The sounds of an acoustic guitar strumming it's tune into the air filled the walls of the Hook household. Harry had moved into his sister's two bedroom apartment- while his father worked to move himself and his younger sister down and move them all into a house.

The sounds of his guitar were cut off by the thumping against his bedroom door- he carefully moved the red tinted instrument onto the center of his bed before moving to open the door- being met with a Raven haired figure.

Harriet leaned against the doorway, wearing a white tee shirt that stopped at her mid riff and a pair of jeans. She looked over her younger brother- who simply wore a black Nirvana tee shirt and a pair of black jeans.

"Good morning king of Darkness." She said playfully as he rolled his eyes.

"Can i help you Ettie?" He asked as he began to cross his arms over his chest, watching as she shifted slightly.

"Yeah, I'm inviting Anthony over tonight...big night. So I'm gonna need ye to make yourself scarce." She droned on in his Scottish accent, staring at her nails as she spoke to the middle child of the Hook clan.

He raised an eyebrow before his face shifted into one of disgust. "Happily- DON'T wanna be ere for that.." He'd said as he walked back over to his bed.

"I think I'll just go to a band practice tonight." He said, her eyes lifting up in a mixture of shock and joy.

"A band practice eh? Ye finally made some friends that don't have feminine hair?" She asks, teasing him as she walked over and stood by the edge of his bed.

He rolled his eyes once again before looking at her. "Yes. Me an' Jay are reforming our old band with some new members." He says plainly.

"Oh yeah! I remember that group. Where were ye calling yourselves? Ah..the VKs right?" She asked as he smirked.

"Yup...Villian Kids." He picked away at the top string of his guitar as she formulated more questions to hound him with.


Uma sighed as she slammed the spatula down onto the grill, turning on her heel to face the clock perched upon the white, Yet stained, wall across the room. Ten more minutes, and she'll be free from the smell of fish and shrimp- God how she hated that smell with a passion.

Ten more minutes until Evie pulls up outside and she waves goodbye to her mother to get her weekend started off right. A day working at Ursula's Fish and Chips was not what she had planned, but her mother protested it.

"We absolutely need someone to cover Jackson's shift. And you're the easiest choice." Ursula had said as she combed through her blonde green hair this morning, standing in her daughters room and using her mirror to perfect her look.

Ursula was damn near a splitting image of her daughter- save for the height difference and love for gold and green clothing. (Once Upon a Time anyone?)

Uma had been sweating back there in the kitchen for the past six hours, and fifty minutes. Fifty one minutes now.

Why did time seem to move so slow when you're just about to finish your shift? She couldn't help but to wonder this as she grabbed the two fresh baskets of fried clams and fries and walked them out to the main floor.

The restaurant had a moderate amount of customers today- about thirteen people at the tables and six in line currently. Not too bad for a Saturday.

But enough of that, as she sat the food down onto table four and gave a smile to the two customers, she retreated back to the accursed kitchen to cook even more food.

As she prepped the deep fried for another load, she heard the sound of boxes falling from the freezer nearby, and turned to watch as Gil stumbled out carrying a box of frozen fries.

"I've said it once, I'll say it again. I hate that freezer." The blonde complains as he approaches her, setting the box down onto the counter beside her.

"Yeah, and my mom won't spring for a new one. Only a matter of time before that lock finally breaks while someone is in there." Uma replies with a shiver at the thought.

Gil places a hand onto the counter as he tore the packaging tape off of the box and cast it aside. "You talk to Harry today?" He asked to drum up a conversation.

"Yeah, but it was brief. Mom yelled at me for not working- even though it was my break. We're hanging out tomorrow, cause I'm heading with Evie to get my hair done today." She says with a small smile.

Gil noticed this, giving a goofy grin of his own as he opened a bag of fries. "Someone's in love." He said in a sing songy voice , annoying her slightly.

She gave his arm a swift yet weak punch and uttered "Shut up." Before moving to dump some more clams into the frier.

"I like it. He's a good guy, and we're having our first band practice tonight." Gil says , smile never fading.

"It's be nice if we could see you guys." Uma says as she looks to him, watching as he shrugged.

"It's at Jay's house, you guys can swing by. I just hope we have something ready by the time you guys make it in, else we'll look a damn mess."

"You guys had better practice as much as possible if you wanna perform something today." She says with a smile while dropping down some more fries. She turned towards the clock once again, a smirk replacing the smile that had adorned her face as she rugs off the white apron she'd been wearing.

"Quitting' time already." Gil said with a smile as he did the same, removing his blonde hair from the bun he'd had it in as he worked and watching as Uma removes her hairnet.

"Alright let's get a move on." She said as she began to shut off the deep fryer and disposed of the grease, Gil moving to clean off the grills.

It took them about twelve minutes to clean the small kitchen, and way less time to head out the doors to the shop and climb into Evie's car.

The two girls waved goodbye to Gil as Evie dropped him off at his home before pulling off towards Lady Tremaine's Salon.

"So, how are things with you and Harry going so far?" Evie asked as she and Uma we're finally seated near the back of the small building, her eyes moving from her red painted nails and over to her best friend.

"Pretty good so far. I planned on popping up on him and the other boys later to see how their band practice is going- was hoping you'd come too." Uma replies as she scrolled through her phone, not seeing the light smile that grazed Evie's face.

"Now that sounds like a plan." The bluenette replies- before letting out a happy giggle. As she heard her giggling, and the sound of feet rushing against the marble floor, Uma looked up to find Evie wrapped in the green clad arms of a shorter figure.

She smiled to herself as Dizzy Tremaine, hair specialist in training, hugged her mentor.

"Oh my Gosh your hair looks amazing today!" Evie exclaims as she runs a hand through the brown curls on the girl's head, her perfect smile seemingly being exemplified by them.

"Well I was taught by the best after all." Dizzy replies with a confident smile as Evie pulls her into yet another hug, before taking her hand and leading her over to Uma.

Uma looked over at Dizzy with a smile and a wave "Hey Dizzy." She's said, getting a smile in return.

"Hi Uma! You want me to do your hair today?" She asks, her excitement building at the thought of working with the girls braids.

Uma seemingly thought it over, tapping a finger against her chin before smirking at the girl. "I wanna see what you can do with this." She finally says, lifting a braid into her hand before dropping it back down.

"Oh this is gonna be fun." Dizzy exclaimed as she walked over to a wall holding several different colors of dye.


Uma smiled proudly as she looked into the mirror that Dizzy held before her.

Her braids had been taken out for the most part, the top of her hair still braided, while the rest lay flat against her body. It had been dyed from its previous mix of turquoise, white and light tones of black to turquoise and a darker teal color- and she loved it.

With a smile towards Dizzy, she handed the girl her debit card and watched as she skipped away to ring her up, turning towards Evie who approached. Evie's hair had been flattened then curled at the edges- with streaks of black now staining about her blue hair.

"Girl, we look amazing." Uma commented as Evie looked into her pocket mirror.

"Don't we always?" She asks with a smirk as Dizzy returns, handing Uma back her card and receiving a hug from the teal haired girl. "Thanks Dizzy. You've been taught well." Uma comments as she releases her, Dizzy smirking

"Oh trust me, I know." She'd day as the two girls made their way out the shop, Evie spinning on her heel to give one last wave to the girl before they headed out.

They paused for a moment, Evie bringing up her phone to snap a picture of the both of them before unlocking her car.

"I wonder how their practice is coming along." Evie commented as she started the Rover up.


"Ahhhh!" Came a shout from the Nahmir house basement as a now pale Carlos De Vil cling to Jay, who sighed softly.

"Bro it's just a mouse." Jay commented as Carlos calmed down and looked around a bit sheepishly, before shrugging.

"I uh..I knew that." Was his response as he picked up his cherry red bass guitar and returned to strumming it loosely.

"Right." Jay said with a smile as he moved towards the dead rodent, picking up a pair of rubber gloves from nearby and dropping it into a trash bag. "Knew I should've cleaned this damn basement out before we started." He commented as he looked around the small , yet well decorated room.

The basement was built moreso like another bedroom- with purple and gold Carpet from his fathers home of Agrabah covering the floor and a shelf of nic nacs in the corner, along with a red leather couch propped against the wall besides the stair case, a work desk with a lamp in the left corner of the room and a shelf full of records next to the small window near the back of the room.

"Eh, I've seen worse." Harry comments with a shrug as Jay makes his way back over to his royal blue drum set, popping his fingers as he gripped his sticks and awaited their next move.

Harry looked to everyone once again, giving a subtle clap of his hands as his black electric guitar hung off his side. "Alright, so we're doing surprisingly good so far. We're in sync now, thankfully. So let's give er another go eh?" He says, getting a nod of approval from Gil as he gently strums away at the strings of his orange guitar- then looks over to Carlos who gives a confident nod with his bass.


"Wanna go find out?" Uma asks as she looks over to Evie, the girl not taking her eyes off of the road up ahead and merely giving a subtle nod. "Yes, I wanna see just how far they've come along in one day." Is her response.

"I'll get the address from Harry." Uma replies, sending the message to his phone as she closed out her social media app. It didn't even take long for a response, within five minutes they had their map set for Jay's house.

The two pulled up outside the two story brick house and parked beside the mailbox, leaving the driveway clear in case Jay's dad needed to park there- Evie had figured he would due to its current vacancy.

The door swung open, with Jay standing there with a red beanie, a yellow tee shirt, some blue shorts and a pair of black headphones around his neck, looking at them.

"You guys got here quick." He commented with a subtle smile as he stepped aside to let the both of them into the house.

"How did you know we were outside?" Uma asked as she stepped past him, Jay closing the door behind them and chuckling.

"You kidding? I could hear Mother's Daughter by Miley Cyrus from all the way up the block." He said, Evie shrugging softly as Uma looked to her.

"It's a good song!" She protested as Jay walked past them, motioning for them to follow him down the stairs.

As they reached the basement, they found Gil and Carlos playing with a football while Harry laid on Jays couch, guitar over his chest.

Uma walked over to him, poking his nose gently and watching as his eyes seemingly lit up upon seeing her. She giggled as he shot up and smiled at her "Hey ye made it in record time." He says, motioning towards the others. "We just finished and I think we're ready for an audience...a small one at least."

"Well let's see what ya got." Uma says as the son of James Hook rose to his feet popped his neck.

"Happily." He'd reply while making his way back towards the mic stand in front of Jay's set. The others moved to their respective sections, getting ready to play what they'd been practicing since everyone showed up earlier on in the day.

The sound of Jay's drumsticks clacking together four times started them off, Gil and Harry strumming their guitars with a barrage of louder chords at first. Harry finally began to sing into his microphone.

"Jessie says she's been here for a thousand days

A thousand days to her that just don't mean a thing

Cause the city makes a perfect place to sleep"

Jay leaned closer to his own microphone, keeping the same rhythm with his drums as he did so, he'd join Harry in singing the next part.

"And daddy's coming home

He said he brought her things

Like jewels from every coast and songs for them to sing

But singing never got her very far

And this whole coast is full of pin-up paper rockstars"

They paused for a brief moment, before continuing to play as Harry sang alone.

"She said she'll run

Until her feet don't touch the ground

And as the waves carry me out

Keep listening

She'll never make a sound

So keep it coming and the details quiet

She's like the girl that keeps you up all night

And she'll be a secret you can keep

Keep me"

Back to a series of guitar strums and backbeats, Carlos loosely plucking at the top two strings of his bass as they played on.

Jay and Harry would duet once again.

"Cuts on paper hearts

They can be awful deep

Rips from wear and tear on different city streets

Don't all need a home, but just a place to sleep"

Brief pause before Harry moves to sing the chorus alone.

"So I will run

Until my feet don't touch the ground

And as the waves carry me out

Keep listening

She'll never make a sound

So keep it coming and the details quiet

She's like the girl that keeps you up all night

And she'll be a secret you can keep

Keep me

Keep me"

In this minor intermission, Gil took the time to play a guitar solo with Harry playing in the background, finally he and Jay reach their microphones again.

"And still she finds that every time she runs

She leaves behind another piece of her

On every city street"

The instruments toned down there- With Gil strumming away softly as Harry sang alone.

"So I will run

Until my feet don't touch the ground

And as the waves carry me out

Keep listening"

Gil gave a long strum as Jay panted upon his symbols, Carlos strumming rapidly now at his bass.

"So I will run

Until my feet don't touch the ground

And as the waves carry me out

Keep listening

She'll never make a sound

So keep it coming and the details quiet

She's like the girl that keeps you up all night

And she'll be a secret you can keep

Keep me

Keep me"

Gil was given another moment for a solo, plucking away at single strings that led to higher pitches for this bridge, before Harry finally continued.

"So keep it coming and the details quiet

She's like the girl that keeps you up all night

And she'll be a secret you can keep

Keep me

Keep me!"

The song concluded there, the sounds of Gil playing a power chord as Jay gave one last beat to his drums carrying on as Harry and Carlos came to a stop.

Silence seemed to fill the air as the boys finished their song, Gil's fingers lingering over the first and second frets of his guitar as he slid off his capo, Uma and Evie sitting across the room seemingly lost for words.

When finally, the two girls began to clap and cheer, bringing bright smiles to the VKs faces.

"Yes!" Carlos exclaimed as he spun around with his bass, Jay giving a quick high five to Harry and Gil. Harry departed from his instrument, leaving it setting on a table next to where they'd set up.

He walked over to Uma,giving a smile as he held out a hand for her to take. She took it without hesitation , arising from her seat on the couch to walk up the stairs with him.

"You guys were amazing." She says after a moment of silence, the two of them now making their way out of the front door and standing underneath the porch light.

"Thank ye darlin." He says with a smile as he calmly brings her hand up to his lips, grazing them with a kiss before lowering both of their hands once again.

She couldn't contain the smile that appeared on her face, nor hide the light blush that arose upon her cheeks as he did this. She stared up at him, finding herself getting lost in his ocean eyes once again.

{Fuck it..} she thought to herself as she threw her arms around his neck and lifted herself upon the tips of her toes to kiss his lips.

She was taken by surprise slightly- he didn't kiss back for a moment. But soon his arms found their way around her waist and pulled her closer as he returned the same pressure she'd put out in their confrontation.

As they broke away from what felt like an eternity conjoined, Uma have a smile as she looked up to him. Harry rested his forehead against hers then, letting out a soft sigh while still smiling.

"Any particular reason you brought me outside?" She asks, watching as his eyebrows knitted together before replying.

"Just wanted to look at the stars with ye." He replied, getting a light giggle in response, she moved to rest her head upon his chest then.

"They are beautiful." She says, Harry kissing the top of her head softly.

"Not more than you." Her said, keeping a permanent smile fixed upon the girl's face. She'd been worried about so much- about this school year and working on getting a scholarship for a music school. But here, now in his arms, she felt free from all worry and concern. She felt like the world was perfect- and nothing could ruin this for her.


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