Ciara watched Ben as he made some of his famous pancakes for Ciara. Ben swore that Ciara was basically living on his pancakes. It put a smile on Ben's face watching Ciara enjoy what he made. This 'playing house' gave Ben a sense of normalcy, like there was a possibly that he wouldn't be seen as the Necktie Killer for the rest of his life. It had been a few weeks since Ben secretly began his job at the motel. He didn't want Ciara to know how he was getting the money because he knew that if she knew, she would want to try to work because that is the type she is.

After Ciara finished eating, she attempted to move off of the bed, but before she could Ben ran up to her and gently pushed her back down onto the bed. Ben let out a somewhat nervous chuckle, "What do you think you're doing?" Ciara furrowed her eyebrows at Ben slightly in confusion, "I'm getting up…"

Ben shook his head, "Without your crutches? Uh-uh, I don't think so." Ciara sighed deeply, "I got the all-clear to start taking small steps without the crutches." Ben lowered his eyes, "Are you sure?" Ciara half-laughed and nodded, "YES! I have been basically bed-bound for over a month now, I am SO ready to move."

Ben shook his head, "You are too much." Ciara smiled a cheeky smile. Ben put his hands up, "Okay, and I'll be right here to catch you." Ciara's smile grew wider, "I wouldn't expect anything less." and cocked her head slightly to the side. Ben blushed slightly at Ciara's comment.

Ciara sighed deeply, "Okay. I'm gonna do this." Ben held his hand out ready for Ciara as she slowly swung her legs over the bed so they were now hovering the floor. Ciara looked up at Ben for a moment and Ben locked eyes with Ciara. After a brief moment, Ciara gently placed her feet onto the floor, not putting any weight onto them yet. Ciara first pressed down with her good leg, following by her bad one. Ciara looked into Ben's eyes one last time as she slowly stood up. Ben took a tiny step back giving Ciara some room to move while close enough where he could catch her if need be. Ciara began taking small baby steps toward Ben.

Ciara stopped and starting laughing, "I look like a horse that just came out of the womb, don't I?" Ben shook his head, "For someone who hasn't walked in over a month, you're doing great." Ciara smiled at Ben and Ben couldn't help but smile back. She brought that out of him. Ciara keeping her eyes on Ben took one more step forward and this time her bad leg drug and she crashed right into Ben.

Ben tightly gripped Ciara's back as Ciara gripped Ben's shirt where his neck and shirt met with one hand and grasped his shoulder with the other. Ben's breath caught in his throat as he looked into Ciara's eyes. Ciara locked in on Ben's eyes and didn't loosen her grip one bit. Ciara began to lean closer to Ben when Ben blinked and was brought out of his trance.

Ben gently pulled Ciara up, "You okay?" Breathlessly, Ciara said, "Fine." Ciara smiled a small smile and Ben gently help Ciara get back into bed. "I think that's enough for today." "Ben, I'm fine." Ben shook his head, "You obviously overdid it. Why else would your leg give out?"

Ciara sighed for a moment before saying, "Fine." Ben smirked slightly, "Now, are you gonna stay in bed for the rest of the day?" Ciara half-laughed under her breath, "Yes, Sergeant." Ben shook his head and thought to himself that this girl was going to be the death of him. He raised his eyebrows and thought 'Literally, if Hope finds me here with her.'

Ben and Ciara laid on the bed in a head to toe-type position. Ciara laid flat on her back facing the TV absentmindedly flipped through the few channels while Ben was on his side while he shuffled the cards. Ben had picked up a deck of cards during one of his many walks that he took every day. The few channels that the motel got were either news, horror flicks, or weird-ass channels. Every channel that Ciara put on, after a few seconds she would mutter 'no' and flip to the next. Ben got a little bit of amusement out of it no matter how many times Ciara flipped through the same channels, she expected a different result.

Ben looked up from the cards at the TV for a moment before Ciara changed it yet again. "Wait, Ciara, go back?" "What, you want to watch that?" Ben sat up slightly, propping himself up, "I swear I just saw your mom on TV."

Ciara furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and put her hand to Ben's head, "Do you have a fever?" Ben looked at Ciara mockingly, "Ha-ha, very funny. Jus-just put it back on." Ciara shook her head, "Fine."

Ciara flipped the channel back and to her shock she saw her mother sitting in what looked like the interrogation room at the Salem PD with Rafe standing behind her. Hope held up a photo of Ciara. "This is my daughter, Ciara Brady, 21 years old. 5 weeks ago, she was taken by this man…" Hope held up a photo of Ben's mugshot "Ben Weston."

Ciara looked at Ben with her mouth gaped slightly open. Ciara turned back toward the TV and both of their eyes were glued to it.

Tears began to well in Hope's eyes. "We believe that Ben Weston set a cabin on fire with my daughter in it. Ben Weston or more infamously known as The Necktie Killer has once again committed a heinous crime. If anyone has any information in the whereabouts of Ciara Brady and/or Ben Weston, please call the number on the screen. I am appealing to you not as the commissioner of the Salem Police Department, but as a mother who is scared for her child and wants to see justice done for what was done to her. Thank you."

The TV screen turned black and Ciara turned to face Ben, "Did that really just happen?" Ben looked at Ciara with wide eyes, "Uh, yeah." Ben chuckled nervously, "I, uh, I think that did." Ciara let out an angry sigh, "I can't believe that this is happening."

Ben got up and started pacing nervously. Ciara inched up, "Ben?" Ben took some deep breaths. To himself, Ben said out loud, "Okay, it's gonna be okay. I'm gonna figure this out." Ciara sat up, "Ben?" bringing Ben out of his trance-like state.

Ciara patted the bed, "Ben, sit down." Ben sighed deeply and sat down in front of Ciara. Ben placed his hands in-between his legs and Ciara gently placed her hands on top of one of his and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Ben, you are not going to figure this out."

Ben looked at Ciara and furrowed his eyebrows, "You don't think I can handle this?" Ben started to get up and Ciara somewhat gingerly pushed Ben back down onto the bed, "No. YOU aren't going to figure this out. WE are going to figure this out. TOGETHER." Ben cocked his head slightly toward Ciara, "I can't remember the last time that I had someone on my side."

Ciara smiled a sad smile, "Ben, you and I, we're in this together. We will figure out a solution TOGETHER." Ciara slowly took Ben's hands and moved them closer to her. Ben looked down at their hands. Once they were off of his lap and in the space between them, Ciara put her other hand on top of Ben's as well and gave them a squeeze. Ben looked up to face Ciara and he gave her a small smile. Ciara and Ben just looked into each other's eyes. Ben ever so slightly started to lean toward Ciara. Ciara shook her head drawing her and Ben out of her trance. "Di-did you by any chance happen to pick up another burner phone?" Ben looked at Ciara in confusion, "Yeah, why?" A half-smile came to Ciara's lips, "I have an idea."

After the camera turned off, Rafe turned to Hope, "Are you crazy? Why did you just do that?" Hope looked at Rafe with a deadpan expression, "You are the one who told me that there is a chance that Weston took Ciara from that cabin, that MAYBE she's not…" Hope choked on the word 'dead'. After a moment Hope composed herself, "…and that means that he has her stashed somewhere. My baby is somewhere with a psycho murderer probably scared for her life. I am willing to do WHATEVER it takes to find her."

Rafe softly said, "Okay. I-I get it. I know that Ciara is not my daughter, and I would never want to try to replace Bo in her heart, but I really care about her. And I have your back. Whatever you need." Hope wrapped her arms around Rafe resting her hands on the space in-between his neck and shoulders.

Hope let out a sigh when her phone started ringing, "Commissioner Brady."