It was a beautiful starry night, there was a wedding event happening. The bride and groom had picked a beautiful aquarium to celebrate with all their friends and family. Everything looked perfect. The bride and groom were laughing at a joke while sitting in their seats.

A young woman, probably in her mid 20's, had hair in long black braid, wore black lipstick and eye shadow. The woman wore a chic cloak, as black as night with the bottom edging of cobwebs. She looked furious at the bride and groom. She walked up to them the bride and groom froze..- they both recognized who it was..

"Wednesday!",shouted the groom.

He was surprised to see her!

In his shout it became clear he recognized Wednesday. Her attention focused on the groom.

"Hello Joel.",growled Wednesday.

Wednesday turned her head. Joel,got up from his seat to talk to Wednesday in private, .

"Wednesday, what are you doing here? On one of the happiest moments of my life, and you appeared? What are you doing here?",asked Joel.

"I was looking for you, Joel. I want to be with you.I heard from someone that you were getting married,",said Wednesday,

"How come you didn't invite me?We could've have a blast at your wedding.",said Wednesday "Well um..."

Before Joel could speak, the woman he just married called him.

"Joel,the slow dancing is on, let's dance!",shouted the bride, as she ran up to him. Wednesday's eyebrows widened something about the bride's voice seemed...familiar to her! Joel had gotten more awkward by the minute until the bride came.

"Oh Wednesday, I would like you to meet Amanda NOW wife."said Joel. "Ugh Joel, why did you invite her?",said Amanda.

She meanly snorting her nose Wednesday, he turned to talk to Joel while Wednesday was listening in.

"You know, I told you not to invite her, you know that!",growled Amanda.

"I know,honey. I know she's nothing, but a..."friend",winked Joel.

That almost broke Wednesday. What she heard from Joel.. "friend"!?,she thought they were something more then just friends!

Joel and Amanda turned to face Wednesday. Wednesday looked like she was about to lose it.

"Friends!? Friends!? Are you out of your mind, Joel!? I thought you liked me!?", yelled Wednesday.

"I do like you Wednesday, but,as a friend.",said Joel trying to calm her down.

"Yes Wednesday, it's because you always dress as someone died or something!" said Amanda.

Then Wednesday lost it, she quickly lunged at Amanda. They both fell into the wedding cake. It was knocked over causing a scene.

"Help me Joel,help me!",screamedAmanda.

Joel ran to pick up Wednesday. They were face to face,

"I couldn't believe you would say that Joel! Think about how much we've been through! I loved you from the very start.",said Wednesday as she touches the right side of his cheek.

"Wednesday...please leave or I'll call the police for attacking Amanda."Told Joel Wednesday softly moved her hand away from Joel "Wednesday walked away to the exit grabbing along a bottle of wine as she left.

Meanwhile Somewhere In Town~

Alone in a Butcher Shop lived 24-year old Augustus Gloop. His adoptive child, Jedayi Gloop,was in in the other room sleeping in bed.

"Siri,can you find me a date?,asked Augustus.

"Okay the date is Monday,August the 8th.",answered Siri.

No,no I would like to meet someone.",pleaded Augustus.

"Okay you want a meat store.",responded Siri "No,no I want to go on a date! I'm...lonely." Whimpered Augustus

The thoughts of seeing his friends like, Charlie and Violet, together and Mike and Veruca together.. he wanted someone to be with also!

Surely he adopted Jedayi as his son ,but ,that wasn't enough! He wanted to get married!

He remembered all the times that Jedayi would beg for a mother to enjoy bed time stories,kisses and he would want to buy a Mother's Day card. Jedayi would never stop loving his father. He was a good dad and learned his parenting skills from Charlie and Violet also Veruca and Mike.

They first learned how to parent soon after they had their kids.

The thought of having a wife still got into his head. So he thought this is the chance for him to ask Siri.

"I understand what you're trying to say.",began Siri.

Augustus started to smile,

"You're looking for a meat store.",said Siri.

"Noooo!" ,yelled Augustus.

He was walked into the room to the sound of his shouting.

"Dad, is everything okay?",asked Jedayi.

Augustus quickly hid the phone behind him.

"Oh hey Jedayi.",said Augustus.

He pretended to act like everything is alright.

"Hey Dad.",said Jedayi.

He hopped on the bed next to him.

"I was checking to see if everything is alright,you seemed to be shouting about something.",said Jedayi.

"'s just that you know you've said you always wanted to have a mom right?" , asked Augustus.

"Yeah?",asked Jedayi

"I was trying to look for a-mom for you.",said Augustus.

"Oh but that was a long time ago Dad, I still have are my parent I don't need a mom,as long as I have you as a father. I was so lucky when you adopted me.",said Jedayi.

"Thanks Jed,I guess the thought of it got under me a bit.",said Augustus.

He pulled his son into a hug.

After the hug, Jedayi walked off leaving Augustus by himself, still buried with the thought of finding him a mom.