By next Monday, the algebra test had come and gone and even though it had been a challenge, Lincoln had managed to pull off another passing grade. And he wasn't the only one.

"Lincoln!" Stella walked up excitedly to him in the hall, showing him her test paper, which proudly displayed a great big A at the top. "I did it! I actually aced the test!" she exclaimed.

"Congratulations!" Lincoln said proudly. "I knew you had it in you."

"I couldn't have done it without the help of the greatest tutor in the world." Stella came up and thanked Lincoln with a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I can't take all the credit. You're a pretty fast learner," Lincoln said as he returned the kiss. This made Stella let out her infectious giggle that Lincoln loved so much. "Wanna walk to lunch together?" he asked.

"Like you need to ask," Stella replied as she held out her hand. Lincoln took her hand in his own and the two of them strolled down the hallway to the cafeteria as a couple.

On their way, they passed by the rest of the boys, Clyde, Liam, Zach and Rusty, who watched them in surprise. "Wow. So Lincoln and Stella are a thing now?" Clyde wondered out loud. "Good for them."

The others agreed, even though Rusty was still a little jealous. "What did I tell you? It's always Lincoln," he said bitterly.