"Are you always this stinky?" Tooty Bear asked while she was breaking wind alongside the infamous gas passing girl known as Pokemon's Farting Bianca, with the duo walking through the already smelly Rusty Bucket Bay and letting out rancid fart blasts that stunk like the harbor.

"Oh yes!" Bianca giggled while fanning the air. "It's always great for me to be letting out my rotten steamers so I don't have them building up in me!"

"I just want to know how you became so efficient in being so potent with under thunder!" Tooty remarked as she felt that her tooting wasn't quite as loud.

Bianca's gassy giggling was enough to make her fan the wafts she was gleefully belting out as she wiggled her hips to make more fart gas emerge out of her. "Well it's easier than it seems!"

As Tooty and Bianca kept on having their conversation, a bunch of workers on the Rusty Bucket ship were doing their usual cleaning of the interiors, with them noticing the air was becoming stinkier than normal as they took a glance out to see the fart filled females polluting their already smoggy area. This made them look disgusted as they didn't want the metal hunk of junk to lose the infamy it already had for being the polluted tank that it was.

"Well where are we gonna go to get a better effect for our butt tunes?" Tooty suggested as she pulled up her warm purple pants filled to the brim with her toots.

Bianca noticed a broken window that had a clear shot inside as she took a look into it, continuously farting as always while glancing around as she looked back up and nodded her head with a mischievous smile on her face. "I think I found the perfect place to make a bath!"