"Izuku….." I feel like someone is calling out from far away, but I can barely hear them.

"Izuku.." There it is again and now I feel as if someone is shaking me, trying to wake me up.

Who is calling for me? "Izuku!" I Hear once more loudly, and I slowly opened my eyes to see who is calling out to me.

"Izuku! Are you feeling alright?" The person in front of me looks over me to see if I'm alright.

Oddly enough this person looks just like my mother, just a lot younger... who is she? "Mom?" I call out tentatively.

"Yes Dear, are you okay?" She looks over me with more concern.

Okay so it is mom, but…. why does she look so young and where am I? This looks like a doctor's office. "Mom, where are we?"

She looks even more concerned, if that were possible, as she carefully replies. "We are at the doctor's office to find out about your quirk"

I look down at myself and realize that I'm really short almost as if… suddenly an old man in a lab coat walks in.

"Ah kid, I see your up." the old man looks me over " I had hoped you would take the news better, but I guess telling a kid that he can't be a hero has that kind of effect"

Did he just say Kid? I look down at myself to realize i'm really short and look just like a kid… what the hell?

Wait he just told me that I didn't have a quirk…. Is this that old man that told me I didn't have a quirk before, but that was 12 years ago… and I look like I did when I was 4 "What happened?"

"You passed out kid, you hit your head and everything" looking over at his Mother "Mrs. Midoriya, I would like to examine your son to make sure he is alright." My mother looks visibly shaken by possible consequences of hitting my head but nods in agreement.

The doctor spends the next hour and a half giving me a thorough examination and a cat scan to be extra safe, with the insistence of my over-protective mother stating "It doesn't hurt to be even more thorough."

After writing a few more things in a file. "Okay kid it looks like everything is in order. He doesn't appear to have any memory issues or any other issues that could be caused from hitting his head, however Mrs. Midoriya… if he develops any problems due to this let me know and we will examine him further alright?"

"Yes doctor I will, thanks again for everything" She shakes his hand before he walks out of the room. My mother then proceeds to help me down from the bed and then takes my hand leading me to the door "let's go home Izuku."

"Okay, Mom" I say softly and slightly irritably. I find it rather uncomfortable with being picked up and treated like a child, but then again I appear to be once more….. a kid.

As we are walking out of the hospital, I'm constantly thinking about what I remember last. Let's see…. I remember going to a meeting with a bunch of heroes, like Sir Nighteye, Gran Torino and Eraser Head. The Meeting was about the yakuza and a little girl named Eri. She had the ability to rewind someone's body in its entirety back until it was almost nothing. A man named Kai Chisaki was using her body to make Quirk-Neutralizing Bullets. I shivered at that thought, but continued retracing my memories. Later we found where she was being held and launched an assault on the location. I was looking everywhere for Eri and found her falling holding a piece of Mirio's Costume. I immediately jumped up, caught and put her securely on my back. I started fighting to protect Eri from Kai using 100% All For One on Him. Eri used her power to make sure I wasn't disabled by All For One at 100%. The last thing I remember is Punching Kai as hard as I could one, final time. What happened after that?

"Izuku?" My mother looks down at me concerned "snap out of it, are you alright?"

I realize that I have been mumbling to myself like usual, I really need to fix that habit of mine. "I'm alright mom"

That doesn't seem to comfort her that much "You sure, it's just you looked so shocked and depressed when you first found out"

Oh right I was so broken when I found out before… hmm I should give my mom some piece of mind "Don't worry so much mom, I'm okay, I just need to find another way to be a hero"

We stop walking right in front of the car and she looks down to me with tears in her eyes. Next thing I know she's hugging me and saying "I'm sorry Izuku" while bawling her eyes out.

Ah... here we go again, with whatever is going on, my mother is still the same one that raised me and loved me unconditionally. "It's okay mom, I'll just need to try harder"

After several minutes of hugging and crying out of the way, she finally breaks her hold on me and wipes away her tears. "Alright, Let's go home and I'll whip up a delicious dinner for you"

I smile at her "Thanks Mom" She helps me into the car and she drives us home. Along the way I start feeling sleepy, probably due to how stressful today's been, and I fall asleep. Some time later I wake up to "Izuku… we're home." I slowly opened my eyes and see that mom decided to let me rest a little longer and carried me inside the apartment.

She sets me down on the couch as I rub my eyes tiredly. "I'm going to get dinner ready, go ahead and play in your room" she says as she puts on an apron and starts on dinner.

"Okay, Mom" I get up off the couch and head to my room. Walking into my room, I notice that it isn't as packed with All Might merchandise as it once was. After thinking about it, I realize it's because even though I was really into All Might already, I haven't collected everything I once did. Yet, that is, I guess I get to collect it all again. The first thing I have to do is form a Hypothesis of what happened, then I'll make a plan for the future.