I was laying in my bed thinking about what made people madd. Were they born with it? Did it get passed down, or skip a generation? Maybe the world slowly pushes you just far enough off the edge to drive you completely insane. Was everybody like me, or was i completly alone in the world?

I rolled on my side and looked at my window. It was cracked open,but i could have sworn i had shut it just befor i climbed into bed. Annoyed with the fact i had to get out of my comfortable bed, i walked over, shut the window hard, and locked it. A shadow passed by off in the distance. The figure looked like, a boy? No. No, it couldnt be. I wasnt madd...was I? Trying to forget the incident, i climbed back into bed and told myself it was just a bird. It could only have been a bird.

Soon i fell asleep only to wake up, what felt like minutes later. I was tired but i had studies and whatnot that day. Every day, actually. The thought of them caused a headache to form. At least that was one thing my father and i had in common, we absolutely dreaded going over table manners and how to act or speak.

I quickly dressed myself and walked down stairs. Melinda, my maid, was waiting for me at the bottom. She was a short woman with brown hair, that i had never seen out of that perfectly sculpted bun on top of her head. Plump wasnt quite the word to describe her, she was somewhere between thin and plump. It suited her in my opinion. "Today you have 'Poetry' study in the library in thirty minutes, then 'Table Manners' study immediately afterwards." If not for Melinda, i would have lost my head a long time ago. I had completely forgotten about 'Poetry'. "After that we are having a small farewell for your father, so i will have a bath prepared for you when you are finished." Father was leaving again, that didnt surprise me.

I only nodded and gestured for her to keep speaking. She knew that since i had grown up a little bit, my father and i hadnt always seen eye to eye. It was different when i was five, when i was his brave little Alice, but now that i was seventeen, im just Alice. "Your breakfast is ready for you. Would you like it in the dining hall, or would you prefer it in the back?" I normally sat in the room just behind the dining area with all the servants. Honestly, i didnt much care for that word. Servants. I liked to consider them my friends, well, some of them. Melinda was only formal with me like she had been doing because my father was home. He didnt quite like how close i was with them, so we acted like we had never had a decent conversation between us when he was in the household.

The last time he caught me and one of the maids, Lana, having a conversation on how she thought the man from the market was flirting with her and both her and i were giggling about it, he fired her. So to be safe, and to keep the only people i felt close with in that world with me, we had to pretend for a shot while. Other than the short time he was there, we laughed and had a good time. We were a family. Melinda acted like a mother, Henny acted like the father, and i was the child. The other staff were like cousins. I talked to them and knew things about them, but i wasnt too close with them.

"Ill take it in the dining area, just to be safe." I gave her a small smile and walked twords where my food would be brought to me. As i passed her i gripped her hand in mine and gave it a slight squeez for reassurance that i cared for her. I didnt look back at her as i walked away. My father had grown angrier for some reason, and it angered me that he was that way, but i knew that fighting fire with fire would only burn everything to the ground.

When i was seated, Henny came from around the corner with a plate of food that looked as if it were for a bird, and another plate that was heaped with food. I didnt have much of an appetite, so he never gave me too much.

As the food was set down my father walked in. Henny quickly bowed and left the room. I kept my eyes focused on my food and nudged an egg with my fork. "Why do they always give you so little food?" father said with a mouthful. "I should fire that man." The fact that he was even concerned with my eating appalled me. This man hadnt paid much attention to me since i was eleven, since i had stopped talking about Wonderland. It was like he wanted me to stay that little child who no one believed. It wasnt like i didnt still belive in Wonderland, matter of fact, i still talked to my friends from there. I would just prefer that i keep said informtion to myself.

As these thoughts were coursing through my head, i realized i was gripping my fork so hard i could see the whites of my knuckles. I losened my grip and kept my eyes on my plate. "I always ask for this little father, no need to fire him and have to look for a whole new chef. That would take weeks, and with you leaving tomorrow, i think it would be a rather terrible idea." Honestly, since father was leaving, i thought i shoild pay a visitto my friends. I could leave Melinda and Henny in charge of the mansion. Whether they had a crush on one another or not, i could never tell.

I looked at the clock on the wall. "Oh dear, im late. Im always late." I couldnt help but smile as i thoughtof the White Rabbit. He always seemed to be late. Before Father could say anything i was out of the dining hall and on my way to the library for my studies.


After my studies i walked directly up to my room and jump onto my bed in an unlady like mannor. "No no no." Melinda's voice drifted from my bathroom. "I prepared a bath for you. Remember, we must get you ready before the guests arive." I groned loudly into my pillow and sowly sat up and got off my bed.

The bath looked quite soothing. Steem was coming off of it so knew it was going to be good for my sore legs. "Of course Melinda. Thank you for doing this for me." I undressed and walked over to the bath and climbed in. "After Father leaves, i will be leaving too." She walked over with the oils for my hair and dunked me under the water. I came back up after and took a big gulp of air. "Melinda!"

She laughed and began to pour things in my hair and scrub. "Im sorry child, you were talking too much." I knew she was only joking. Probably. "So your going back to Wonderland? For how long?" There was concern in her voice. She knew that when i went to Wonderland, something was bound to happen. Sometimes i would be gone for two days, other times i would be gone for a month.

Worring about Father coming back was never an issue, he would always stay gone for three months or so."I never know Melinda. Its always a mystery when i go there." She dunked me under and began scrubbing out the oils. I took a deep breath of air when i came back up. "Can i get out now?" She nodded and went to my room to pick an outfit for the festivities later. I stood out of the bath and dried myself off as quickly as i could, then wrapped my hair up.

My room was freezing when i stepped back into it. I could have sworn it was warmer before, but it was probably just my imagination. The dress Melinda had picked out for me was a simple knee high white dress with sleeves that covered only my shoulders. A yellow ribbon was wrapped around the middle of the dress. I picked up the dress and slipped into it, thankfull for the warmth it brought. When i turned around to see if the ribbon was placed right i noticed the window was open. "Who in the world keeps opening this window?" I slammed it shut and locked it again. "Its freezing outside."

A knock came from my door and i shouted for an answer to who it was. "Hurry up child! Guests are arriving!" Melinda's voice rang through the door. When i didnt answer her she opened the door and walked over to me quickly. "Your ribbon is crooked. Where are your shoes? Wheres the mask?" Dhe was looking around frantically, seeing as how i was limited on time.

Allways late. I smiled at that thought. "Why? Is it a masquerade?" Melinda ignored me and kept looking for the mask. She hopped up excitedly, shouting that she found it and placed it over my left eye. The mask was white with yellow dots on it and it only covered a quarter of my face. She then came around and did something with my hair. I slipped into my white flats and walked downstairs.

People were everywhere.