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When the Hell had finally lifted, the new parents were able to actually enjoy their time with their newborn daughter. Not that they hadn't before, of course, but now without having their intimate moment interrupted with surgeries and chaos. They were then transferred to the recovery ward.

"8.5 pounds, 20 inches"

Henry announced with that effervescence still present in his voice. Pierce chuckles softly.

"Sorry, pal. Looks like you'll hafta retract that winning bet. You put 7 pounds, 19 inches"

Trapper gives a crooked smile and glances over at the sweet, sleeping baby girl .

"Get 'er in 'ah pair of Klinger's heels 'an maybe run a few laps 'round base (in reaction to both Pierce and Hot Lips' horrified reactions, he immediately throws up the palms of his hands), jokin' of course, Hawk"

He chuckles once again "I figured as much". Just then, Henry motions to the Captain for the two to give the new parents a bit of privacy. Giving a final "congrats" before finally being able to retire back to their own tents. The weary surgeon was ordered to roughly 5 days bed-rest. He would, once again, be transferred back to his tent for much needed recovery and to clear up the recovery bed for another patient.

"I still can't believe we have a daughter"

Margaret said, her tone soft and low. Pierce gingerly strokes those adorably chubby cheeks with the backs of his fingers, and smiles.

"Best Christmas gift I could've ever asked for"

He replies. Hot Lips then seats herself on the bed's edge. Simply encapsulated with the precious life they had created. Suddenly, she spoke.

"She still needs a name"

He knew they had discussed it a couple times in the past. She had skimmed through a baby book, but neither were really sold on what the book had to offer. Hawkeye couldn't help but lightly laugh before switching to complete wiseacre mode.

"Maybe name her after Frank. Ferret Face would appreciate that"

Just then the pair hear a voice enter recovery.

"I'd appreciate what?, this' the lil' Kimchi oopsie, huh? Cute"


Margaret's voice inadvertently booms. Herein-by stirring the newborn awake, though amazingly, didn't cry. Immediately, the impetuous surgeon shuts his mouth. Suddenly, the baby starts fussing. This is swiftly followed by Hawkeye, bottle in hand, bringing her back down to a lull. Contently suckling the warm formula.

"What about..Evelyn?"

He rather hesitantly proposed. The couple look at each other, and perhaps for the first time in history. Frank Burns had quite a good suggestion. Suddenly, Margaret turns to the recovering Surgeon, before quietly piping up.

"I like that"

Pierce couldn't believe he was even reasoning with it, but he too, was rather fond of the name suggested. Margaret soon adds.

"And Alana for the middle. After my father"

Frank stood there, quietly observing. Not sure of what would happen next. Hawkeye hands the bottle to Hot Lips to set aside. The pair exchange rather brief, impish glances. Turning their attention to Frank before uttering in unison.

"Well done, Ferret Face"