A few days passed after the children adventure had happened, Henry and the rest of his friends were still grounded by their parents. At some point, when Henry learned his lesson-the one his father told him about not putting himself and his friends into another situation. Augustus and his friends decided it was best to teach their children this lesson before another incident occurred.

Augustus's son, Jedayi had to stay home too, because of the punishment. Jedayi, who usually went with Augustus to make deliveries for everyone,sat across the small town in his house alone while Augustus made deliveries.

Augustus made the last few deliveries to a certain road that led home. Houses that he dropped the deliveries too were disappearing in his review mirror. He was driving home, but ,on his way home.. he started thinking about Wednesday. He didn't know why, but ,he couldn't stop thinking about her. He remembered that he had her phone number!

Uh oh, he realized that he was about to run out of gas. Augustus had pulled up at the nearest gas station. While he waited for the tank to fill up his meat truck, , while doing so he decides to get his phone out of his pocket to type in Wednesday's number to call Wednesday so after a few hours of the phone ringing waiting for it to be answered,Wednesday had finally picked up the phone

"Hey Wednesday." Says Augustus

"Hey Augustus." Said Wednesday

"Are you free today?" Asked Augustus

"I'm not sure why?" Asked Wednesday

"I was wondering if you like to hang out today?" Said Augustus

"Sure why not.",said Wednesday.

As she hung up the phone so Augustus hung up so he could get into his car and drive off.