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Episode 3: Let'5 Pl4y: Tr1n1t7 (Let's Play: Trinity)

The Boss: [taken back] E…explain what you mean by that.

William: [French] Einstein, what did he just say? Rinzler is worked up over it.

Axel: [nervous] Miss, I understand that, that you are interested in maintaining the status quo, but in all hon, honesty, that's a huge mistake. [Jackal and Lone Elite start to wake up] The world sucks. As someone in your position knows, nobody follows the rules.

[Rinzler glances at Jackal who adverts her eyes]

Axel: And with the destruction & data loss from the Deckard Incident everyone's life is worse. Everyone needs a change of reality. So, I'll use this [points over his shoulder at the scanners] to create abilities and sci-fi tech and bring them to this world. Then I can… well I will take over the world and I'll rewrite this unfair reality into a place of equal opportunity.

Rinzler: [genuinely confused on why Axel is making a speech] Why are you telling us this? Do you think we'll let you use this supercomputer if have good intentions?

Axel: No no, I don't think that at all. [slowly as if reciting something] I think you'll do everything you can to make sure this place is a secret and under your total control. When it should be out in the world.

Yumi: [French] [listening to the translation with one hand over her ear.] That's not right. You told us you were with us on tracking down and destroying XANA and the supercomputers. [suspicious] Right?

Rinzler: [French][To Yumi] I don't have the time, patience, or even want to explain how wrong-

Axel: [Full steam ahead] And of course, you'll do whatever it takes to make it so we can't tell anyone about this place. So, come on. Take out your neuralizers.

Lone Elite: [into earpiece] Um, I need to requisition the cleanup package-

Axel: [enjoying himself] OMG, you don't even have it with you. [cruelly mocks] See, this kind of slipup is why you don't deserve to control this place.

Rinzler: [English] All right this has gone on long enough. [fed up] Will you stop monologuing? You're wasting everyone's ti- [realizes that's EXACTLY what the little sh!t was up to the entire time.] GET HIM AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD! [Jerks her head to look at Ethan]

Ai: [speakers] It's ready Obelisk.

[Ethan has managed to push himself up into the chair on the terminal platform. He weakly hits the enter key on the keyboard with his intact hand.]

[A column of white light bursts from the central point between the three scanners, up into the bottom of the command station encapsulating Ethan. It spreads out to cover everything.]

William: [French] [terrifying realization at Ai's voice] Was that- [cut off by the white light.]

[Opening Theme plays]

[The glow fades. Inès is in the woodland with Mabel. Inès jerks her head around in surprise while Mabel & the Men in Black they are watching act normally.]

Mabel: [whispers] … This is big. If they're packing that must mean it's important. What if this related to the Deckard Incident? Makes sense if-

Inès: What do you mean, you know it doesn't anything to do with that.

Mabel: Oh, you noticed something with your Inès skills?!

Inès: No, they're looking for the lab.

[Mabel has a blank face.]

Inès: The girl in the computer, the boy monologuing about taking over the world or something. They were going to erase our memory.

Mabel: I don't get what you're saying, but if they would have erased our memory, they would have put us back at school, not watching them from the bushes. You feeling okay?

Inès: I… no. I thought it… You were hurt because of me and-

Mabel: Okay, you were right. This is too stressful for you. Let's go back.

Inès: You don't care about what the MIB are doing?

Mabel: I do, but not now. Stay low so they don't see us.

[Ethan is back on the soccer field. He looks down at his now attached left arm.]

Ethan: We time traveled… [accepts his new bizarre reality] Okay.

Coach Zama: Townley. Keep up the pace!

[Someone passes the ball to Ethan. Ethan kicks the ball over the entire field into the goal.]

Ethan: [frowns] It's just not the same without explosions.

[Ethan ducks away from the field]

Coach Zama: Hey where are you going?!

[Ethan is behind the locker room in the stadium. He makes a fist and the plasma sword fizzles into existence around his hand.]

Ethan: [swinging the sword around, making sound effects verbally] Huhuhuhuhhaaaa. Swish. Swish, stab!

[He takes a huge slash at a wall, anther slash and then stabs right through it like punching through tin foil.]

Ethan: [awe and sudden realization] I need to get back to that world.

[After the light fades away, Axel is back in the supercomputer room.]

Axel: Woah. For a second there, I didn't think that would work. Glad they didn't get sick of me talking and start shooting.

[Axel reenters the terminal room. Ai comes up on the screens.]

Ai: I think I did it right.

Axel: [checks his phone] Well either someone has hacked my phone, or we really did reverse time. So, it's official. There is literally nothing this supercomputer can't do.

Ai: What do we do now?

Axel: I'll stay here until the MIB stop searching now that there isn't an activated tower and [listens for the signal he heard earlier] yep, the emergency signal from the supercomputer stopped transmitting. They won't have anything to lead them to the lab. Definitely don't want a secret government organization to get their hands on time travel.

Ai: Clever plan. Distract them with an unbelievable story.

Axel: It wasn't made up.

Ai: What?

Axel: [states what he thinks is obvious] Well, that's my actual plan for this place.

[Axel's phone buzzes.]

Axel: Wait one second.

[Ethan sent him a snap. It's a picture of him standing with his plasma sword out and a trash bin cut in half. Caption reads "Questions need answers. Where's the lab? MIB will probably have lines tapped. Use snap to respond."]

Axel types: "True, they probably don't have an algorithm for snapchat. Even if, use 😉 {winking face emoji} to communicate to make it harder."

"So, where's the lab?"

"No one can come or leave the lab until the 🎩{Black Hat emoji} leave. You need to make sure the beret girl doesn't tell anyone."

"You don't remember her name?!"

"Things happened fast. 😩 {Weary Face emoji}"

"Take a guess."

"Nessy? Ingrid?"

"It's Inès."

"How do you know that?"

"BECAUSE I 💷 {Pound Banknote emoji} ATTENTION!"

"Just make sure she doesn't say anything. I'll be back once the MIB leave."

[Cut to Malhur Academy's cafeteria. It's a building with a wall of windows on the main floor facing the cliffside fields. The opposing side is a hallway leading to the dorms. The main floor has sets of cafeteria tables with two sets of stairs on either side in the back leading upward. The second floor runs along the outside wall with the right half cut away to show the main floor and the tables below while the left half houses a string of booths running along the wall. To the right of the top of the stairs is open area with more tables. From there, there are doors where someone can exit onto a balcony overlooking the cliffside yards over the inlet.

Inès is in one of the tables on the balcony with a view the back grassy courtyards separated by cobblestone walkways behind the school and the inlet to the south. Along with her are Mabel, and three other girls, one of which is talking.

The speaker has an Argentinian complexion. She's wearing a long-sleeved navy-blue t-shirt and ivy green jeans with paint stains all over them. Her face is framed by long chestnut brown hair with two orange streaks running through it.]

Zoe: It's like that one commercial that keeps popping up. The one where he keeps on ripping his jacket off…

Landry: …And he has the same jacket underneath.

Tanya: Why is that like even in there?

Mabel: The director probably thought it was hilarious and nobody wanted to stop him.

[Landry does a manly voice impression.]

Landry: "I just can't get it off me"

[and they all laugh except for Inès.

Inès flashes back to when she was under the desk and she saw Mabel being stabbed by the golem. She looks up to see that none of them are looking at her and are too engrossed in their conversation.]

Inès: [tries to join in] I think I know why they thought it was a good idea. [That gets their attention.] Because imagine if they did it with pants.

[No one reacts.]

Tanya: Why would that make a difference?

Inès: Oh, because … it would be awkward if he did that since he would be showing… [trails off nervously]

Mabel: [tries to support her] Eh, I think that would have made it bearable.

Zoe: It's bearable as is. Just when like it pops up on every website. Like when I was reserving the boat OH! [remembers something] who's coming to the sandbar tomorrow?

Landry: I'm in.

Mabel: I've got nothing, nothing important going on.

Tanya: Free here.

Inès: [backing out] I think I have something going on.

Mabel: No, you don't [turns to Zoe] we're both coming.

Zoe: I want to hear it from Inès. If you're just going to sit in the corner and take the boat back when everyone wants to go for a ride instead, then just don't come at all.

Inès: Mabel has it wrong. I got signed up for duty for… [mumbles something] Bye. [gets up from the table and goes back inside.]

Zoe: Uhg, she left her tray. Who's going to get it.

Mabel: I'll take it. I had to tell her something anyway. [she follows Inès inside and caught up at the top of the staircase.] It's just hanging out on the sandbar.

Inès: She expects something from me. And I can't… I just can't-

Mabel: It's called socializing. You "suffer" to create "association" with someone. And once you get to know them, "then" it's great. [Inès leaves while Mabel is talking.] Did you hear me?

[When Inès is at the bottom of the cafeteria stairs, there is a pillar between the cafeteria floor and the dorm hallway.

Ethan reaches out from behind and grabs her arm.]

Ethan: We need to talk.

[He pulls her outside into the courtyard.]

Inès: STOP IT!

Ethan: [Not even looking at her] I just need to ask you some questions.

[Inès tries to yank her arm out of Ethan's grasp. Ethan maintains his grip without any effort and just looks confused at how pathetic Inès is acting.]

Ethan: Calm down. [ignites his plasma sword.] Be quiet or someone is going to hear.

[Inès faints at the sight of it. Ethan clearly can catch her as she falls but chooses not to and she hits the ground.]

Ethan: [sighs] Useless frog.