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Maggie knocked softly on the door, but when no one answered, she softly pushed it open. She flipped the lightswitch on. "Brady?"

Brady was sitting in the floor against the wall.

She walked over and grabbed his arm, pulling him to his feet. 'Want to talk about it?" She asked, leading him to the couch; then she sat down beside him.

He finally glanced at her. "About what?" He asked. "About.. about Kristen? About Nicole? About my relationship with my brother? About me being a screw up?" He forced a chuckle.

"You are not a screw up!" She said sternly. "Dont think like that!"

She pulled her car up in front of the Salem Inn, then went to check in.

She spotted a woman sitting on the couch in the lobby, but instead of walking towards her, she walked towards the check in. "Callie Green," she told the receptionist.

"Callie Green, huh?" A voice spoke up from beside her. "You new here?"

Callie nodded. "I sure am," she smiled as the receptionist handed her a key. "I'm sorry, and you are?"

The woman smirked. "Why, I am Kristen Dimera. And its nice to have a new face around here."

Eric was walking around the sqaure with Sarah. "I told you that I am over Nicole."

Sarah paused, staring at him. "But shes the love of your life. Right? How does it feel having her back in town, especially when shes back with Brady."

He glanced at her. "Its fine."

She crossed her arms, raising an eye brow at him. "It is? Is that why I caught you two arguing?"

He opened his mouth to answer then closed it again. "It was just surprising thats all."

She wanted to say something more, but decided not to. "Okay then," she leaned over and kissed him. "I need to go and see mom now, talk to you later?"

He kissed her back. "Talk to you later."

She reluctantly pulled away, then walked off.

He continued walking when he almost bumped into Brady.

Brady raised his arms up. "Look, man, I promise that I'm not looking for a fight."

Eric glanced at him, then shrug. "Even if you were I wouldn't care. Besides, shouldn't you be with Nicole?" He crossed his arms.

Brady started to say something, then closed his mouth. "You just can't stand Nic being with anyone but you!"

Eric took a step towards him so they were face to face. "I dont care who Nicole decides to spend her life with! I'm moving on from her."

"With Sarah?" Brady shrug. "You two deserve each other. I have some place to be now," he pushed past him, then stalked off.

Callie smiled. "Well its nice to meet you. If yoyou will excuse me, I have to go unpack things in my room."

Kristen nodded. "Of course." She forced a smile. "But maybe after I could introduce you to the others."

Callie nodded. "I would like that." She grabbed her luggage and headed towards her room.

Chloe was cleaning the counter off, when Brady came in. "Hey there, rough day?"

Brady chuckled at that. "Yeah, you could say that." He glanced past her to where the liquor was.

She sighed, propping her elbows on the counter. "Want to talk about it?"

He glanced at her for a moment, then shook his head. "I really don't."

She reached across the table and put her hand on his. "What ever is going on with you, I hope everything will work out. I will be right back, I need to check on something." She walked off.

He watched her leave, then glanced back towards the liquor.

After Callie put her things away, she decided to walk around the square; then made her way into the club she had heard so much about. Doug's Place.

She sat down at the counter, ordering herself Scotch. She hadn't noticed the guy beside her until he spoke up.

"You must be new here." He spoke up, after a moment.

She glanced over at him and smiled. "Yah, I'm new," she extended her arm to him. "I'm Callie Green."

He finished his drink off, then shook her hand. "Brady Black, nice to meet you."

When she got her drink, it didn't take her long to finish it. "Oh, I ran into someone when I got to my hotel by the name of Kristen Dimera, she sounded really nice; she offered to show me around town and meet the people here."

He shook his head. "She's not.." He pushed the glass back, then got to his feet, swaying slightly. "Never mind."

Chloe came back at that time. "Brady! Did someone serve you alcohol?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Or did you slip behind the counter and steal some yourself?"

Callie glanced at him. "Your an alcoholic?"

"Recovering alcoholic," Chloe corrected. She sighed, then put the rag she was holding on the counter to finish later. "I can finish cleaning the counter off later, come on and I'll drive you back home." She grabbed a bottle of water from under the counter, then handed it to him. "Here, drink this and I'll be right back."

Callie stood up. "I could take him home," she suggested. "So you can finish up here without having to worry about him."

Chloe flashed her a smile. "That would be great, thank you."

Maggie was sitting beside Sarah on the couch. "How are things between you and Eric?" She asked.

Sarah smiled. "Things are fine, mom. But I don't know if Eric is completely over Nicole, know what I mean?" Her smile faded. "He may never be over her, what kind of relationship will we have?"

Maggie pulled her into a hug. "He loves you, honey. I think he's trying to get over Nicole, you could probably try to meet him half way."

Sarah nodded. "I could try, thanks mom."

Kristen waited outside Doug's Place, tapping her foot impatiently against the ground. She perked up when the door finally swung open, and Callie walked out followed by Brady.

Callie wrapped an arm around his shoulder. "You didn't tell me you were an alcoholic."

Brady chuckled. "We were only talking for 5 minutes, not really long enough to mention that." He paused when he noticed Kristen was propped up against one of the parked vehicles.

Kristen smiled, then walked over to him."You can go now," she said to Callie. "Your purpose is no longer needed for now."

Callie opened her mouth to retort, but closed it again. "Fine then."

Brady glanced at Callie in confusion. "Was this a set up?"

Callie glanced at him apologetic, then walked off towards her car.

Brady opened his mouth to call out to her, but before he could say anything, someone had snuck up behind him and hit him in the head.

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