Ruby and Thalia couldn't help but feel hopeless of Misaki's health. Ruby sniffs and wiping her tears while Thalia comforts her. They can't lose Misaki because she's important to them.

"I can't lose her, Thalia." Ruby sobs and feeling useless for not easing Misaki's pain. "I don't want to lose another important person in my life. If only Wendy is here to cure her."

"Wendy is on Earthland and we don't even know how to get back our home." Thalia reminded her. "Screw Gaius order not to use magic-" Her ear twitches. "Merlin is here."

Ruby immediately opens the door and Merlin quickly came in and closes it. "Merlin, is that-" She was surprised to see him.

"I can heal Misaki, where is she?" Merlin interrupts Ruby's question.

"She's getting worse, Merlin." She clenches her hands into a fist. "She's coughing in blood- Merlin, please..."

"I'll save her, Ruby." Merlin assures him and holding the poultice in his hand.

"What's that?" Thalia questioned Merlin curiously.

"Poultice. It allows me to heal Misaki and Gwen's father." Merlin answered and the girls lead them where Misaki is.

Merlin looks worried seeing Misaki's pale look and placing the poultice right next to her. "Don't worry, Misaki. You're going to be alright just fine. Þu fornimst adl fram guman." Incanting the spell and Misaki's health returns to normal.

Ruby cries in relief and hugging Merlin tightly. He returns the gesture and Thalia just smiles at the warlock. "Thank you so much, Merlin."

"You're welcome, Ruby and Thalia. Misaki is my dear friend as well and I'll do anything to keep you girls safe." He pulls her away. "I need to cure Gwen's father." Grabbing the poultice in his hand.

"Be careful, Merlin." Thalia warned him. "The Knights are everywhere and don't get caught."

"I will." Merlin left them.

Misaki is grateful for getting heal by Merlin but at the same time, she's angry at his stupidity. Merlin forgot to take the poultice back after healing Gwen's father, Tom. They're accusing her of using magic and she's under arrest by it. She grabs Merlin and brings him inside of Gaius chamber with a stern look on her face.

"What have you done?" Gaius asks and mentally glad Misaki is fully recovered but he's still mad of Merlin using magic again.

"What?" Merlin questioned them.

"I warned you." He exhales and gets frustrated by his stubbornness. "Oh, I understand, you thought you were doing good." He commented sarcastically.

"I couldn't let her father die knowing I could cure him and Misaki as well." Merlin defended himself.

"Look, I appreciate for curing me, Merlin." Misaki sighs heavily and rubbing her temples. "Did you not think it might look a bit suspicious? The curing of one man? I'm glad you guys cover me the fact I'm ill and not like them."

"Misaki, you of all people know that all we have to do is- we're going to cure everyone. No one will ever have to know it was magic." Merlin spoke up.

"At what cost, Merlin?" Ruby questioned him. "Look at Gwen's situation right now. They think she's a sorceress and assuming she caused the disease."

"But she didn't!" Merlin tries to open the door.

"How are you going to prove that?" Thalia asks Merlin and he just ignores them then walks out of the quarters.

"Gah!" Misaki throws the book angrily and breaths heavily while the others jump in surprised by her outburst. "I can't let Gwen die because of Merlin's fault for curing us."

"How are we going to set Gwen free, Misaki?" She asks Misaki worriedly.

"It was a girl... the nightmare I had." Misaki gulps and recalling her nightmares. "I sense darkness inside of her. She incants some kind of spell to this egg and drops it on the water fountain... all the way here." She explains with a grim look on her face.

"Have you seen her face, Misaki?" Gaius asks her and had a guess which Misaki refers to.

"She covers her head with a hood on it." She shakes her head. "I somehow encounter this one before and couldn't point out where or when."

"Whatever it is, we need to find it and fast." Thalia spoke up and pushing herself away from the wall. "Ask Oichi to go to the water and check any suspicious creatures."

"Oichi is the only one who is immune to poison whereas it takes a huge effect on me." Misaki spoke up and crossing her arms. "I can't swim in the water for now."

"What do you say, Gaius?" Ruby asks Gaius curiously. "Oichi can transform herself into a snake to avoid getting suspicious. She can camouflage herself to blend in her environment."

Gaius sighs heavily of their stubbornness. Misaki is exactly the same as her grandfather, Makarov. He admires her strong-will attitude behind the calm and serene look. "I know you girls are being cautious but please... be careful. We don't want to start a war between magic and sword."

Misaki sighs heavily and closes her eyes. The last thing she thought about her family is declaring a war against Pendragon family. She knows her family including herself are still mourning of Sora's death. "I won't let that happen even if it kills me." Misaki spoke up and stared at them with her unusual serious look on her face.

Merlin blames himself for Gwen's execution after he cures Misaki and Tom. It's killing him inside after knowing one of his friends is going to get kill being a sorcerer. "I thought I was doing good." Merlin spoke up to Gaius with a sad look on his face. "And that curing Gwen's father would help her including Misaki as well. I thought I was saving a life. It seemed so simple."

Gaius stared at him with a serious look on his face. "An easy solution is like a light in a storm, Merlin. Rush for it at your peril, for it may not always lead you to a safe harbor."

"I can see that now." Merlin spoke up and completely understand why Misaki avoid using healing spells. "You forbid Misaki to use healing spells aside from being a Crown Princess from Earthland."

"How many times have I warned you about the responsibilities of being a warlock?" Gaius questioned Merlin.

Merlin looked down on his hands then at his guardian. "I must see her."

"You don't deserve this, Gwen." Misaki spoke up with a solemn look on her face. Herself, Thalia and Ruby are in the dungeons to speak Gwen. They're lucky enough that one of the Knights, Sir Ewan, who owes Misaki for saving his life, allows them to speak with the Lady's handmaiden. "I know you're innocent and you don't deserve to be punished."

"We know that you're not a sorcerer, Gwen." Ruby spoke up and holding back her tears. "There has to be a way to set you free. We can let you escape, Gwen."

"You can't, Ruby." Gwen shakes her head furiously. "You're going to make it worse."

"You don't deserve this, Gwen." Misaki snapped angrily and punching the walls. "So what if your father is cured!? That does make you a sorcerer just because they found poultice under his pillow!? I hate this! Why does Uther despise magic so badly? Is it necessary to kill someone who uses magic for good?" She cried angrily and not wanting to release her magic. "Damn it!"

Gwen has never seen Misaki lose of composure before. She usually calms all the time and giggling when being chased by boys often. Misaki always bottles up all her emotions and didn't open up her feelings to the other people.

"Misaki." Gwen sniffs and feels grateful there are some people actually care for her. "Please don't do any reckless. I would never forgive yourself if anything happens to you."

"Gwen is right, you need to think first before you act." Thalia reminded Misaki. "You go out there and things will get worse."

"What are we going to do?" Ruby questioned them as her spirit, Oichi is still searching for clues. "Let her die?"

"We need to figure out this problem fast." Misaki sniffs and wiping her tears. "Gwen, I promise you. You're going to be free and be with your father. Be patient and don't lose hope." She vows with a determined look on her face.

"Promise me, girls..." They listen to Gwen's voice. "Don't forget our friendship we have and remember me."

"Don't say... as if you're saying goodbye, Gwen." Thalia denied the idea of Gwen getting executed. "We'll get through this."

Uther called all his Councils including Misaki is part of them due to her role as Court Physician. "What if burning this witch doesn't stop the poison? How do I protect my people?" Uther asks them while Misaki masks her cold and hatred towards the King.

Gaius informed them the source of the poison is coming from the water. Uther ordered his son to close down all water pumps to avoid getting a disease.

"My men have closed down the water pumps." Arthur informed his father.

"But the emergency supply won't last for much longer." Misaki pointed out.

"We have to find a way of cleansing the water of the disease." Gaius informed them since they heard no news of Oichi yet.

"But how?" Uther questioned the two Court Physicians.

"Well-" Misaki was cut off by someone barge in their meeting.

"It was me!" Merlin exclaimed and Misaki masks her surprised expression. "It was me who used magic to cure Gwen's father." Everyone excluding Misaki are looked shocked to hear Arthur's manservant can use magic. "Gwen is not the sorcerer, I am!"

Gaius stands up and completely furious of Merlin's action. "Merlin, are you mad?" He whispered his nephew while Misaki is close to smacking his head off.

"I cannot let her die for me. I place myself at your mercy." Merlin pleads the King.

"He doesn't know what he's talking about." Gaius defended his nephew.

"I do." They stared at them back and forth.

"Then arrest him." Uther ordered his Knights and Misaki stands up straight.

"Your majesty, there's a bit of misunderstanding here." Misaki spoke up with a serious look on her face. "He's completely not himself."

"Misaki is right. Father, please. I can't allow this. This is madness." Arthur backed Misaki up. "There's no way Merlin is a sorcerer." If only they knew Merlin is a warlock.

"Did you not hear him?" Uther questioned the blond Prince and female Court Physician.

"Yes." Misaki and Arthur answered.

"He's admitted it."

"He saved my life remember?" Arthur reminded Uther.

"Why should he fabricate such a story?" Uther questioned him.

"As Gaius and Misaki said... he's got a grave mental disease." Arthur stuttered as they get the hint.

"Really?" Uther looks interested at Merlin's ill.

"He's in love." Arthur pointed out and Misaki hides her amused expression.

"What?" Merlin looks shocked at Arthur's thought.

"With Gwen."

"I am not!" Merlin protests the idea of him liking Gwen. He likes someone else but it's not the Lady's handmaiden.

"Yes, you are. Misaki told me you fell in love with Gwen." Arthur glances at Misaki's direction while she masks her amused expression but remained calm.

"Merlin is in love with Gwen. He always told me... how sweet and beautiful she is." Misaki spoke up and mentally laughs at Merlin's priceless expression. "He even asks me whether to ask Gwen's father for a hand in marriage or not." Closing her eyes and didn't want to look at Merlin's reaction. She didn't like the idea of Merlin's revelation of being a warlock in front of them. They have their duties to help Merlin out even if it means to keep his identity secret from them.

"No way." He shakes his head furiously and glaring at Misaki and Arthur's lie.

"I saw you yesterday with that flower she'd given you." Arthur approached Merlin as the Council members excluding Misaki are snickering at Merlin's love life.

"I'm not in love with her." Merlin laughs nervously whereas they ignore him.

"It's all right." He patted Merlin's shoulder. "You can even admit it."

"I don't even think of her like that!" He protests.

"Perhaps she cast a spell on you." Uther commented and chuckled at Merlin's misfortune.

"Merlin is a wonder. But the wonder is that he's such an idiot." Arthur pointed out and Misaki just mentally sighs heavily. "There's no way he's a sorcerer." Giving Merlin a pointed look.

"Don't waste my time again. Let him go." Uther ordered the Knights to set Merlin free.

"If you'll excuse us, my Lord." Misaki bows her head politely and grabs Merlin arm to drag him away from them. She's clearly pissed off his action and he would get an earful them.

They dragged Merlin inside of their quarters. "Arthur's the idiot. I can't believe you join in, Misaki!" Merlin exclaimed and Misaki whack's his head. "Ow!"

"No, he was right to do what he did." Gaius defended the blond Prince. "And thankfully he saved you from your own stupidity."

"Are you out of your mind, Merlin!? Who do you think you are!? You're risking yourself to reveal everyone that you're a warlock!" Misaki whacks his head again using paper fan out of nowhere. "Exposing yourself is not going to solve our problem!"

"What else could I do? Could you stop whacking me with that paper!" He covers his head to protect himself from getting hit by Misaki's fan. "It's my fault Gwen is going to die."

"It's your fault for leaving the evidence behind right after healing Tom." She sighs heavily. "But you don't prove her innocence by offering to jump into the flames. Our job is to find out what cause of this disease. Not exposing ourselves we're mages."

"Well, whatever it is, one thing's for sure: Arthur's not going to find it. He thinks he is so sharp." Merlin pointed out. "Even when I told him I was a wizard. He still couldn't see it."

"He's a thickheaded and couldn't tell whether the person is a wizard or not." Misaki explained and wondering if Oichi finds some clues on the water or not.

"Sometimes they're pretty hard to spot." Gaius pointed out.

"Maybe I should go around wearing a pointy hat." Merlin commented sarcastically and Misaki gives him a deadpanned expression.

"I don't think you'll find one big-"

Thalia barges in the quarter as she didn't bother to knock. "Oichi found something and you guys need to come with me now." She informed them with a grim look on her face.

Thalia leads them inside of the water tunnel underneath the castle. They found Ruby is with her Chinese Snake spirit. "What did you found, Oichi?" Misaki questioned the green-haired woman.

"A creature is hiding this water." Oichi answered and pointed the water in front of them. "He lives in there to create poison to that entire water to kill us."

"What kind of a creature was it?" Gaius asks her.

"It's too dark to see how it looks like." Oichi frowned. "The shadow itself formed some sort of humanoid... the upper body bend down but... the head itself is a bit big."

"The creature is very familiar back in Earthland from your description, Oichi..." Misaki muttered and crossing her arms in deep thoughts. "We need to get some sample of it."

"Merlin." Gaius called Merlin to grab a sample of it as the young warlock grabs one. "Let's take it back and examine it." Just when they're about to walk away.

Misaki senses something and someone grabbed her stomach to take her down on the river. "Misaki!" Thalia cried out her name worriedly.

"Oichi!" Ruby called Oichi as she jumps down to save Misaki.

"Got it!" Oichi dives in to save Misaki.

Misaki is struggling at the hands of the monster. Didn't want to risk herself to open her mouth and swallowed some water for she gets poison again. Oichi punches the monster's face and grabs Misaki to escape from it.

"My dears, are you alright?" Gaius asks them.

Misaki coughs and rubbing her face away from the water. "Just sore ribs the way it held me." She answered and looking at Oichi. "Thank you, Oichi. For saving my life."

"You're welcome." Oichi smiles back and turned serious. "You guys need to leave before it comes back and kill us all." They didn't bother to protests but just head back to the quarters.

The moment Misaki got grabbed by that creature, she knows what it is. She grabs Gaius book and scheming it to find the monster she's looking for. "It was an Afanc. It looks the same but the one I fought was made of fire back in Earthland." Misaki explained and trying to find the page.

"An- a what?" Merlin looked clueless what it means and looking at Misaki.

"It's a beast born of clay, and conjured up only by the most powerful sorcerer." She read it out loud to them.

"Now we have to find a way to defeat it." Gaius spoke up. "Can you still kill it, Misaki?"

"The Afanc we have is different from here." She shakes her head. "We need to find out what it's weakness and fasts."

"Where could we start, Misaki?" Thalia questioned her. "This could waste our time to read every book in here."

"Thalia is right. That could take days. Gwen will be dead by then." Merlin pointed out.

"Have you got a better idea?" Gaius questioned his nephew.

"Here." Misaki handed Ruby and Thalia a glasses. "We need to use these glasses to help us read fasts." Misaki explained it to them.

"What's that?" Merlin asks them curiously.

"It's a wide-reader glasses." Ruby answered. "It's one of the magical items which allows the wearer to read things quickly scans through the entire book" She explained.

"No matter how much you read fasts..." Thalia sighs heavily. "Better stop complaining and start reading." They start reading books using wide-reader glasses.

Misaki has no clue where Merlin is and she slams the book. She sighs heavily and calming herself down. Panicking would lead Misaki nowhere if she rushes thing quickly without using her logic. "The Afanc I fought was fire but the one we face..."

"Lives in the water." Ruby finished her thought. "That's it!" She exclaimed and Thalia looks startled at them.

"What is it?" She asks them with a curious look on her face.

"We're looking for a wrong book." Ruby pointed out. "Think about it... Misaki fought a fire Afanc but the other one lives in the water. The Afanc is made out of elements."

"We need to find a book of elements." Misaki informed them and Gaius came in. "Gaius, do you know where the book of elements that regards Afanc creatures?"

"We need to find a book of elements!" Merlin barges in and they stared at him with a bewildered look on their faces.

"Funny... Misaki and Ruby thought the same thing." Thalia commented and looking at the two.

"You did?" Gaius asks Misaki and Ruby while raising his eyebrow in their direction.

"Yes. I thought about how I fought the Fire Afanc at Earthland." Misaki explained. "Fire's weakness is water and I killed them. The one we're facing right now is an Afanc made out of earth and water which is I'm at disadvantage."

"How many elements we have?" Thalia asks them. "No, I'm not talking about the periodic tables, Ruby." She playfully glares at the copper-haired girl.

"The study of base elements is at the very heart of the scientific process." Gaius pointed out.

"Let's do some brainstorm." Ruby exhales softly. "Misaki you killed an Afanc using water magic since it's made out of fire?"

"Yes." Misaki nodded her head. "The Afanc we face here is made from earth and water."

"That's two of the four base elements." Gaius spoke up. "It's clear that you're at disadvantage, Misaki."

"I can't use Water magic for it's my main source of power." She sighs heavily and hated the fact of being a disadvantage.

"What about the other two?" Merlin asks them curiously.

"Wind and fire. Perhaps they would destroy it." Thalia spoke up and looking at Merlin with a suspicious look on her face. "Okay, magician boy... how on earth did you know this?"

"Um, I just knew. You know, it's part of my powers." Merlin stutters while they didn't believe his lies.

"What else do your powers tell you?" Gaius questioned him.

"That I am only one side of a coin. The brighter side, obviously." He rambles and didn't dare to look in their eyes.

"And who's the other side?" Misaki asks Merlin and couldn't help but feel suspicious of his lie.

"I think that might be Arthur." Merlin answers. "The Fairies are the ones who are going to help and aid us."

"Fairies..." Gaius discreetly stares at Misaki, Ruby and Thalia since they're destined to help them.

"They're bringing forward the execution." Morgana barges in to inform Gwen's execution. "We have to prove Gwen's innocence."

"We're trying." Gaius told the King's ward.

"Please, just tell me what I can do to help." Morgana pleads at them.

"We need Arthur." Merlin spoke up.

"Arthur?" Morgana looks at them with a confused look on her face.

"Mo, there's a monster, an Afanc, in the water supply." Misaki explained. "That's what causing the plague and nearly killed me."

"Nearly killed you!?" Morgana looks worried about Misaki's well-being. "Are you harmed?"

"No, I'm perfectly unharmed." She assured her.

"We must tell Uther." Morgana stares at them.

"That would cause more problem of that, Morgana." Thalia spoke up. "The Afanc's a creature forged by magic."

"Think about it, Morgana." Ruby pipped in. "If you tell Uther about Afanc, he's going to execute Gwen fast. He won't listen to us but just blaming her for conjuring it."

"So what are we to do?" Morgana questioned them.

"Simple. We need to destroy it. Then the plague will stop and Uther may see sense." Misaki answered.

"And that's why you need Arthur." She nodded her head in understanding.

"He's our best chance but he won't want to disobey the King." Merlin pointed out.

"We need to pull some strings that makes him guilty and help us out." Misaki suggested and Morgana smirked widely at her.

"Oh, Misaki. You're just the girl I need." Morgana commented and dragging her. "To convince Arthur."


Morgana dragged Misaki to get in Arthur's chamber. Misaki is not impressed of getting dragged into this plan but Morgana persuades her for she's the only one who could knock Arthur's sense.

"Are you alright?" Arthur asks Morgana since Gwen's her handmaiden servant. He's surprised to see Misaki is accompanying Morgana. "I'm sorry about all this, Merlin hasn't been in today." He spoke up and gesturing at the food he messed while Misaki masks her disgusted face.

"Poor, Merlin." Morgana commented and looked down and discreetly elbowing her friend.

"Yeah." Arthur agrees with her.

Misaki looked down on the floor and mentally sighs. "To offer to give up his life to save Gwen's. I certainly can't imagine any man loving me so much." She spoke up in a soft tone.

"No, I certainly can't imagine that either." Arthur spoke up and staring at her.

Misaki shakes her head. "That's because you're not like Merlin. He's a lover." She smiles slightly.

"Yeah, maybe that's because I haven't found the right person to love." Staring at Misaki deeply while she forces herself to look away from his intense blue eyes.

"Sadly the age of gallantry seems to be dead." Morgana commented and smirked the way Arthur gazes at Misaki. "You look around and all you see are small men not big enough to fill their armor. There's not one of them that's able to stand up for what is right."

"Sadly... they think having these feelings will ruin our lives." Misaki spoke up softly and crossing her arms. "They tell us love is a sign of weakness but in my opinion... love is strong because they're the ones who give us the strength to overcome the obstacle we ever face."

Arthur exhales and knowing what these two are up to. "What do you want me to do?" He asks them.

"Help us to slay the monster who lives in the water tunnel." Misaki answered. "Merlin, Thalia and Ruby found it when they took a sample from the water."

"Don't forget that you almost got kidnapped by it." Morgana reminded her.

"You what!?" Arthur exclaimed and check if Misaki has an injury or not.

"I escape from it and the monster is called Afanc. It's a monster who lives in water and poisons it whoever drinks. The only way to stop this plague is to kill it." Misaki brushed off his worriedness. "We're wasting our time and we need to kill it before they execute Gwen."

They went back to the water tunnel again this time with Morgana and Arthur. Thalia is hiding inside of the water in her Exceed form in case things gets worse with Ruby whereas Merlin and Misaki are with Arthur and Morgana.

"You'd better be right about this, Merlin and Misaki." Arthur grumbled while holding a torch in his hand.

They heard growling and Morgana gasps. Misaki readied her katana in case it attacks them again like the last time. Arthur is glancing behind the two girls. "You two should stay here."

"I'm coming with you." Morgana denied the idea of her staying alone.

"No." He gives Morgana a pointed look.

"Scared I'll show you up?" She smirked.

"Father will slam us both in chains if he knew I'd endangered you." He stares at Misaki. "Gaius would never forgive me if you're in danger as well, Misaki."

"Good thing he doesn't know about it then."

"I'm telling you, Morgana, turn back. You and Misaki could get hurt." He glares at them.

Misaki sighs heavily. "I'll end up hurting you, Pendragon." She gives him a stern expression. "We came this far and we're not backing this one out. You leave us alone and there's a chance Afanc could attack us. It's better to get closer as a group than leaving us here stranded."

Morgana smirked at Misaki's fiery attitude and dragging her away from the boys. "Wasn't expecting you have that kind of attitude, Misaki. Here I thought you're too good." She compliments her since she always surprised them.

"I'm stressed out because they thought Gwen is a sorcerer which is absurd." Misaki shakes her head. "I promise that I'll clear her name for this plague. I can't stay put and do nothing when my friend needs me."

"You have a golden heart, Misaki." Morgana spoke up with a gentle smile. "You care for them before yourself."

Misaki didn't say anything and just looking at her surroundings. "How are we going to find it?" She asks the moment the boys join them.

"Just hope we do before it finds us." Arthur answered and they heard growling again as they stopped walking. "Stop."

"What?" Merlin looks confused and looking at Misaki as she nodded her head discreetly.

"It's just a shadow." Arthur commented and they continued walking.

Misaki couldn't help but feel like the Afanc is following them behind. She didn't expect it could tell their presence are in its territory. "Spread out." He ordered them.

"Morgana, here." Misaki handed Morgana her katana. "You need it more than I do. I have plenty of daggers and shurikens with me." She murmured and Morgana thanked her.

They spread out and went to different directions. Misaki sense an Afanc is behind on Arthur and she quickly runs and pushes him down to avoid getting hit. "Are you unharmed, Arthur?" Misaki asks the blond Prince worriedly and pulled him up.

"What is it? Are you alright?" Morgana rushed in their side to hear the growling of an Afanc again.

"Yeah." Arthur answered and mentally thanked Misaki of her quick reflexes.

"Did you see it?" Merlin asks them worriedly.


"What did it look like?"

"It's quick."

Morgana screams and Misaki pushes her then punch at Afanc's face with her enormous strength. It howled in pain and hides in the shadow again. "Where is it?" Arthur murmured.

"I think it's gone this way!" Merlin informed them and they went on the different tunnel.

They manage to find the Afanc and clearly noticed the sword won't affect on it but only fire. "Arthur, swords are useless! Use the torch, Afanc's weakness is fire!" Misaki explained and Arthur uses the torch to swing at Afanc's direction.

"Merlin, cast a spell." Misaki whispered at Merlin's ear. "Xi men is ready to make the fire big enough to kill it with your spell."

"Got it." Merlin answered back. "Lyfte ic þe in balwen ac forhienan." He incants the spell and giving Ruby's Chinese Dragon spirit a chance to make the fire big enough to kill Afanc.

"Mission accomplish." Thalia whispered at Ruby and they give each other a silent high-five then leave before getting caught by Arthur and Morgana.

They finally clear Gwen's name and release her from prison. Misaki smiles at their reunion but deep inside of her heart, she misses her family and guild.

"Thank you." Gwen thanked them.

"Don't thank me. It was more Merlin, Misaki, Thalia and Ruby." Morgana told her handmaiden.

"Really?" Gwen looks surprised and the girls shake their head.

"It was more on Merlin." Ruby spoke up. "He's the real hero and we're just the backup to help out."

"Backup or not, the most important is you're free, Gwen." Misaki spoke up in a soft tone.

"I don't know what to say." Gwen spoke up and feels overwhelmed by their determination to clear her name.

"I didn't do anything." Merlin stutters and feels embarrassed.

"I'm grateful to you all." Tom smiles and feels grateful for saving his daughter. "Come on, Gwen." He urged his daughter to leave them alone.

"We should head back as well." Misaki spoke up. "I have a few patients that needed mine and Ruby's help."

"Good luck, Misaki and Ruby." Morgana wishes them luck as they leave.

"Merlin, I wanted you to know- your secret is safe with me." Morgana spoke up making Thalia and Merlin froze.

"My secret?" Merlin questioned the King's ward.

"Come on, don't pretend. I know what you did." She gives him a pointed look.

"You do?" Glancing at Thalia and she shrugged.

"I saw it with my own eyes."

"You did?"

"I understand why you don't want anyone to know."

"Well, obviously..." He stuttered and silently asks Thalia's help as she shakes her head.

"But I won't tell anyone." She chuckles. "You don't mind me talking to you about it?"

"I-uh... no, it's- you have no idea how hard it is to keep this hidden." He chuckles.

"Well, you can continue to deny it, but... you can't tell which one you have feelings for. Whether it is Gwen or Ruby." Thalia chokes her own saliva and coughing lightly.

"Wha-what!?" Merlin exclaimed and staring at Morgana shocked.

Morgana gives Merlin a silent sign. "It's our secret." She left Thalia and Merlin alone.

"Oh, the irony!" Thalia burst out laughing and leaning on the wall. "Hahaha! The look on your face is priceless, Mer!"

"Thalia!" Merlin glared at the feline cat.

"I can't wait to tell this to Misaki~!" Thalia rushed off to find Misaki and Merlin chases her.

"Come back here, you giant furball!"

Merlin munches his dinner happily courtesy of Ruby's turn to cook this time. He froze and looking at them. "This fish didn't come from the water, did it?" Merlin asks them worriedly.

"The fish came from water, baka (idiot)." Thalia answered bluntly. "Where does it come from? Land?"

"Once we defeated the Afanc, the water is already purified back as it should be." Misaki answered and eating her dinner calmly. "Who would summon an Afanc?"

"This was the work of a very powerful sorcerer." Gaius answered. "I only hope you and the girls didn't come to her attention."

"Doubt it. Well, no one else seems to appreciate our skills." Merlin pointed out. "We just want someone to see us for who we are."

"One day, Merlin. One day." Gaius answered and Misaki nodded her head.

"One day what?"

"One day people won't believe what an idiot you were." He answered bluntly.

"To us, you're not an idiot, Merlin." Ruby assured him. "You're smarter than Arthur."

"A perfect balance. Arthur the idiot and Merlin the genius." Thalia commented and they laugh.

A female sorcerer glared at the water with hatred. "Merlin and those pesky fairies, you four will pay for this." She spoke up in a cold tone.