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Turing the shower water off and opening the glass door, Terra reached for his towel and drew it close, wrapping it around his waist before he stepped out and tied it off so that it wouldn't fall. With a breath of contentedness, he unlocked the door and wandered into his bedroom, eyes casting towards the bed wear some of his neater casual clothes were set out.

A soft smile graced his lips before remembering why Aqua had got them ready, the smile being replaced by a deadpanned expression. Both she and Ventus had decided for him that he needed to have some fun, Aqua even going as far as to mention that he needed to 'Get Laid' due to his slightly snippy disposition recently. Obviously, he had felt offended by it, but after having thought back, he hadn't had time to relax in weeks, especially after he had gotten his Mark of Mastery.

He had been increasingly busy and it had affected his sleeping pattern until he could manage only a handful of hours.

With a huff, Terra began to dry himself, being quick about it until there was an even a lack of feeling damp to his pores. He swiftly dressed, adorning his usual shades of browns. A light brownish grey, skin-tight, turtle neck t-shirt. A pair of dark brown jeans. His usual shoes, along with added accessories such as black sweat-bands on both wrist and a belt with their heart-shaped symbol on the clasp.

Slipping into his dark grey jacket with the reddish shapes on the sides, -much like his combat shirt in appearance, just different colours-, he turned towards his body length mirror, being sure that he looked alright.

After a moment of confidence-building, Terra turned away, grabbing his wallet and phone and headed out of his bedroom, closing the door and locking it before making his way down the halls towards the courtyard. It was as he passed by the training hall that he heard a chuckle, a rather girly one, and without stopping he gave Aqua a lazy wave and forced smile. It WAS her that decided he should go out for the night, regardless of if he had even 'wanted' to go.

"Glad to see you didn't wear something else just to spite me," she commented amusedly as she caught up beside him and walked with him. She seemed happy, her smile reaching her eyes. Probably due to the fact that he hadn't reacted too badly and was doing what she had recommended, forced on him.

"I'll get you back for the comment, but it won't be in the form of me being that petulant," he replied flatly, pocketing his hands and making himself come off as though he hadn't been bothered at all by the actions that led towards him spending a few hours away from home.

"Well, that's a change~," she smugly teased, her tone giving it away. He shot her a stare, refraining from retorting as it would contradict what he had said. He wanted so badly to respond to her comment. "Anyway, where are you off to? Which world?"

"Midgar. From what I read, it's a pretty populated place," he shrugged, attempting to ignore her words in favour of scheming and planning payback for both her and Ventus, mostly for her. Terra had planned on not doing much besides drinking, relaxing and thinking of ways to get the two back, and from what he had researched, the bars in Midgar were anything but boring.

Stepping into the courtyard, Terra's eyes snapped to where he had heard metal clashing with metal, finding the youngest Wielder landing against the outer ring of one of the training circles. Only a moment later, he spied Master Eraqus in the same space, though having disarmed himself upon seeing the two others enter the area.

"A date, Terra?" the man smiled with a somewhat fatherly air about him, Ventus seeming confused for a moment before turning around and smirking once his gaze landed on the older boy and what he was now wearing. Devious little twerp. He had had a hand in this as well.

"No, Master," Terra replied respectfully as he descended the stairs with Aqua still at his side, "It's just a night out," he added as an explanation while striding across the grass towards the training ring.

"I suggested it," Aqua spoke up cheerfully, her arms crossing behind her back as she made herself out to be as innocent as she had tricked the Master into thinking she was, "You've got your ID and enough muney, right?" she turned to question Terra.

"I do," he replied simply, checking his pockets to re-tick his internal list. All he really needed were his wallet and phone.

"Alright, enjoy yourself," Master Eraqus mentioned curtly, the smile still adorning his features, "And don't get into trouble," the man added swiftly, pointing a finger at him as if to emphasize the matter.

"Have fun, Terra," Ventus grinned, giving him a wave that Terra forced himself to return before he reached out and waved an arm. The space ahead of him shone for a moment, the shape flashing, and in the centre, a portal opened.

A call of 'Cya' and 'enjoy' were heard as he stepped through it into a much gloomier seeming environment.

Boredom couldn't have hit Zack any harder, the man finding nothing and no one to quench his indecisive mind. He had had a shower and even brushed his teeth after cleaning up his apartment and going as far as to actually use a vacuum cleaner. He'd been surprised that it even worked after sitting in a corner collecting dust for the better part of three years.

Yup, the boredom couldn't have been worse, and this time, he had no one to help distract him from it. Aerith said that she had to tend to her flowers and would be joining Cissnei and a few others for a girls' night. Cloud had mentioned visiting a guy named Leon in Hollow Bastion, wherever the hell that was. Reno had 'apparently' been busy going through reports for Tseng, which a sceptical in itself. Reno rarely ever did his paperwork and Tseng only ever hung around with the Red-Head because he got his rocks-off.

Sighing obnoxiously, the soldier tilted his head towards his digital clock on the wall above his tv, the numbers 18:37 staring him in the face with a bright, glowing red font. It wasn't even that late, so going to bed was out of the question. He didn't truly feel like it, but a night of beer, pizza and more beer felt like the only thing he could actually do that didn't require much effort.

Huffing in mild frustration, Zack turned and dropped, stretching out along his couch with his arms crossed behind his head and his legs hanging over the other end of the sofa, crossed at the ankle. He stared up at the ceiling, recalling the last time he had been this bored out of his mind. And surprisingly, he couldn't remember any time recently or within the last year or so. If he thought hard enough, it stretched to about the same time he had bought that vacuum. He probably bought THAT because he was this bored too.

Raising a brow, he vaguely remembered Angeal taking him to a bar after he begged him to do something to help get rid of his boredom.

"Was it really that long ago?" he asked to no one, his brows knitting in the centre. It had been a while since the man had passed away, and Zack still needed his help in some form. The bar coming to mind, it really did get rid of his boredom. Not only that, it had piqued his interest. That had been the first time he had seen Angeal with two girls and had promptly disappeared halfway through the night.

"When was the last time I brought a girl home... or a guy for that matter," he questioned with a quirked brow, failing to actually bring up a recent memory. Huffing in self-pity, the soldier turned onto his side and pushed himself into a sitting position, a smile gradually growing across his lips.

"Looks like I'm going out tonight," he grinned as he climbed to his feet and headed towards his bedroom. He had to have stashed his nicer clothes somewhere.

Stepping into his room, Zack immediately headed for his closet, reaching in and sliding his hung uniforms out of the way. A few minutes of searching through there led him to pile clothes outside of the closet and finally, he found his nicer stuff directly at the bottom of his drawers. Drawers that were actually baskets filled with clothes he hadn't entirely put away as of yet.

He reached for a bunch of things, tossing them towards the bed and quickly went about looking through the garments. Picking out what to wear wasn't exactly hard when he only bought things he knew would suit him. He had an eye for style, or so he had been told, mostly by himself, but that still counted!

Zack stripped himself of his lounge-wear and stepped into a pair of baggy, black jeans, rips scattered here and there over the knees and lower. Tucking them into his boots, he stared down at himself, already happy with the choice.

Next had been the shirt and to his chagrin, it was a much easier choice as his nicer shirts didn't have much to them. They were all plain and ranged from blacks, greys, dark reds and blues. And lowering a hand to his bed, he picked up a light grey one without much thought, grabbing a striped black and grey over-shirt along with it. He slipped into both, rolling the sleeves of the over-shirt up until they passed his elbows.

"Lookin' good, Fair!" he beamed after looking himself over, straightening himself out before heading towards the living room to grab his black jacket, wallet, phone and keys. Reaching for the lights, he switched them off and meandered towards the apartment door. Giving the darkened room a second glance, he grinned and left the building, striding down the hallway while smoothly sliding into his jacket.

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