It had been a few days that Ciara had been in the hospital and she was starting to go a little stir-crazy, despite Ben being with her for a good portion of the day. Ciara knew that Ben was up to something, but wasn't exactly sure what.

Ben walked into Ciara's room with a smile on his face. Ciara's eyes widened slightly in confusion. After a moment of no one saying anything, Ben clapped his hands together, "Who wants to get out of here?"

A huge smile erupted on Ciara's face, "Really?!" Ben nodded, "Your discharge papers are signed, sealed, and delivered." Ben held up a sheet of paper. Ben grabbed the pair of crutches that were by Ciara's bed and held them in place and then helped her up.

Ciara sighed as she adjusted herself onto her crutches. Ben looked up at Ciara for a moment, "You okay?" Ciara nodded, "Yeah, fine." Ben let out a light chuckle, "You know, you don't have to be strong in front of me, Rockstar." Ciara let out a soft laugh, "I'm fine, really." Ciara gripped Ben's arm for support.

Ciara slowly hopped through the hospital with Ben standing very close behind her with his arm extended prepared to catch her at any moment.

As Ciara and Ben exited the hospital, Ciara turned to Ben, "Wait, where are we gonna go? I mean, we can't exactly go back to the cabin. It's uh…" Ben finished, "Burnt to a crisp? Yeah, I know."

Ben patted his jacket pocket, "I got us." Ciara narrowed her eyebrows in confusion and Ben reached into his pocket, "I got us a room at the local motel." Ciara's eyebrows lowered, "Ah."

Ciara and Ben got into a cab and a short ride later, they arrived at the motel. As soon as the cab stopped Ben practically jumped out with Ciara's crutches in hand and ran over to the other side of the cab and helped her up. Ciara laughed lightly under her breath, "I guess chivalry isn't dead." Ben blushed slightly at Ciara's comment.

Ben paid the cab driver and Ciara and Ben slowly made their way into the motel. Once in the room, Ciara took a look around. There was a bed, couch, an old-looking TV, and a small amount of light peeking through the double windows. Ben shut the door, "I know it's not much, but it'll do."

Ciara sighed and hobbled over to Ben, "It's perfect. Quiet, quaint. Just what we need." Ben smiled, "Why don't you get some rest?" Ciara slumped her shoulders, "All I've done since you found me is rest, rest, rest." Ben chuckled a bit at Ciara's feistiness.

Ben put his hands up, "How about this? Sit in bed BUT you can flip through the channels." Ciara gasped in mock-shock and put her hand to her chest, "Oh! I can? Bless you, Warden." Ciara giggled and Ben shook his head and smirked.

"We lost pretty much everything in the fire, so I'm gonna go get some supplies." Ben helped Ciara get into bed and elevated her leg, "I'll be back soon, okay?" Ciara nodded. Ben sighed as shut the door. Ciara let out a breath as she began to flip through channels thinking about all that had happened in the past week. Ben went from being someone that she thought would kill her if he had the chance to someone that she could tell her darkest secret to.

Ben let his mind wander as he made his way to the front desk. Ciara had become his confidant in such a short period of time that he shuddered at the thought of something happening to Ciara. Ben approached the front desk and an older man turned around, "Something I can help you with?" Ben sighed nervously, "Are-are you hiring by any chance?" The older man thought for a second, "Need to take care of your girl, huh?" Ben nodded after a second, not wanting to get into the story.

"Well, it's not exactly the nicest job, and…" Ben shook his head, "I don't care what I have to do, I'll take it." The older man chuckled, "You must really care about your girlfriend." Ben smiled and under his breath said, "More than you know."

Ben walked back into the motel room with a few bags in his hand. "Luckily there's a convenience store a few blocks from here. No more walking miles to get supplies. Thank GOD." Ciara shook her head and laughed, "Well, I appreciate everything you've done to keep me alive."

Ben sat down on the edge of the bed, "There isn't anything I wouldn't do to protect you, Ciara." Ciara looked into Ben's eyes for a moment and could see that this was the real him. Honest, raw, but not paranoid thanks to the meds. The top of Ciara's mouth began to curve into a smile as she inched closer and closer toward Ben's hand. As soon as their fingertips touched, Ben pulled away and started stuttering, "I-I should get this stuff away." Ciara took a deep breath and murmured, "Okay."

Back at the Salem PD, Hope paced around anxiously, "How has Ciara just disappeared without a trace?" Rafe put his hands on Hope's shoulders, "We WILL find her. Relax."

Hope sighed as tears filled her eyes, "Ho-how can I rest knowing that my daughter is out there with a psycho murderer?!" Rafe moved his hands to both sides of Hope's face, "Marlena said that he is better now." Hope moved from Rafe's grasp and laughed, "Better?! Someone who murdered FOUR people and tried to kill Abigail and Chad in that cabin. You don't change from that." Hope gasped in realization, "Wait, you don't think that Ben would have actually taken Ciara there?"

Rafe shrugged his shoulders, "It's worth checking out." Hope ran out the door of the station before Rafe could say another word. Rafe grabbed Hope as she started to get into the cruiser, "Slow down for a second Hope." Hope breathed heavily, "For what? Every second that I stand here, another second goes by that my baby girl is trapped with a serial killer." Rafe sighed, "I'm coming with you." A small smile came across Hope's face, "Really?" Rafe nodded, "Really. I'm with you. Every step of the way. And we will get Weston. Now, the only question is, who's driving?" "Maybe you should. They say you shouldn't drive when you're having a mental breakdown." Rafe chuckled slightly at Hope's comment and got into the driver's seat.

As soon as Rafe put the car in park, Hope ran out of the car. Rafe ran as quickly as he could to catch up to Hope but by the time Rafe caught up to her, Hope was already right in front of the cabin. Quietly, Rafe said, "Hope…"

Tears began to fill Hope's eyes, "Changed huh? Huh?!" Hope sniffed before continuing, "That's exactly what he did to Abigail." Rafe was about to speak when a man exited what was left of the cabin. "This is a closed site. You need to leave." Hope looked like she was going to charge at the man when Rafe pulled out his badge, "We're Salem PD. What are you doing here?"

The man shook his head, "Fire Marshall. My station got an anonymous call that there was a fire." Hope sniffed, "We-we, uh, think my daughter was in that cabin when the fire started." The Fire Marshall looked down, "I'm very sorry ma'am." Hope interrupted, Commissioner Brady." The Fire Marshall nodded, "Commissioner Brady. But if your daughter was in the cabin when it burst into flames, there's no way she could have survived. My team has looked the cabin over and it looks like the fire spread very quickly. I'm sorry. If it helps, it was probably quick."

The Fire Marshall gave Hope a sympathetic glance before he quietly walked away as Hope collapsed to her knees. Quietly, she started sobbing. Rafe looked around, "Hope, there is no proof that Ciara was in this cabin, or Ben for that matter." Hope reached into the grass and pulled a piece of metal up, "No proof?" Rafe took the piece of metal in his hand and saw a keychain with 'Brady' on it. Hope closed her eyes as she tried to fight the tears, "Ben Weston took my baby."

Rafe pulled Hope into a tight hug, "We don't know that Ciara was in the cabin when it caught on fire. Maybe-maybe Ben took her somewhere else." Hope pulled out of the hug slightly, "BEN, help someone? Please. He probably used the cabin as the perfect way to finish my baby off." The tears were now freely streaming down Hope's face. "Ben killed my baby. And now he's gonna pay."