Chuuya - as far as he himself could remember - has never been a child. He had started off immediately parentless, lost, with a terrible power lying dormant inside of him.

His early years had been dreadful, though he suspect he was getting it better than a lot of kids, with his ability as the card up his sleeve. It was difficult, but not as depressing as it could be, because at least he had had a goal - finding out who he was.

He never knew a parent's warmth, so he could not miss it. He never ran around a green field playing tag. He never sat on someone's lap, listening to a story.

No, he has never been anything close to a child, and if a chance were to be provided that he could have it after all... he wouldn't know whether to accept or to refuse.

"I must be dreaming!" said Nicola Tesla as he gaped at the bright dots of light that filled the entire horizon. Lights from buildings, they say, and road lamps. Hundreds of thousands of them, shining bright and steady, like stars.

All electric lights. And all distributed by alternating currents!

"Are we really in the future, Herbert? Are we truly witnessing the culmination of my work?"

"Nothing less, my friend." The man in a wide-brimmed hat and tattered coat paused in retrospection, gazing out at the sea of lights, the constellations here on this Earth.

"It is beautiful, isn't it, the future?"

"Yes." The great scientist breathed, marveling. He had seen proof that his ideas could work, that he would triumph over Edison with his AC circuits. Now he is giddy to return to his laboratory, to try out his latest idea for the experiment.

"Herbert, let us go home at once! I should like to set upon the invention of our terrestrial stars!"

Herbert George Wells smiled.

"Very well. Ability: Time Traveller!"

With that, the two visitors vanished in a flash of blue light, setting off again through space and time, heading homeward, to the 20th century.

It would be the last trip through time for Tesla, but not for the ability user. He would return many times, sometimes staying weeks, traveling the new world. His interest would be peeked when he arrived in Japan - unrecognizable for him. The hub of powerful ability users.

Specifically, in Yokohama.

"Kouyou-san. The boss wishes to see you."

The immaculately dressed lady didn't look up from the baby she was cradling, but she did stop humming to address the intruder.

"Very well, let him know I will go as soon as Chuuya wakes up from his afternoon nap. Can't risk disturbing him now, can we?"

The lady resumed gently rocking the baby in her arms, humming a beautiful lullaby, caressing gently the soft ginger hair.

/Sleep well, Chuuya./

"Dazai-san! There's bad news! Chuuya-san! Chuuya-san is..."

"Dead?" Dazai perked up enthusiastically.

"No - He's turned into a child!"

Author's note:

As a literary lover I'm always trying out new OCs from the writers I know, this time it's HG Wells. I heard from my friend that such a character already exists, but I have not heard of him yet as I was writing, so the HG Wells in my story and the official one would have no connection whatsoever. I just love the idea of characters I like turning into children, so there's that time traveling ability thrown in lol