When Simba and I were cubs we were best friends.

Our favorite thing to do was to rampage across the Pridelands just for fun.

We played together.

We tussled together.

We practiced pouncing together.

We got into trouble together.

But no one could have had a better cubhood than us.

He was like my brother.

He meant everything to me.

Then one day an unimaginable thing happened.

Scar came and told us that Mufasa was dead.

He said that my Simba was gone forever too.

I didn't want to believe him or anyone else who told me that it was so.

How could he leave me like that without saying goodbye?

I quickly discovered what grief felt like.

I found out what it tasted like.

Life just wasn't the same without my best friend to share it with.

It just seemed a little more meaningless to me.

But the Circle of Life moves on.

That's what the other lionesses said.

They said that I needed to go on with it too.

And I did go on, for their sake.

I didn't want to let my mother or Sarabi down.

So I grew.

And I learned.

And I hunted.

And I began to lead.

But still, Simba's memory haunted my steps.

He haunted my dreams.

I just couldn't quite let my best friend go.

Then one day Sarabi and my mother came to me.

I knew what they were about to say by the look in their eyes.

It was time for me to become a queen.

It was time for me to go and find a king who would lead us like Mufasa had so long ago.

It was time to put an end to Scar's tyranny.

I wasn't afraid to go but it hurt to leave just the same.

I felt as though the circle of life had moved on and left me behind.

I felt as though I was betraying my best friend.

This was his kingdom.

And, though we had mocked Zazu when we were cubs, I knew that I wanted to reign beside him now.

They say that weeping last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

So you can imagine how I felt when the first rays of dawn finally appeared deep within the jungle.

I saw them rising in the face of the golden lion who had impeded my hunt.

He was different from that cub I used to play with.

Now his fiery red mane made him as regal and majestic as Mufasa.

There was wisdom and understanding in his eyes that was beyond our years.

He was a true king now, deep down inside.

But I also saw my Simba.

He had the same twinkle in his eyes.

I saw the lion who I had grieved for.

I saw the lion who I had grown to love.

I can no longer call him my brother.

He means much more to me now.

And today I will marry my best friend.