Hello followers and newcomers!

I wanted to post my new story title in advance so you guys can have an idea of what my sequel is going to be about. As you can probably tell from the story photo, the sequel will cover the tales of Darth Tenebrous and Darth Plagueis in the world of Highschool DxD! The story will take place roughly 2 years before Tenebrous' death on the planet Bal'demnic. For your information, there will be no prologue or recorded files section like my previous story, and will jump right into Chapter 1.

For anyone who has not read my first story called Highschool DxD: Rule of Two, you do not have to worry; this sequel will act as enough of a stand-alone for you to understand what had happened in the first story. However, I do recommend that you read the first story if you would like to understand the storyline in greater detail. (Rule of Two link: s/13209029/1/Highschool-DxD-Rule-of-Two)

It may still be a while before I get the story started and the first chapter up and running. I plan on making this sequel just as long as Rule of Two or perhaps a little shorter, but that could change. I will make updates to this author's note to let you guys know about story progress and other things. The updates will be in the form of 'edits' posted below this paragraph (ex: Edit 1, Edit 2, etc.).

Edit 1: I just finished reading the Darth Plagueis novel and other Star Wars material, and I will begin writing the first chapter soon. It is still unknown at this point when the chapter will be published, but I will put in another 'edit' at some point.

Edit 2: I've got quite a bit of the first chapter typed up, and I'm going to try to publish it in roughly a week.