Waking up I find blinding rays shooting out into my room from my window. I rub my eyes grogerly to find that it's really early in the morning. I look around my room for a clock and I can't seem to find one. 'I guess I should get up anyway…' I get out of bed and go to gather a set of clothes to wear for the day. After that I head off to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth.

After getting out of the shower, my mother walks in and exclaims "Izuku, did you just take a shower by yourself?"

"Yeah mom, why?" I cock my head wondering what could be wrong… Oh right, I'm still a kid… that is gonna take a while to get used to.

"It's fine if you want to bathe by yourself, but for now you should let me supervise so that you don't hurt yourself." Huh I guess my mom was always a worry-wart even when I was younger, if not more. "Alright Honey, let's get you dressed and then we can eat breakfast."

My mother helped me dress up in an outfit of green shorts and an All Might brand T-shirt. Then we go to the table and start eating our breakfast.

After breakfast I help mom with drying the dishes. "Hey mom, your gonna talk to dad today right?" I look up at her.

"That's right, I was actually going to call him after I was done doing the dishes here."

"Thanks mom" I say while continuing to help her dry the dishes.

After finishing up with the dishes I sat down on the couch, hoping for some good news from dad. "Alright Honey, I'm gonna call your father now."

I beam a smile at her "Alright Mom."

After a while into the phone call "So… Dear, our son would like to practice martial arts in order to become a Hero."

"Hmmm… we should let him honey, he just got told that he is Quirk-less."

"Are you sure dear? What if he hurts himself." she says with dread on her face.

"He needs this, he needs something to keep him distracted. Besides, without determination he won't last long in it anyway."

"I don't think that's going to be a problem dear… our son seems to be very mature all of a sudden." while thinking "He even started helping out with the dishes and even this morning he woke up and bathed by himself this morning."

He starts laughing "Ahhh… I guess my son is turning out to be a great young man."

"But Honey! What if he slipped and fell! I don't want him to hit his head again."

"Don't worry so much dear. If he can dry dishes for you, he can bathe himself, but if you are that worried just watch over him while he washes himself."

"I was planning on doing so dear, geez... he really is your son, he knows how to make me worried as well."

"Sorry Honey, I will try to be back for the Christmas, but work is picking up."

"It's alright, just… stay safe, I love you."

"I love you too."

I see my mother ending the phone call "Mom! What did dad say?"

"He said you could, but you must be careful" she says as concern is written all over her face "I won't let you continue if you get injured too much."

"Alright mom" I'm can't wait to get started "When can I start?"

"That depends dear, any idea of what kind of martial arts you want to learn?"

"Hmm… well would it too much to ask that I try to learn all of them that I can" I asked tentatively while looking hopefully up to my mother. She starts laughing. "Yeah I guess it is" I look down somewhat depressed.

"Oh no you can honey, your just being awfully ambitious." she says while patting my head.

"I have to be mom if I want to be a Hero, I have to work a lot harder than anyone else does." Now I just have to ask mom to help me find nearby dojos… Maybe I should start with MMA. "Hey mom can you help me look for a MMA dojo around here?"

"Sure Honey." We both walk over to the computer to look on the internet for MMA dojos. She sits down on the chair and set me down on her lap. I really don't like how I'm being treated as a kid, but alas for now I am in appearance, a kid. She types a few things into the browser and scrolls a bit until. "Alright let's see here… It looks like there is one a few blocks from here."

It looks to be a small-time martial arts dojo that teaches various martial arts… Including MMA. "This is perfect mom, I can start with whichever martial arts that I can do safely right now and work on the others later."

"Alright Izuku, I'll give them a call and see if they would be able to start teaching you." My mother sets me down and goes to make another phone call. Since i'll be waiting anyway and I've been so active I think i'll lay down on the couch and take a short nap.

Ring… Ring… Ring… "Hello Aizawa Residence, this is Kaito Aizawa."

"Hello my name is Inko Midoriya, I'm calling about an Advertisement I saw online about your dojo."

"Ah yes, we don't have too many students nowadays, but I still love to teach those who are willing to learn. Are you interested in learning?"

"Oh no it's not me, it's my son."

"I see… And how old is your son, if I may ask?"

"Oh he'll be 5 in a couple of months."

"Okay… Isn't he a bit young to start learning."

"You aren't the only one. He and his father are very insistent on the matter, although for two different reasons." she says a bit.

"Oh… and what would their reasons be for wanting your son to start so early."

"Well his father would think that he needs this as a distraction."

"A distraction from what exactly?"

"From the news we got about our son… We found out that he is quirkless."

"Well that's unfortunate, but that doesn't seem like a reason to bring up learning martial arts."

"Actually it was my son who brought up the idea, saying something along the lines of 'if I don't have a Quirk then that means I just have to work even harder to become a Hero'."

"Well that's an awfully mature outlook to have… Are you sure he's only 4 years old."

She laughs "Yeah i've been curious about that as well, he seems to have changed a bit since he hit his head."

"Hit his head?"

"Unfortunately yes, when I brought him to the doctor to find out about his Quirk, he just fainted suddenly and we weren't able to catch him in time before he hit the floor."

"I see… Well we better make sure to keep an eye on him then shall we?"

"Does that mean you'll teach him?"

"I won't say I will until I meet him, but from his reason alone he seems determined enough. Why don't you bring him over to my place later today?"

"Would 3 o'clock work?"

"Yes that would be fine, also make sure to have him dressed in something easy to move around in as well."

"Alright thanks and I will see you at 3."

"Yep, until then."