"What brought on this sudden need for strength?" Jing asked Wan Qing.

"I've understood that my cultivation, talent, and previous mindset wasn't enough to advance in this world. After joining you, my eyes have been pried open to the fact that I wasn't as strong as I believed I was. Nor could I get as strong as I hoped if I continued down the same path I was heading. I feel that you can help me become someone that I never believed I could be." Wan Qing spoke truthfully.

"The training won't be easy." Jing faintly smiled.

"Nothing worth accomplishing is easy. I am prepared to do everything I can to improve myself to new heights." Wan Qing balled her fist.

"Alright then. Give me some of your hair." Jing said.

"My hair?" Qing was confused.

"Yes, your hair." She repeated.

"Alright..." Qing plucked out a single strand of her hair and handed it to Jing.

"Now turn around." She ordered.

Wan Qing did as she said. Jing grabbed a random martial arts manual lying on her bookshelf and brought both Qing's hair and the book into her chest. She refined them on 1:1 with the intention of creating a decent training manual for Wan Qing. Jing didn't know how to properly train anyone. She was only born or created a couple months ago! How could she train someone who has lived longer than herself?! The only training she could give someone would be on the same level as Hu Tao attempting to train someone.

In other words, that means fighting them and bringing them to their utmost limit while pointing out their weaknesses and flaws. While that would help improve their martial arts, Qing's issue is probably more than that. She feels inferior to the people around her and don't know what she could do to catch up. A new feeling for someone like her who was previously praised and looked up to as a genius. Jing was thinking that Qing needed a hellish training regime but also something that could boost her spirits.

And this book she just created would be the perfect solution to solve this problem. Jing might've been far stronger than her followers but that didn't mean she had more experience than them all. Hu Tao was still a better fighter than her even after the several battles they went through. She might have won all their fights but that was only because of her refined body and unbelievable martial arts. If they were both equal in cultivation and strength, Jing knew that she would be toyed around by the mutt like she was nothing more than a chew toy.

With a quick flip through the book, Jing gathered all she needed to train Wan Qing during this period in her life. It didn't seem as difficult as she was making it out to be earlier. All she needed was just a touch up on a few things, more battle experience, and an observable amount of progress by the end. This could be easily done within her power without relying on her system or SCP-914 anymore. Was training people supposed to be as easy as it looks in this book or was Wan Qing a simpler person than she thought?

"Follow me. And from now on, always keep your butterflies spread around you." Jing walked outside her home.

"Yes. I know that much now." Wan Qing responded as she followed behind.

Jing tossed four movement talismans around them and before her secret observers could react, teleported deep inside the Immortal Forest with Wan Qing and Ni Xong. Ni Xong hugged Wan Qing's leg as they disappeared and when they reappeared was shivering harder than a leaf in a storm. Not many spirit beasts could teleport or experience being teleported so, it wasn't a shock that he was completely terrified of the experience. Li Li scoffed at the baby. Even he didn't react so pathetically when he experienced his first teleportation formation.

"This place seems good enough." Jing commented.

Around them were nothing but trees that extended into the skies. An endless sea of greenery with no signs of civilization in sight. Neither could Wan Qing sense any wild beasts in their surroundings with her butterflies. Jing suddenly snapped her whip in Wan Qing's direction, giving her barely a moment to sense the attack even with her butterflies on high alert! She raised her closed giant fan and was sent sliding back.

"Hmm. Decent reaction. However, try not to rely on your butterflies too much. You have to hone your own senses as well." Jing taught.

Wan Qing nodded and completely opened her fan. Ready to spar with the unbelievably powerful cultivator known as Jing. She knew that even if she threw everything she had at her it wouldn't be enough to defeat her. This'll probably be the hardest training she'll ever experience in her life. Wan Qing was ready to fight her way tooth and nail to reach the peak of her generation. All for her dream of becoming strong enough so that people would accept her and accept her choice of being the person she feels like she is. Not being discriminated against and ridiculed because of it.

"Give me your best and I mean your best." Jing said with a frightening amount of killing intent coming from her.

Li Li flew over and grabbed Ni Xong by his shoulders before taking him to a high branch on a tree to watch this training battle. He cried out in surprised after being taken to the sky.

"Grah?" He asked.

"Hoo." Li Li responded almost annoyed by such a stupid question.

Wan Qing used everything in her disposal once she felt that bone-chilling aura. Four insect wings made of qi grew from her lower back, beautiful eye-catching butterflies flew near her in an agitated state, and her body became lighter as the wind picked up around her. In one moment, Jing was more than 20 meters away and the second she blinked, she could feel herself being lifted off the ground. Spit forcefully flew out of her mouth as Jing's kick knocked her into the air.

'I couldn't react! Even though I could faintly see the attack coming!' Qing thought, shocked.

Her body couldn't catch up even though her senses could! Wan quickly used her wings to stop herself and swung her fan with all the force she could muster. Jing vanished the exact moment she swung with her fan.

"Behind!" Qing's butterflies shared their senses with her.

Wan Qing flew towards the massive wind storm she created and twirled as the wind danced around her body and fan. But just before she could gather and accumulate all the air, Jing appeared in front of her and kicked her in the face. Sending her deep into the ground below. Jing didn't give her a chance to recover when she was knocked down. Wan Qing soon found a foot crashing directly on her stomach. The pain from that attack probably would've been enough to break her female form made by her Illusionary Urn.

"Illusions. Good but not good enough. You should've placed me under an illusion before the battle even started. The average cultivator can't tell when they're placed under an illusion when it's not stupidly obvious. Even an observant cultivator wouldn't be able to tell if the changes are subtle enough." Jing instructed.

"Thank you for your teachings!" The true Qing appeared behind her with a massive tornado raised above her fan. She lifted her fan and brought it downwards with a heavy swing. The wind cyclone powerful enough to uproot trees from the Immortal Forest made its way to Jing in a slow but unavoidable speed.

The only way Jing could avoid this attack would be if she teleported away with a teleportation spell but that wasn't needed at all for an attack on this scale. Jing took a few practice swings with her whip before whipping out with incredible speed towards the wind vortex. The air crackled like thunder from her swings. Highly pressurized blasts of air shot out to the tornado, striking it at its base all the way to its top. Qing's technique dispersed from the power of those wind shots but she wasn't done yet!

Wan Qing danced around those very blasts of wind that Jing just shot and took control of them with the power of her fan. She controlled them into firing straight back at Jing with a little alteration made to them. Now they spun with a destructive and penetrative force! Jing showed a small smile at this.

"Using your opponents attacks to your advantage is a good tactic. Along with using it as a front to sneak up behind me." Jing's whip seemingly snapped out behind her like a viper and grabbed Qing by the throat who was disguised as a tree.

"How?!" Wan Qing cried out in disbelief.

Jing's own wind bullets hit her and she burst into a pool of water. The whip previously wrapped around Wan's neck also turned into water as she was even more confused than she was before. How did Jing sense her?! Why did she just burst into water?! No wait! This could be a distraction, she needed to focus.

Wan Qing took to the skies as she carefully surveyed the area below.

"You quickly regained yourself after being confused. If you continue like this in a simple spar, we won't have much to work on when we start the actual training." Jing revealed herself and appeared from behind a tree.

What Qing just saw earlier was nothing more than a water clone. By using her auxiliary martial art, Idliragijenget's Blessing, in combination with her body martial art, Neptune's Prophet, Jing could create perhaps an infinite set of martial techniques using water qi. Idliragijenget's Blessing allowed her to generate as much water as she pleases with her qi and Neptune's Prophet allowed her to manipulate, form, and shape that water into whatever she could imagine. So, just like how Qing uses illusions to create a clone of herself earlier, Jing could do the same in a completely different way.

"This isn't the actual training...?" Wan Qing breathed heavily.

"No. I'm just accessing what you need to improve on. This isn't anything near the training you'll have to go through." Jing answered simply.

Maybe asking Jing to train her wasn't the best idea...

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