-Chapter 2-

Lucy's tour of the guild and day was just getting better and better. Cooper the Chatot kept pointing to rooms and shops all around the place, talking on and on constantly about how great the guild is.

Her aches came every now and then when she saw a Pokemon's future. She saw one Nidoking with a Nidoqueen, and they seemed like they were having a happy life together, except she saw a big chance where the Nidoking died on a mission and the Nidoqueen went into mourning for the rest of her life. She felt sorry for them already. She frowned sadly at the Nidoking and Nidoqueen as they kept on talking happily.

As she continued to walk with Cooper the Chatot, she could still see the vision of her and Nicolas fighting each other. She shivered. Lucy looked at Nicolas who was walking in front of her, but that just made the vision ache her more and more.

Lucy tried to push away the headaches of visions by focusing on Cooper's tour of the guild. Nicolas stopped at one turn of the road, and Lucy stopped too. She stiffened.

What's he doing? Lucy wondered. She shivered as she watched the Umbreon stay still. Lucy didn't know why, but everything Nicolas was doing seemed a bit scary to her. Maybe it was just the visions of him that she was constantly getting when she looked at him or maybe it was the fact that he was actually acting pretty weird as he walked around the guild. He constantly stopped at some stores to look at some strange, but pretty, looking gems and stones. But now, he just stopped.

Cooper, not realizing what they were doing continued chatting on about the guild. Kokori, however also noticed Nicolas, and he made a curious face at the Umbreon. as he walked closer to Lucy until he was right beside her. "I wonder, what he's doing over there? Do ya think he saw something?"

Lucy didn't turn to look or respond to the Noivern right next to her, she continued to stare at Nicolas who was standing still, just looking around, other Pokemon of the guild just walking around him.

After a moment, Nicolas sighed and turned around. He looked straight at Lucy, and she nervously shied her face away from him by looking off to the stalls and shop on her right as if something exciting had happened over there. She tugged on the bandanna she had been given nervously.

Lucy saw Nicolas walked closer to her and Kokori, and both nervousness and panic both rose in her chest. She gripped the bandanna tighter. Nicolas finally came face to face beside Lucy. He looked at her, his red eyes made it feel like they were staring into her soul. Nicolas still kept his gaze on her, looking at her as if he was also expecting her to say hi, which made her more and more nervous.

Why is he staring at only me? Does he want something from me? Please don't do this, I'm terrible at this! Lucy screamed in her mind. Finally, after a few seconds of silence, she turned her head to face Nicolas, about to say hi, but he was already walking back towards Cooper, who was looking at them, finally finding out that they weren't with him, and not listening anymore. Lucy's ears drooped. Well, I definitely messed that up. Lucy felt embarrassed at herself for not being able to talk to Nicolas. The big Noivern next to her patted her head with sympathy.

She turned around along with Kokori, and she saw the Chatot seemed impatient. Lucy couldn't tell if he was impatient with waiting, or them for not following them. She guessed it was probably both.

As they were walking back to Cooper, she saw that they already near to coming to the rooms and places where she would sleep. Cooper's talk about the teams and specifically the team she's in, made her nervous, and she tugged on her bandanna again.

She felt Kokori's hand pat her head, and she felt a little bit of courage inside her. "What's wrong? Feeling nervous about your team?" Kokori said as though he read her mind.

"Yeah," Lucy replied to the big bat. "I just, wonder if I'll be able to be friends with them, or worse if they will even like me."

Her worries became worse as she saw other Pokemon's futures. It was getting bad with each Pokemon she passed by. Possible futures, both good and bad were tossed at her as she continued to walk through the Pokemon crowd with Cooper as he led them to the rooms.

Cooper entered into the big tree connecting all the stores, and training rooms. As Lucy followed him, he began to show her and Nick into a hall that led into two big rooms and one hallway. Lucy looked around and she recognized one room as the dining room, and one as she guessed, the meeting room. Cooper led them into the hallway that split up into multiple entrances. Each entrance had a symbol on which Lucy guessed those were the symbols of the team inside those rooms. Cooper stopped at the entrance with the Omega symbol above it. As Lucy and the others followed, he went into the room. The room seemed big enough to fit at least six Pokemon snuggly.

"This is your room." Cooper yapped as he stepped onto the side of the entrance, pointing a wing towards to open room. There was beds that were formed with hay bundled up into a small circle. "You and Nick here will be staying here as you are with the Guild."

Noivern stayed right outside the room entrance. Lucy looked at him and he smiled back. "I'm sure you'll be fine here! You'll like it here! I know you will!" Lucy smiled awkwardly back, and she turned her head back to the room she was now going to be living in.

Cooper, after a few seconds of standing silently, he began to flap his wings and fly. "Now that you know where your room is, I'll let you and Nick get settled. Come on Kokori, you said you had something to talk about with me?" With that, Cooper flew away. Before Kokori went away, he turned to see Lucy, and she looked back. He gave her a courageous wink and then he flew off.

After Cooper and Kokori left the room, they left Lucy and Nick together silently, in an awkward moment. Nick was sitting down on one of the beds, with his eyes closed, and Lucy had no idea what he was doing. After a few more seconds of awkward silence, Nick began to get up and walk outside the room.

"Hey, where are you going?" Lucy asked the Umbreon. Nick stopped at the entrance and turned his head to look at her.

"Sorry, I have to go see something. Something that really needs tending to." Nick said turning his head to walk outside.

"Um, well, okay I'll see you," Before she could finish, Nick left the room. "-later..." Once the Umbreon left, she went on one of the beds and sighed, feeling a bit lonely and discouraged. She looked down at the bandanna with the Omega symbol on it. She hugged it closely and laid down. "I hope I'll get to see you soon dad..."

And as she stared at the Omega symbol on her bandanna, her eyes began to get heavy, and then fell asleep.

Author's Note

Okay, I finally posted another chapter, and I have to say, I am still new to writing, so I'm gonna try to keep writing so I can get better at it. Okay, I'll try to do my best in these stories!