Story: Harry Potter and the Massive Crossover of Chaos Remastered
Author: Master Jin Sonata & Time Master
Written: August 2007
Remastered: August 5, 2019
Genre: Humor
Rating: T (Language and Violence)
Disclaimer: We do not own the various things that are about to happen in this fic!

Author's Note: This story is a re-release of a very old fic we wrote over a decade ago. The story will stay the same, but the grammar is being updated and the story will receive a proper ending this time around.

Crossover Note: Assume this story takes place way back in the first book/movie of the original Harry Potter series.

Chapter 1: Not So Friendly Spider-Man & Invading Vader

It was a wintry early morning at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione all awoke around the same time and decided to meet in the courtyard before today's lessons began. Harry looked disheveled and tired, while the other two looked fine.

"Harry, what happened to you?" Ron asks.

"Don't tell me, you were out wandering the castle grounds again trying to find out more about your parents?" Hermione asks, arms crossed.

"No, not even close. I was confronted by a guy in a red costume that shot web from his wrists, who then roughed me up because I tried to use magic to get rid of him," Harry explains as he adjusted his bent glasses.

"Oh yeah right. That's a load of bull," Hermione responds.

"I'm afraid I have to agree with Hermione with this one. That sounds a bit farfetched, don't you think?" Ron asks.

"Oh come on you can't be serious! After all of the strange creatures we've encountered since we first came here you don't believe me? It's the truth I tell you!" Harry insists.

"Maybe it was just a bad dream. You seem to have quite a few of those ever since you came here," Ron suggests.

"But…but!" Harry sputters in disbelief of his friends' doubts.

Harry then looks above his friends, and his eyes suddenly shot wide open in surprise.

"Look...look!" Harry says, pointing above their heads.

"Huh?" both Ron and Hermione said simultaneously as they looked directly above them.

Harry was indeed telling the truth, as non-other than Spider-Man was over them, hanging by a web, staring back at his friends.

"Boo," Spider-Man simply says.

"WOAH!" Ron yells as he made a quick turn to run away from him, only to wind up colliding into a stone column, knocking him out cold.

"Oh come now I'm not that scary! I'm out of here," Spider-Man says before swinging away toward another location.

"What in the world…does Dumbledore know about this guy?" Hermione asks, a bit weirded out by the event.

"I don't know, but we won't have time to ask, class is about to start. We could try asking Snape," Harry suggests.

"Be my guest…" Hermione responds, walking over to wake Ron.

Both of them knew this was going to be a long semester.

A while later, the first class of the day began. The trio of friends sat in Professor Snape's class of Dark Arts Defense. As they wait for their professor to arrive, Harry's arch-rival: Draco Malfoy, began messing with him from the row behind him.

"Hey, Potter, bet you didn't know there's a surprise pop quiz this morning," Draco says to Harry in his usual uptight manner.

"Oh shut up, Malfoy, that's not true," Harry said to Draco, turning to Malfoy.

"Ignore him, Harry. He's just trying to rile you up," Hermione said to him.

Moments after they spoke, Professor Severus Snape enters the classroom. However, instead of his usual routine of using his powers to shut the drapes and dim the lights while approaching the front of the class, his simply stops at the front door.

"Attention, students…you will have a substitute today while I go catch a plane to an overseas conference. So, here is your teacher for today," Professor Snape says, stepping to the side to let the substitute in.

The classroom was silent as a tall man wearing all black clothing, a black cape, and black helmet enter their class, breathing heavily. Shortly after, Snape makes his exit.

Everyone looks at one another with a sense of apprehension and uncertainty.

Their new teacher then spoke.

"I… am Darth Vader…you will be under my control for the morning…" the man says in between breaths.

Ron leans over to his friends. "Just who is this creep?" he asks them.

"I don't know…but this is even stranger than that Spider-guy that beat me up earlier…" Harry responds.

"Silence!" Darth Vader tells them. "Now open up your books…"

Draco, being an ass as he is, decides to take this opportunity and mess with the sub.

"Hey, bucket head, how about taking off that helmet and showing your face, that is…if you have one!" Draco says as he and some of his cronies began to laugh.

Darth Vader, having no patience whatsoever, uses the power of the 'Force' to choke-grab Malfoy...


...and immediately chucks him out the side classroom window.

The whole class gasps and rush toward the window to see Draco fly off into the lake down the hill from the castle. Harry, Rom, and Hermione hastily went to see as well.

"Wow…our substitute is strong…" Ron says in disbelief.

"Well, serves Draco right for being a jerk…" Hermione comments.

"Okay, now we really have to ask Dumbledore about these strange people showing up today…" Harry says, before noticing something in the distance.

It was a pirate ship.

What is going to happen this morning?! Who else will Harry and his friends encounter?
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