Chapter 5: The Turn-Around & Mobilization

After their next class was over, Harry and his friends decide to visit Hagrid again to see what was currently happening at this hour. Evening had come, and it was going to get dark soon.

As they approached Hagrid's home, an eerie feeling came about Harry.

"What's up? Something wrong?" Ron asks, noticing Harry's hesitation in opening the door.

Harry looks back at Ron and Hermione.

"I don't know…something just doesn't feel right…maybe its just my imagination," Harry says, turning back to the door and grabbing the handle.

The door swung open from the inside suddenly, causing all three teens to jump in response.

A creepy and familiar face pops out from the inside.

It was Joker.

"Hello boys and girls," he says with a menacing sneer.

"Joker?! I thought you were locked up back within the castle?!" Ron proclaims.

Seconds later, Draco steps out into the open as well, with his usual snarky grin.

"That's what you think! Now you'll be our hostage!" Draco says with much delight.

From out of nowhere, all three teens were suddenly attacked from behind by Sephiroth, who used the hilt of his sword to knocked them all out.

"Come on, let's get these runts to our master before any other goody-two-shoes arrive," Joker says.

He, Sephiroth, and Draco all grab hold to one of the heroes and drag them off deeper into the forest, presumably the path that lead to Lord V's hideout.

Moments later, Batman rushes to the scene of the kidnapping.

"Damn, I'm too late. That distress call I got earlier distracted me from watching those three kids after class…" Batman says as he looks around for clues. "Where could they have gone?"

Batman hears a hooting noise just above Hagrid's shack.

It was Hedwig, Harry's owl.

Batman then knew whom he could use to help find Harry, his friends, and kidnappers.

Dumbledore's Office

Jack and Gan Ning waited for further news from the allies on any activity from the villains wherever they may be. It didn't take long for the monotony of silence to end as Batman enters the scene, with an owl sitting on his shoulder.

"You're back. What's the news, Bats?" Jack asks him, rising from the desk.

"The enemy has captured Harry and his friends. I arrived too late, but this owl may have seen where they have taken too," Batman responds.

Gan Ning slammed his hands on the desk and stood as well.

"Then let's get everyone out there and march on over to their stronghold!" Gan Ning says. "I'm itching to start a fight with someone."

"Good then. Let's get ready to pound on some enemy scum. Bats, we'll meet you on the outer grounds in an hour," Jack tells Batman.

The caped crusader nods and exits the office, leaving the two pirates to do what they do best.

Outer School Grounds

An hour had passed, and the two pirates approach Batman and Hedwig, who were already there wait for them as promised.

"Did you manage to find who you wanted to be part of this rescue mission?" Batman asks them.

"You betcha. Just look over yonder," Jack responds whilst grinning as he points toward the hills behind him.

From the top of the elevated grounds were the following individuals who volunteered to assist these three in bringing justice to the students and staff at Hogwarts and take down the evil that threatens them all: Spider-Man, Gandalf, Link, Ash Ketchum, Cloud Strife, Iron Man, Light Yagami, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Thing, Naruto, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario, Jackie Chan, Wolverine, Edward Cullen, Godzilla, and Optimus Prime.

"That's quite the army you have there. I'm impressed. All right then, lets get going. Show us the way," he says to Hedwig, as Harry's owl flies off of his shoulder and began heading toward the thicket of the forest, to an area not many see and live to tell about.

The final showdown is about to commence…

Or so they thought.

Hedwig suddenly flies back toward Harry and lands back on his shoulder.

"Huh? Why did you come back so suddenly?" Harry says to his owl.

Suddenly, a strange vortex of light appears before the small army at the entrance to the forest. A sudden large burst of energy shoots forward, causing Harry, Hermione, and Ron to dive out of the way. Unfortunately for them, the blast hits all of the guests on their side, blowing everyone away from the vicinity, leaving the three students to their lonesome.

"Oh crap, we just lost all of our backup, what do we do now?" Ron says with a gulp.

"We have to get out of here. Obviously, whatever is through that portal is too strong for us to take on," Hermione responds.

"Hahaha…too late!" shouted a booming voice from the portal as a tall, mysterious figure step out to reveal himself to the trio.

He was completely cloaked in black robes and hood, whereas only his bright red eyes were only visible.

"You! You must be Lord V!" Harry says to the evil man.

"What is your evil intent of bringing these villains to our castle?" Hermione demands.

"You simple-minded brats can never conceive the reason to my grand scheme. All you need to know is that your so-called allies who banded together here to try to stop my plans are no match for my power. Once all of the evil entities here take complete control of Hogwarts, I will make this my new base of operations as a hub for bringing in evil individuals across the multiverse to spread chaos across the land," Lord V states.

"Oh no, how are we going to get out of this mess? We can't fight with our friends," Ron says in a panic.

"On the contrary, you're not alone, young ones," says a voice from the side of both the trio of heroes and Lord V.

"Huh?!" everyone says as yet another portal opens, revealing Mrs. McGonagall, Severus Snape, Miss Sprout, Miss Hooch, Mr. Binns, and Headmaster Dumbledore.

"What the?! I thought I sent you all to your deaths at the Bermuda Isles?!" Lord V exclaims angrily.

"So you thought, yes. However, we figured we share the crashing waves of the violent ocean water with you," Headmaster Dumbledore says in response.

All of the Hogwarts staff all step aside as Dumbledore redirects their portal towards Lord V as a huge ocean tidal wave gushes violently out of it and crashes into Lord V, sweeping him off of his feet and crashing him through several large trees in succession.

Once the water resided, everyone approaches the downed Lord V. Soon joining them were Batman, Link, and every other good guest who recovered from Lord V's earlier attack.

"Okay, I think its time to unmask this Lord V and see who this person really is," Harry says as he reaches forward and grabs forward pulls the mask.

To everyone's shock the villain who was causing all of this chaos was none other than…

To Be Continued?

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