trees. "Can you help me to tie them up please?" She asks in a calm tone.

"Sure." Thalia answered and glancing behind Misaki with a smile. "Are you hurt, Sir?" She asks him worriedly.

"No." He shakes his head and noticed the white-haired woman wears unusual clothes like his savior. "Thank you for saving my life."

"You're always welcome, Sir..." Ruby trailed off and didn't know his name.

"Gaius." Introducing himself in front of them and noticed his savior is staring at him with a calm look on her face.

"He can be trusted." She spoke up and smiles lightly. "He has faint magic inside of his body." Gaius froze and looked at them surprised.

"Please!" Ruby pleads. "We need help and no clue why we're here for a reason."

"One of our friends read an old ancient book and send us here for a reason." Thalia explained of their experience and Misaki shakes her head.

"Can we explain more private after we send this bandit to prison?" Misaki suggests. "It's not safe for us to speak outside."

Gaius lends them a cloak to hide their unusual clothes. He doesn't want them to gain more attention and asks a question of their purpose. He didn't expect his savior, Misaki, which is an unusual name, could detect magic inside of his body. Her companions, Ruby Luminous and Thalia Jones aren't surprised whether Misaki sense a warlock or not. It makes him curious and wanting to know how Misaki could detect something like that unless these three girls are witches.

"Have a seat." Gaius leads them his home and closes his door.

Thalia gulped of his room and covers her nose. The scent is too strong for her due to sensitive senses. Misaki is trying her best not to cover her nose but she couldn't do it. Both of them cover their noses whereas Ruby feels sorry because their senses are heightened compare to them.

"Misaki and Thalia have a sensitive smell." Ruby explained and noticed Gaius look. "Their senses are heightened compare to our normal senses."

"Who exactly are you girls? How did you sense that I have magic within me?" Gaius asks them with a curious look on his face.

"You wouldn't believe us, Sir Gaius." Misaki shakes her head. "What if we tell you we came from a different realm or world... called Earthland. Where most people are mages and have a unique talent of different magic."

"Earthland..." He muttered and a certain person comes from his mind. "Let me see your insignia."

They stared at each other with a startled look on their faces. It caught them off guard as he asks their insignia. From the look of Gaius' face, he knows something from where they are before. Ruby removes her scarlet leather to reveal her crimson Fairy Tail mark on her right shoulder.

"Who is the current Master? Is it Makarov Dreyar?" Gaius asks them curiously.

"How did you know my grandpa, Gaius?" Misaki questioned him. "I'm his granddaughter, Misaki Dreyar, S-Class Wizard and-"

"She's also one of the first youngest Ten Wizard Saints." Thalia spoke up in a proud tone and Misaki sighs heavily. "What? It's true."

"Such a talented girl." Misaki blushed at Gaius' compliments.

"How did you know Master Makarov, Gaius?" Ruby changes the subject.

"I've been to Fairy Tail before until King Uther disband all the magic here in Camelot." Gaius answered with a grim look on his face whereas they shared each other's look. "Makarov is one of my closest friends together with Precht Gaebolog."

A dark look appeared on Misaki's face while Ruby shared a worried look with Thalia. "He changes his name to Hades and creates a dark guild called Grimoire Hearts. They infiltrate our S-Class Wizard Advancement Exam back in 7 years ago." Misaki explained with a grim look on her face. She couldn't forget the face of Makarov's hurtful look as Hades betrays them all.

"Long story short." Thalia exhales. "After we manage to defeat them, a black dragon, Acnologia, one of the ruthless dragon we face. Nearly killed us all if it wasn't for a spell to trapped us inside for 7 years without aging."

"We're not here for telling you what happened to our pasts." She shakes her head. "We would like to know how we ended up here."

"What kind of spell did your old friend chant?" Gaius asks them knowing the girls doesn't want to explain further of their incidents.

"Our friend, Natsu... read an old ancient text." Misaki explained and exhales softly. "He snatches the book away from me before I have a chance to read it's context." She exhales and knowing it's pointless to get angry at the flame wizard.

"Did you know this incantation spell?"

"It's hard to pronounce but I know what it means." She stared at him with her usual calm look. "Three mages are going to aid the warlock. To help him fulfill his duty to protect the Once and Future King of Camelot. Their journey won't be easy as they face in every danger they encounter. The reincarnation shall become the wife of the Future King as she's going to purify the dark sorceress heart. Crystal maiden shall face her past to overcome as someone has the key to unleash her true potential."

"I can't believe you memorize everything so easily, Misaki." Thalia blinks her eyes with a surprised look on her face. She remembers back in Edolas her Princess, Misaki Light, Misaki's doppelgänger, is a royal Princess that has weak body whereas she's strong and has a lot of knowledge.

"It's an old language and hard for me to say it." Misaki laughs nervously. "Any ideas?"

"I don't know, my dear." Gaius stared at them with a sympathy look on his face. "You three are chosen to help this warlock and the future King of Camelot."

"The question is, who is the future King?" Ruby questions him. "We don't know any of this place at all."

"Well, my dears." Gaius smiles and willing to help them out especially Misaki is Makarov's granddaughter. He often visits Earthland to see him and the guild that are known number 1 Destructive Mages. "You three are Makarov's grandchildren and I made a promise whoever came to this land... I will help them out."

"Thank you, Gaius." Misaki thanked him. "We are forever in your debt." She bows at him politely.

"No need to worry, besides. It would be best to educate you girls." He vows to help them adjust to this world.