Author's Note

This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon I'm currently working on. And sorry if writing is sucky, and some words may be awkward. This is still w.i.p and I may update it now and then. Mystery Dungeon does NOT belong to me. All rights are reserved to Game Freak and Nintendo, this is just a fanfiction of mine based on their game.

-Chapter 1-

Lucy was standing in a group of trees with her father, Liam, a tough Lucario that had been protective of her since she could remember. The day was gusty, the trees swayed back and forth from the wind's powerful gust, but Lucy had seen worse weather than this.

"Do I really have to go?" Lucy said. The small Riolu stood right next to his father. The fluff of her dad was nice and soft, and she would rather stay there for the rest of his life then go to a weird, awkward, guild where she would never be able to make any friends or do anything useful. "I don't wanna go to that place. Please do not send me over there." Lucy pleaded with her father.

There was a huge guild place that expanded a wide distance. There was a huge tree where all the shops, training rooms connected too. Swarms of Pokemon were walking through the place, buying berries and utilities for their adventures, and Lucy could see some Pokemon training in a few rooms, practicing on their fighting and form.

Yup. Lucy didn't want her father to just leave her on a windy day, near an entrance to a huge guild place where there'd be a wave of strangers as soon as she went in.

The Riolu and Lucario could see the entrance of the guild from where they stood. Lucy saw many Pokemon swarming at the entrance. Pikachus, Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, all types of Pokemon came into the enormous cave. Lucy was pretty sure that she had seen about thousands of Pokemon coming to the guild place. She flinched away as she saw two Gabites come right past her. They seemed to get along with each other. They laughed together as one of them told a joke as they walked closer to the entrance. In Lucy's eyes, they seemed big and tough. She was afraid that she might get stepped on by bigger Pokemon in the guild.

How would he be able to get through school if that happened to him? And what if none of the Pokemon in his class liked her anyway? What if he was just left alone, while all the other Pokemon hanged out together, being friends, doing friends stuff together. He'd be that kid who seemed gloomy, cause he had no one to talk to, no friends.

"Yeah, I really do not want to go there." Lucy once again said.

"Yes, yes, I know that. But you have to go in there." Liam said in reply to his son.

"But I'd rather be with you," Lucy said. "Can't we go back, please dad?"

Liam frowned at Lucy. "No, Lucy, you have to go here. This school will be better for you rather than just staying with me."

"But, what if, nobody in there likes me? What if I don't make any friends? Can I just go back to learning from you rather than go in there?"

"Don't worry Lucy. You'll be fine. I know you'll make some friends at least." Liam said trying to sooth Lucy.

"But-" Lucy was interrupted before she could say another word.

"No 'buts'. Look. I know you can do this. I've seen so much from you. Just me teaching you isn't gonna be enough. You are beyond my teaching. Believe me. This school will bring you further. You'll be fine." Liam said to Lucy, looking at her with a smile.

Lucy couldn't help but smile back at her father, though the fear of going through that huge guild still shivered him throughout his body, and she got closer to feel her father's warm fluff again.

"And besides, I'm sure you'll meet some good Pokemon over there. Like Noivern." The Lucario pointed out to Lucy. "Remember, he's the one who recommended this school to us?" Lucy's mind went to the thought of the big bat. Sure, he was nice to her, and sure she looked like a good Pokemon, but still…

"I'd still rather be with you," Lucy replied anyway. Lucy's stomach felt like it was turning inside out, with the sound of all the Pokemon at the entrance chatting with each other. The sight of them did not make it any better. It was funny how she felt like she wanted to be with her father a lot more now, what with her about to go to a guild filled with Pokemon she didn't know at all.

"Don't worry.," Her father said. "You can be sure that I'll visit you. And I'm sure you'll make friends here." Zoroark said, but his tone sounded as if he wasn't so sure about that himself, and that didn't give Lucy any more courage.

Lucy's head was swirling, her head ached painfully and she put one paw on her head to try to calm it down. After a few seconds, the headache stopped and she blurted out. "But I don't see you in this vision I'm seeing. Are you sure?"

Liam frowned at her and he went right in front of his daughter and crouched down until he was close to her level. "And remember, whatever happens, don't ever do that thing," Liam whispered, trying to keep the words between him and Lucy. "If you see the future of someone, don't blurt out about it. You shouldn't let anyone know about your power. Others will get suspicious if you do that, and if anything happened to you…" The Lucario paused then took a breath. "They should know up to your stronger aura, but that's it." Liam finished. "Also, if you do that, you might make them feel uncomfortable with you, and you won't be able to be friends with anybody. So don't do that, don't let them find out about your power, okay?"

"Okay, father," Lucy answered. "I'll keep it secret, and stay safe." Lucy had no idea why she had the power to get visions of other Pokemons' future. Her father only said that something special happened to her when she was young but that was it. Many years of keeping it secret were getting harder for some reason.

Then Lucy thought about the guild again and she shivered. "But then, won't this be dangerous? I mean, what if I accidentally make that same mistake here, with all these other Pokemon around?"

Liam was silent. "Don't worry, you won't. I know you won't." Liam answered his daughter with a firm voice. "I know that it's weird to have powers like yours, but just keep it silent, and you won't have to worry about it. Okay? Ready to go yet?"

Lucy looked again, and she got closer to her father. "No. Not yet. Can I stay with you for a while longer?"

Liam sighed but smiled at his daughter. "That's fine." The Lucario replied. "But only a little bit longer."

Lucy nodded. Her special power was pretty interesting and great at times, but there were moments like this where her thoughts shouted, Why do I have this power? Was I always like this ever since I hatched? Or is this some sort of curse?

"Oh, hey," Liam said, pointing to a Pokemon flying down towards the entrance who seemed familiar to Lucy, who she then recognized it as Noivern. "There's Noivern! See the big bat with big ears?" Lucy's father said to her.

"Kokori," Lucy remembered, and Liam looked down at her with the look that said "you-never-told-me-that-before". Maybe that was the one Pokemon who she could really make friends with. She recalled a talk with Kokori, and the words echoed, "Oh, the guild isn't just about one thing like going out on missions. There are tons of other things too, like classes, shops, and a library where you can read and study." Now that was one thing she could do. Read, and study. Reading and studying never required her to look at other Pokemon and tell them how her life went. All she had to do was look at some words in the book and learn from them.

"Okay, remember, stay secret, and safe, if you see a vision, don't talk about it to anyone. Understand Lucy?" Lucy nodded in response to her father.

Lucy had another headache. She saw a vision where she ended up running away due to the stress of all the Pokemon there pushing and pulling her places here and there. That didn't give her much courage, but she pushed down the bitter feeling and decided not to make that her main concern.

A few minutes passed as Lucy stared at the Noivern, he was conversing with a Chatot who seemed to be one of the head Pokemon. "All right, ready to go in now?" Liam said, snapping her out of a daze which she hadn't even realized she was in. "Lucy, are you ready to go now?" Liam continued, and Lucy felt her stomach turning and twisting again. Every bit of her wanted to say, No, I'm not ready to go, I'll never be ready to go, let's just go home, now! But through all that, she managed to say softly, "Yeah, I'm ready."

Liam didn't reply again, he just walked Lucy closer and closer to the entrance, holding her on her shoulders. Lucy wanted to run away, she wanted to get loose from her father's grip, run back home, and never go out again. She panicked for a few seconds as they were closing in near the gate. But she took a deep breath and exhaled. She calmed down a bit, but the panic was still rising in her.

Kokori was just finishing the conversation between Chatot, and he caught a glimpse of Lucy and Liam coming to the entrance. "Hey! You came!" The big Noivern said happily. He loomed over her a bit, and she backed up a bit in shock. She didn't really remember him as this big. Kokori's ears twitched, and his tail flicked back and forth. "Oh, sorry, didn't mean to scare you there," Kokori said noticing Lucy backing up from him.

The Chatot that Kokori was talking to turned his head to look at Lucy. He made a "Hmm" sound, as he flew towards her. He examined her, looking at her face, then moving to her back, and back to her front. "So, this is the new one you were talking about?" The Chatot asked Kokori, still looking at Lucy, which made her a bit uncomfortable. "Yup, she's the one! I'm telling you when I first saw her, I could see this spark in her. I know she's amazing! She'll be a great member of the guild!" The big Noivern said optimistically.

The small bird looked up at Kokori for a few seconds, then he turned his head back to look at Lucy again. "So, what is your name?" The Chatot asked, his chin raised up to Lucy. "O-oh, my name is, umm, uh," Lucy stammered nervously. The Chatot seemed to be getting a little bit impatient with her. "Well?" The Chatot said irritably. Liam looked at Lucy worryingly. "S-sorry," Lucy said apologizing, and she thought she imagined the Chatot's eyes rolling. "It's Lucia. But most Pokemon just call me Lucy." She finally managed to say through her nervous wreck.

"All right, Lucy, I am Cooper, but you can just refer to me with Chatot if you'd like," Cooper replied with a bit of dignity and firmness in his voice. "I will be directing your team as of now."

Lucy felt a bit more panic in her. Teams? She was never told that there's be teams in this guild. Could this day get any worse? Lucy thought to herself in distress.

"This is your team's sign, so you know which is your team." The Chatot said handing her a bandanna with the sign of the Omega on it, and Lucy grabbed it. "Speaking of teams," Cooper continued, "There should be one more joining yours today. He should be here anytime now." The Chatot finished.

One of my team members will already be here on the same day as me? Lucy asked in her mind. Her ears drooped. She was hoping that if she would be in a team, she would at least be the first one in there at the time. She was hoping that the rest of the team would come on a different day. Her father patted her head, trying to soothe her.

She could see someone coming to the entrance, walking closer and closer until he was face to face with Chatot. It was an Umbreon. He stopped to meet Cooper, and the Chatot began to talk first. "So, you must be Nicolas then?" The Umbreon stayed silent as he nodded. "Well, then, here is your bandanna with your team's sign." Nicolas grabbed it with one paw from Cooper. "As you can see, your other teammate is already here." The Chatot pointed one of his wings towards Lucy, and Nicolas looked at her with his red eyes. He gave a soft smile as he noticed that Lucy was staring at her. Lucy looked down at the ground nervously, trying to avoid eye contact with the Umbreon.

Liam and Noivern both smiled at each other as Lucy tried to give the ground at good stare. "I will now show you your place in the guild." Cooper then began to walk into the guild, and Noivern followed. Liam shooked Lucy and she snapped out of her stare at the ground. "Lucy, it's time for you to go," Liam said. Lucy looked at her father, and she really felt her stomach turn inside and out. "I'll miss you, my little Lucy," Liam said with a smile. Lucy smiled back at her, and she hugged the Lucario. She then turned to walk with Cooper and the others.

She looked back at her father to see him waving good-bye to her. She waved back, she already felt homesick. Lucy continued to walk with Cooper as he gave them a small tour of the guild. She looked at Nicolas, who was looking at places that the Chatot pointed to, and suddenly her head ached again. She put a paw on her head as she saw a vision of the Umbreon.

A mountain, Nicolas pinning her to the ground, digging his claws into her as she yelled in pain.

Then, her headache stopped. She blinked a few times, rubbing her head, and she turned to see that Nicolas was right beside her, looking to her if she needed any help.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." And with a final look at her, Nicolas turned back to walk with Cooper and Kokori.

Nicolas seemed like a good Pokemon, but Lucy wondered about that vision she just had. Is he evil? How come he was like that in the vision I had?