After a moment, he reluctantly pulled his hand back, feeling the other relax some as he withdrew. He lifting himself onto his heels and took a deep breath before glancing up towards Terra, their gaze locking once he realized that he had been staring back at him, lust clear in his gaze and in his own.

He reached out for the bottle again and lathered himself quickly before he shifted to lean up over the other man, his thighs spreading further apart and he planted a deep kiss against his lips, Terra immediately returning it while he aligned himself and gradually pressed his hips forwards, feeling minimal pushback as the head of his shaft was smoothly inserted.

Zack carefully continued pressing his hips against the other man, being slow and easy with him. He knew that he could take it, but they weren't animals, nor did he want to hurt him, which was a factor if he wasn't careful. Men could be just as delicate as some women. Not to say that Terra was. Regardless of the other man being a tad smaller, he had no doubt that he could bench-press Zack if he really wanted to.

"Stop thinking," he blinked from his thoughts, gazing down at the other and feeling the arms lacing his ribcage and neck, fingers threading through the long hair at the base of his neck and gripping, his own hands resting against the bed and under Terra's neck.

By the time he shrugged his unhelpful thoughts off, they were completely aligned, Zack sheathed as far as he could and Terra holding on with his nails still dragging against skin. They were pressed together, wrapped entirely in each others warmth.

For a moment he stayed still, letting the other man adjust before he pulled his hips back slowly and then pressed them back in, feeling him close tighter around him and hook his legs along his upper thighs. He felt his heavy sigh against his lips as they brushed.

He did it again, pressing in as deep as he could and pulling back only to stroke back inside of Terra, hearing a repeat of his pant with an audible hint of his voice as his walls hugged him.

Zack pressed his mouth against his neck, kissing warmly and feeling him drop his head back against the pillow, waist arching against his as he continued thrusting slowly, rolling his pelvis smoothly. Warmth burned in the pit of his stomach and groin, having built over time and continued to do so, the bigger one of them gradually beginning to pick up the pace, thrusting a fraction faster and sliding deeper.

He heard his deep gasp, chest arching and Zack tilted his head to press his mouth to the collarbone, planting kiss after kiss there and feeling him arch continuously with his thrusts that only gradually got faster and deeper, slipping further in with every few strokes. The legs tightened over his hips, drawing his pelvis in closer and forcing him that much deeper, the gasps getting heavier and more vocal. Zack had been breathing heavily along with him, gasping as well when the other kept closing up around him, tensing and making it tighter and more pleasurable for him as well as for his bed mate.

Zack closed his eyes, his mouth still pressed against Terra's neck, but open and panting against him with a knitted brow. Each strong and heavy rock and snap of his hips forced him to bury himself deep, the light sweat and lube shared between them making it easier to gain more speed, the man writhing and gasping beneath him, his nails stuck in his skin and dragging, drawing red lines.

He groaned deeply when he felt Terra's lower waist lift every time he rolled forward, meeting him halfway and feeling the hard contact as he got faster and harder. They were both panting hard as the heat continued to build with each thrust, Zack's hands gripping the sheets. Though not a moment later, Terra's joined his, snaking up between them to dig his claws into his forearms and he shifted his own swiftly to the mans', fingers entangling.

He opened his eyes and lifted his head to gaze at Terra's, watching as he gasped and arched his waist over and over, meeting him hard and fast, and then harder and faster. He lifted his head and brought their faces together, forehead to forehead where their eyes locked, Terra still gasping and before Zack could lean down to kiss him, he leaned up, butting their heads together and lips clashing in a strong, passionate kiss, mouths locked together tightly.

There were hot sparks shooting through his body, spreading and rushing through his veins, heat building and putting pressure on his groin with a knot tightening and tightening in the very base of his stomach, searing through him. He arched hard against the man and forced himself as deep as he could go, feeling the walls tighten up around him, Terra's gasps turning into loud moans and short cries of pleasure, nails almost breaking his skin.

Zack felt too hot and all the built-up pressure it forced him over, his thrusts short and fast, but deep and heavy, bringing himself to his edge and he burst inside of his brother, inside the condom, a deep and lingering groan leaving his chest and vibrating through him. Terra tightened up around him, locking him in place and arching with a heavy and deep whine, white spurting from him and landing over his abdomen.

He absentmindedly continued to thrust through their highs of bliss with stinging pleasure even after their orgasms, but they were slow, soft, just simple.

Gradually coming to a stop and reluctantly forced himself up onto all fours, Zack tried to catch his breath before gently pulling from inside of Terra and staring from where he leaned above him on his forearms. He waited a long moment, just simply gazing at him through their after-bliss, smiling softly as the other unwillingly opened his heavy hazed eyes to stare at him in return.

"You've ruined me," he chuckled softly, having barely been able to actually say it as his voice faltered halfway through.

"Was my intention," Zack grinned down at him, bowing in amusement before he forced himself to climb off of the bed. Heading towards the bathroom, he disappeared from Terra's sight, reaching out for the towels and grabbing one of the smaller ones, wetting it with lukewarm water. "Maybe I can convince you to come back to my place again,"

"Didn't get enough of me?" the other man with a feigned smug tone. Stepping back out of the bathroom, Zack headed for the bed again, taking care of the mess on Terra-,

"Hell no," -before cleaning up what had been left on himself, and without much care, he tossed the wet towel back towards the bathroom, fist-pumping when it landed in the hamper with perfect precision. "If I'm being honest, you pretty much ruined me too,"

"Good," the other man replied curtly, a smirk on his lips as he pushed himself up from the mattress, eyeing the room in search of something before he found whatever it was and got up. Zack quirked a brow, a bit lost until he saw him reach for his clothes.

"Hey, what're you doing?" he questioned, scratching the back of his head catching the confusion in Terra's face as he turned to stare at him, underwear and jeans in hand.

"I was leaving?" it sounded like more of a question rather than a statement, like he thought he had to maybe?

"Why? There's a perfectly good bed here and I need to dry those anyway," Zack mentioned, gesturing to the clothes and even glancing around for the basket with his own wet clothes in it. He set it on the edge of the bed and glanced back towards the other man, the puzzled expression still there, "I'm not letting you leave in wet clothes. Besides, it's still pouring out there and it's pretty late," he commented while crossing his arms over his chest, a matter-of-fact posture joining his matter-of-fact tone.

"Okay," Terra still seeming dubious, Zack chuckled softly and rounded the bed, reaching into one of his drawers to retrieve underwear for the two, tossing a pair to the other man, who caught them with his other hand.

"Gimme," the soldier requested, making a grabby hand gesture for his soaked clothes, which were passed towards him. He held the wet garments and tossed them into the same basket as his own, Zack picking up the rest before motioning to a basket of clean clothes against the wall beside the closet, "Pjays are here if wanna wear something," he may have forgotten to put his clothes back after looking for his neat clothes earlier...

Swiftly, Zack slipped into his pair of boxers and grabbed the basket, heading out of the room and towards the kitchen. He went about putting everything in the dryer, being sure that nothing had been left in their clothes before closing the door and turning it on, setting the things aside for the moment.

"Still want that water?" he questioned, reaching for the glass he had had before, rinsing out the milk that he had left in it and then filling it with water for himself.

"Yeah, please," Zack set his cup aside, reaching for another to fill with water. He waited a few seconds and proceeded to turn the tap off, about to grab their things to take back in the room when he saw Terra's phone just sitting there.

A smirk gradually grew across his features as he set the cups down and reached for it, opening the device. Moving through the contacts, he added his own number, saving it under '1st Class Sex God', because he obviously couldn't be an adult about his name choice in another person's phone.

Giving a kiddy little chuckle, Zack locked the phone and grabbed their things, glasses included and headed back towards the bedroom where Terra sat on the bed in a pair of his underwear and baggy lounge pants.

"Left them in your clothes," he smiled, handing his wallet and phone over along with the glass, seeming as innocent as ever as he did so. He couldn't wait for him to see it.

"Thanks," the other man smiled, setting the wallet aside and taking a gulp from the glass with the phone in the other hand. A moment or two later, he put the cup down on the bedside table, drawing his legs up onto the mattress with his back set against the headboard. Zack had joined him, though had stretched out along the bed with his head on the pillow and an arm folded behind his head, the other lazing over his stomach. Everything he had had having been discarded on the ground on the other side of the bed.

"Mind if I text a friend?" the soldier hummed in question, glancing up towards his bed mate with a quirked brow. "She gets antsy sometimes," Terra clarified, and a grin started stretching across his features, amused by the fact that he had been asked for consent to text.

"You need my permission for that?" he chuckled breathily. Without a reply, Terra looked back to his phone, pressing a few buttons and Zack's excitement grew, his child-like personality becoming evident just as the other man suddenly seemed puzzled, his brow knitting in confusion.

"Who's..." he voice softly, brow lifting. He sat there for a few seconds like that until he suddenly deadpanned and glanced towards him with a flat stare. He couldn't hold it, Zack bursting into hysterics and bolting upright with a beaming grin.

"Knew you'd like it," he cackled, crossing his legs and sitting directly beside Terra so that he was lounging against him.

"I'm changing it," the other replied drily, with no tone for him to pick up on.

"Aww, c'moooon," Zack whined petulantly, wrapping his arms around the mans' shoulders, face buried in the crook of his neck.

"Nope, I'm changing-," the soldier cut him off, rubbing his face against his.

"Please?" he pulled back to stare at him with a feigned pleading expression. He honestly didn't care whether Terra changed it. He was simply messing with him. It'd be fun to keep it like that though. He'd have loved to have seen people reactions if they saw it.

A moment later, he saw Terra glance down and started typing something, looking over whatever he had wrote before turning his phone around and Zack was dumbstruck, staring at the new contact name with a visible 'C'moooon' written on his face.

"You literally look like one right now," staring at him was capital text saying '1st CLASS PUPPY'.

"I swear, I'm never living that puppy stuff down," he commented shortly, dropping back against the mattress with a childish groan, a chuckle mixing with it from Terra.

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