I open the door to my room and go to sit down at my desk. I look around trying to find writing materials and luckily I found a blank notebook and a pen. So first off I can think of a couple of things to explain my situation.

One, I may possess a Quirk with the ability to see into the future, but my memories or visions of the future don't have any mention of said quirk. So option one is highly unlikely.

Two, I could be mentally unstable or hallucinating due to the blow to my head, in which case none of that happened. If that was the case then why am I acting nowhere close to someone my age and why do I feel as if I experienced this day before. So it's just as unlikely as the first.

Three, I may possess a Quirk that transfers my memories from the future to the past. This option seems the most likely scenario, but what is the trigger? Could Eri's Quirk have triggered my own Quirk? Or perhaps it was caused due to another factor? What could have caused me to black out... did I die? That's a possibility… and would explain why I couldn't activate my Quirk before.

On the other hand, why did I get my memories back today? Was it because of when my Quirk first manifested? even though I had no clue. Maybe it's cause my world shattered on this day. Either way I will need to figure out if there is a way to control it in another way other than killing myself and getting incredibly depressed…

Either way, now that I have an idea of how I got back here, I should worry about how to become a Hero properly this time. Hmm... I hope I can get One for All again, but how to make sure that happens. Tell All Might, hey I know your secret and I'm a good candidate for One for All? Hmm… I could also talk to Sir Nighteye or Gran Torino… I guess I'll have to shelve that idea for the moment.

Other than that... I should work on improving my body's condition, so that in the event I get One for All, I don't get as overwhelmed as I did the first time. It would also help if I studied up some more in my free time more, since I won't have to worry about rushing my training either. With any extra free time I have I could dabble in creating my own personal Support Equipment. All of these are good, but I need to focus on what I can do right now. I should see if mom will let me get training in a martial arts of some kind within a few years.

"Izuku" I turn to see my other at the doorway to my room "dinner is ready, come and wash up to eat."

I close my notebook and hop off the chair "okay mom i'm coming" I head off after mom and she helps me wash up and sit at the table.

"So Izuku… what were writing in that notebook of yours?" his mother asks while setting the food on the table.

"Oh that" I was considering how much I should tell my Mom, she has always worried too much for her own good "hmmm… that was just a couple of ideas of what i could work on to become a Hero."

"Oh Izuku" I see my mother start tearing up.

"Mom, don't worry, I just have to put in more effort than others" I try to reassure her and get her to stop worrying so much.

"Alright Izuku" She says while wiping the tears from her eyes. Soon she resumes setting the table and they start to eat their dinner together. "So what kind of Ideas did you have?"

"Just things like studying up more to possibly make support items for heroes, more for myself than anything else." I eat some of my food "Also mom could I go learn at one of the martial art dojos?"

With a lot of concern visible on her face "I like the first idea a lot more than the second honey, why do you want to learn martial arts?"

"Seconds please" After cleaning my plate "Mom, I need to eventually learn how to defend myself, if nothing more, to keep myself safe."

"Alright honey" with some relief being shown on her face "I'll ask your father about it tomorrow."

We spend the rest of the evening finishing our dinner and mom chats with me while she washes the dishes "Are you sure your alright honey?"

I look over to her "Yeah I'm fine, why mom?"

"I was just making sure, because normally you would be asking to watch that video with All Might in it where he was saving people about now"

"Oh that's okay mom" I think carefully "I was actually wondering if there was anyway I could help you with the dishes"

My mother turns and looks somewhat shocked "Well... aren't you acting mature and responsible all of a sudden. Sure, here is a towel for you use to dry some of the smaller dishes, I'll hand them to you."

I walk over and help my Mom with drying the dishes and after a while I let out a loud yawn while rubbing my eyes. "Well looks like someone is ready to hit the hay"

"Yeah…" I continue rubbing my eyes while feeling my eyelids get heavier and heavier.

"Alright let's get you ready for bed honey" she says as she grabs my hand and drags me into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. After a few minutes there we head off into my bedroom where she helps me change into my All Might pajamas and then tucks me into bed. "Sweet dreams honey" she kissed my forehead. I'm so tired that I fall asleep on the bed immediately afterwards.