Right, this is my first Frary story. Frary is my second favourite ship, I can't imagine Frary ever being apart. I even stopped watching Reign after Francis died, but I'll admit, I watched the last ever episode and grinned like an idiot when they were reunited in the afterlife. I've been in love with the ship since I first saw them walk together when they reunited since childhood in the show.

As usual, this is an AU story, however, still set in Reign's time and set after Condé. Francis lives in this story and some things are the same on the show, but I've taken some parts from that to make this. I've changed a few things to make it easier to write. It does have Kennash, might have Greerleith, Greersius, Larcisse and so on, but Frary is the main characters.

Mary placed a loving hand on her stomach. She couldn't feel anything, but she knew a baby was growing in there. A beautiful baby, hopefully, a boy inside her. There was time for daughters after, Catherine had said.

She couldn't help but smile until the harsh reality hit her and she watched as Kenna's carriage rode away from the castle. She had waved, not wanting to say goodbye forever.

Kenna had wanted to remember them as they were, happy, young and free. Women married or separated, they loved each other dearly, their friendship too strong to break.

"Please, Kenna," Mary whispered, feeling a hand touch her shoulder. She turned and gave Greer and Lola sad smiles. "It's futile, isn't it? Willing her to turn around and come back?"

"Bash will soon realise the mistake he's done. Letting her go," Greer said, hope in her voice. "They belong together."

"What about you?" Lola asked her. "Will you reunited with Leith Bayard now Lord Castleroy has been imprisoned?"

Greer's face fell. "I love them both dearly. I am still a woman wed and I don't think love is for me."

"Don't say that," Mary said, shaking her head. "You will find happiness. At least you've been cleared of any involvement with the funding..."

She trailed off when she saw Kenna's carriage return back to the castle. A smile graced her lips and she hurried, her other ladies following her to meet her.

"Kenna, what happened?" Mary asked once they saw the brunette exit from her carriage.

"There's a storm coming," Kenna told them. "The driver said it would be best to wait another day..."

Mary sighed, bringing her friend in for a tight hug. "I'm so sorry."

"You can stay with me in my chambers," Lola offered, but Kenna shook her head.

"I'll be fine in... mine," Kenna mumbled, thinking about the last time she'd been in that bed. "Thank you very much for the offer. I think I will go and rest."

She let go of Mary, walking past her friends to enter the castle. Neither of the women missed the tears in Kenna's eyes once they realised what staying meant.

"There you are, Mary!" Francis cried out, sighing in relief. "I've been looking for you everywhere."

She gave him a small smile, dismissing Greer and Lola to walk with Francis. They found themselves walking through the gardens, away from earshot.

"What is it?" Mary finally asked when they stopped.

"When were you going to tell me?" He asked, smiling widely. "That you... you were-"

"With child?" She breathed out, a smile playing on her lips. "I only found out shortly after Kenna left. Then, she came back and I went to meet her before you took me away. Who told you?"

He kissed her first before replying with, "My mother. She was excited at the thought of finally having an heir."

"I wanted to be the one to tell you," Mary said softly. "I guess it is better that she knows as opposed to others. We should keep it between us for the meantime."

"Of course," her husband replied happily, lifting her up as she giggled happily. "Oh, I can't believe it. You will be the best mother in the world."

"And you will be the best father in the world," Mary replied just as relieved and happy. "How is Bash? I heard you went for a short ride together."

Francis sighed. "He's hurting. He was prepared to reconcile with Kenna, but-"

"She had a good reason," Mary argued gently. "And she barely believed the news to be true. Although..."

"'Although', what Mary?" Francis asked her. "Kenna lied and now she's carrying the child of a traitor. A man who almost killed her husband-"

"The child is Bash's," Mary said quietly, looking around to see if anyone heard her. "It's not impossible that it's Renaude's, but Kenna had been feeling somewhat uneasy before they... That and her dresses were very snug on her. It was their separation that prevented her from saying anything and now, she's here for another day and she'll see Bash and... Everything will fall apart because he already believes what he wants to believe and that is not the truth. He never lets her explain her reasoning or herself."

Francis nodded, taking it all in. "Bash is very stubborn, I know that about my brother. He won't take new information unless he can prove it."

"Does he want her to wait until she births the baby in six months to realise she's telling the truth?" Mary asked rhetorically. "She'll be gone and she won't ever come back and I'll lose her."

"So, you want her to stay for your sake and not hers or Bash's?" Francis asked.

Mary faltered. "Of course not. I want her to be happy."

"At the expense of two people's happiness and their child's?"

Mary leant her forehead on Francis's chest. "I've loved and I've lost. Our child during John Phillip's christening, Aylee, my mother... I cannot afford to lose those important to me, I cannot afford to lose you."

"I will talk to Bash," Francis finally said, running a hand through her hair. "I guess we will need all the support we can get now that you're with child!"

They laughed happily, sharing a sweet kiss as Francis placed a hand on her stomach. They were having a baby, a family and their baby will probably be the future king of France and Scotland.

"I love you, Francis," she said, smiling widely.

"I love you too, Mary. My queen, my wife, the mother of my child... You're everything to me and if what we've been through has shown us something, it's that we can get through everything and anything."

"Even being parents to the Dauphin of France?" She asked.

He nodded. "Or a little princess. Either way, I have a good feeling that we will be holding our baby in our arms and they'll scream the castle down."

"I have that feeling too," she replied, kissing him.


When Mary quietly entered the bedchambers, she found Kenna inhaling a pillow deeply, tears running down her cheeks as soft sobs escaped her lips.


Kenna sat up immediately, wiping her tears and letting out a wide smile. "Mary, how are you?"

Mary sat beside her on the bed, playing with Kenna's hair as she said, "It smells like him, doesn't it?"

"Yes," Kenna whispered, her tears returning. "I am a selfish, horrible woman. I am a liar, a stupid woman... I pity the child inside me-"

"Do not say those things about yourself," Mary snapped softly.

"They are true!" Kenna cried out. "Bash more or less said that and he... he doesn't lie." To other people, at least.

"Are you going to remain here until tomorrow?" Mary asked her.

Kenna nodded. "If I won't cross paths with Bash if I stay here. Nor that horrible Delphine. She probably has him in her bed and... Oh, I can't bear the thought of my husband and her, laughing at my expense!"

"Francis will talk to him."

"His mind is already made," Kenna said sadly. "Already twisted and poisoned. It's too late. I guess I should be thankful for the small mercy that my child is not a bastard like their father."

Mary sighed, bringing Kenna to lay on her lap. They sat in silence, the occasional cry or sniffle coming from Kenna. Eventually, they were joined by Lola and Greer and the four of them hugged each other, tears rolling down their cheeks.

"Will we ever find happiness?" Greer croaked out after an hour of silence.

"I'd like to believe so," Lola told them. "We're still young, we will be happy."

Mary bit her lip, nodding in reply. "In eight months, Francis and I will be parents," she confessed.

The three women looked up at her, sitting up in shock and wonder. It wasn't long until they let out squeals of happiness, placing their hands on Mary's non-existent bump and hugging her.

"If I was not leaving, our children would have grown up together," Kenna told her, her smile disappearing. "Such is life."

"Please, stay," Mary said softly.

"If I do, my reputation won't be protected. Bash promised he wouldn't let anyone know about my being with child," Kenna told them, her voice strained. "He wants me to be protected by his name until I... I find someone else, then we can seek an annulment."

Lola took her hand. "Is it really Renaude's? Is there no way for Bash to accept and claim this child?"

Kenna shared a glance with Mary and she with the Queen's comforting nod, she turned back to Lola and Greer. "It is not Renaude's. Bash would not believe me anyway, there is no point in trying. If a queen cannot convince him, a king's word is for nothing as well."

Greer frowned. "Even if the king is his brother? Surely, Francis's word holds meaning, king or not?"

"Why are we speaking as if I am remaining?" Kenna asked, chuckling nervously. "I may have missed the ship for Sweden today, but I will catch it tomorrow in the morning. Soon, the baby will have another family and he will never know who we are. It is better this way."

That night, the four women sought comfort with each other, all praying for a better future. One woman praying that the baby inside her would live and sit on the throne in the future.