the new revengers

spike was on his laptop but spike was dead so he wasnt on his laptop "yo spike" said jet but nick slaped jet and said "SPIKES DEAD REMEMBER" "well to honor him were gonna have to bounty hunt" then jet turned on tv and got a call on phone "yo" said jet "SPIKE FEMLOCK IS ESCAPE!" Said phone wright "no idiot spike was killed b geese howard in the revengers endgame but was able to kil geese at same time" said jet "TO BAD FEMLOCK IS STILL ESCAPE" "how much is her bounty" "$100!" "OH SHIT MAN THATS A LOT IF I HELP GIMME 5%" "DEAL" and they all went to revengers hq

revengers hq

"oh new episode of big bonty" said phoenix "AMIGO" said anime boy "EMMA WATSON KNOWN AS FEMINAZI FEMLOCK IS WANTED FOR $100" and then they looked outside hq and SAW FEMLOCK "OMG THERE S HE IS" said beast and gumshoe helped pull beast TO FIGHT FEMLOCK "U KILLED MY WIFE" said beast "yea i did OLOL" said femlock "DIEEEEEE" said beast and he tried use claws to decaptate femlock but femlock grabed his claws and PULLED THEM OFF "ow shit" said beast and femlock said "hah u shold have taken my advice FUCK OF" and they were watching fight from revengers hq but then beast said "femlock im sry pls save me" and femlock said "hmm let me think FUCK U" and stabed beast with his claws and did evil lagh "NOOOOOOO BEAST" said revengers and femlock got on her moterbike and drived away but then nick fury THREW eyepatch at femlock and femlocks bike CRASHED "hah got her WAIT NO BEAST" said nick fury "guys u have 2 stop femlock" said beast "i just did lol" "oh" said beast THEN HE DIED AND DRAMATIC MUSIC WAS PLAY "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and every1 cried

beasts funeral

"beast was killed bu femlock but it dosent matter becuse we killed femlock" said cumshoe and every1 cried

then the real folk blues music from cowboy bebop had play

see u space cowboy