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Gabi took a sip of her champaign, grinning happily. Her plan to take over Dimera Enterprises from Stefan actually worked!

She took another sip. "You had it coming, Stefan." She said to herself. "Because of what you did to me." She walked around the living room, when she heard the door open. "Ugh, what now?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

Ben and Ciara walked it, staring at her like she was crazy. "What have you done, Gabi?" Ben asked as Ciara crossed her arms.

Gabi sighed. "I just got my payback on Stefan," she answered with a shrug. "So what? He had it coming." She felt a pang in the pit of her stomach but just shook it off.

"So what?!" Ciara repeated, shocked. "Gabi, he loved you! Are you really going to stand there and say you didnt love him back?"

Gabi took another sip of her champagne. "Ciara, look.. he deserves losing everything after he sent me to prison for Andre's murder."

Ciara exchanged a glance with Ben, then back at Gabi. "Okay.. so, now that you have the company, what comes next?"

Gabi thought a moment, then shrug. "I havent thought that far ahead honestly. But dont worry, Ben can keep his job."

"So where's Stefan now?" Ben asked, glancing around.

Gabi shrug. "I dunno, I kicked him out."

"Freeze!" Eli pointed the gun at him while Jack checked Ted's neck for a pulse.

Stefan quickly dropped the gun, raising his hands in surrender.

Jack glanced over at Eli. "He's dead."

Eli sighed, pulling out his handcuffs. "I thought you said you were innocent, then why kill Ted?" He twisted his arms behind his back, then cuffed them together.

Jack watched, narrowing his eyes. "What? Nothing to say?"

Eli sighed again. "Stefan Dimera, your under arrest for the murder of Ted Laurant."

Kristen made it back to her room, quickly putting on the mask that she used so everybody would think she was Nicole, quickly reapplying her make up.

"Ah, there's my beautiful bride," Tony said walking up behind her.

"Nicole" smiled. "Was anyone here while I was taking care of business?"

Tony nodded. "Detective Grant was just here asking me questions."

Nicole glanced at him. "Questions?"

"Yes, but don't worry, I didn't tell him anything."

Nicole smiled. "Good." Her phone beeped with a message from her contact in the police department. She started chuckling in excitement. "This is good."

"What?" Tony asked.

"Looks like we are off the hook for Ted's demise!" She poured herself a glass of scotch with a smile on her face. "Cause it seems that our dear brother is going down for the murder."

Like sands threw the hour glass, so are the days of our lives..

Gabi poured herself more champagne. "And now i am celebrating my new position as CEO."

Ben watched her for a moment. "So now your my boss?"

Gabi smirked. "Yep! Now if you two will excuse me, i have a company to run."

"What about Gabi Chic?" Ciara asked. "Can you really run it and Dimera Enterprise?"

Gabi nodded. "Of course I can. Now as I said before, I have a company to run."

Eli was outside the interrogation room talking to Lani. "We caught him with the gun in his hand and Ted dead on the floor."

Lani nodded at this information, and started to say something when her phone rang. "I'll be back," she kissed his cheek then walked off to answer her phone.

Eli watched her walk off, then sighed. He pushed open the door to the interrogation room. "We are going to have a little chat," he said sitting on the opposite side of the table. "Starting with why you killed Ted, did he know too much?"

Stefan glared at him. "I didnt kill anyone."

Eli cocked an eyebrow. "Is that so? Then why was you holding the gun at a crime scene when there was a dead body on the floor?"

Gabi rolled her eyes. "You two run along now, I have a job to do." Her phone rang at that moment, so she answered it. "Hello?" She paused to listen to the person on the line. "What?! Are you sure?" She hung up a moment later.

"Bad news?" Ben asked.

Gabi sighed. "Stefan was arrested for murder."

Ciara gasped. "Who'd he kill?"

"Ted Laurant." Gabi grabbed her purse. "I gotta get down to the station."

Kristen had taken her mask off and now her and Tony was celebrating. "Just have to find a way to get rid of Gabi, and the company will be back in our rightful grasp."

Tony nodded in agreement. "You stay here and celebrate, I'm going to take a walk."

Gabi hurried into the police station, hurrying over when she saw Lani. "Lani! I need to see Stefan!"

Lani glanced up when she heard Gabi. "I'm sorry but Eli is talking to him right now."

Gabi shook her head. "I cant wait for Eli to finish up, I have to talk to him now!" She turned away, then stalked towards the interrogation room and pushed the door open.

Eli stood up when she came in. "Gabi.. what are you doing here?"

Gabi glanced over at Stefan, then back to Eli. "I have to talk to him."

Eli sighed. "Hes not saying much to me anyway, so I'm gonna take a break. He's all yours." He walked out of the room.

Stefan was glaring at her. "What, Gabi? Come back to gloat? Just don't say anything and get out of here."

Gabi rolled her eyes. "Would you just shut up for a minute? Now you know the pain and suffering that I went threw when you framed me for Andre's death, having everything snatched out from under you and taken away just like that. Your company, your family, and now your freedom." She sat down on the opposite side of the table where Eli was sitting only moments before. "So tell me something before I celebrate this victory. Did you really kill Ted or is this some kind of set up?"

Stefan rolled his eyes. "Sure, Gabi. I killed Ted then stayed in there until the cops showed up when I was still holding the gun." He said sarcastically. "No! I didn't kill him. I went to talk to him about his ridiculous claim that I kidnapped him and Kate, only when I got there he was already dead."

Gabi listened in silence. "Okay then, in that case, we need a way to prove that your innocent."

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