Morgan still couldn't believe what was happening.

For the past few days, she had tutoring an angel in reading and writing (he even knew how to spell "sour kraut"), and now she was going back to Skyworld to begin training for Palutena's Army.

She squeezed her eyes shut just to see if she was actually dreaming, but still she opened them and she was in the temple.

"Okay, have you ever used a bow and arrow?" Pit pulled his own bow from his back.

"I went to an indoor archery range with my friend Dakota," she said. "I know how to hold and aim."

Morgan positioned her arrow in her bow.

"Okay, the key to shooting a good shot is to pull the string back to your cheek."

She pulled her arrow to her cheek, and released.

As her arrow flew towards the target, a blast of water went with it! The arrow landed, and the water splashed the target!

"Wow," whispered Morgan.

"I've never seen that happen before," said Pit, approaching the soaked target. "Try it again."

Morgan placed another arrow into her bow, pulled it to her cheek, and released. Once again, a blast of water hurdled towards the target along with the arrow.

"Oh, I see what's going on here," chirped Pit. "It's a Water Bow!"

"Water Bow...?" Morgan's confusion grew.

"My bow is a God Bow. At least, that's what it's called in the original Japanese dub."

Morgan went to pull her arrows out of the target.

"Uh-anyway, you did okay. You have a decent aim." Pit stumbled with his words, trying to hide his curiosity.

Morgan could tell he had questions. "Maybe it's a Water Bow because I'm a swimmer?"

"That's probably it." Pit brushed a lock of chocolate brown hair from his face. "Anyway, just continue with the targets for a bit."

Morgan nodded, and turned back to the targets. Loading up her bow, she continued with her shooting.

She had five arrows. Her first shot hit the rim of the target. The second hit the edge. The third missed altogether. Discouraged, she lowered her bow.

"Aw, don't feel bad. A few missed targets aren't the worst failure." Pit looked sheepish. "One time I flew through a hot spring."

Morgan shrugged as she raised her bow again. She had two arrows left. She focused hard on her target and shot. The arrow hit the target.

"Close…now let's try one last time…" She positioned her bow, pulled the arrow to her cheek, and…

"Bulls-eye!" Morgan squealed with delight as she went to go pull her arrows out of the target.

"Awesome!" Pit cheered. "That's a total B-U-L-L-S-E-Y...E!"

"You remembered!" Morgan ran and hugged him.

Pit wiggled out of her grip and started doing a happy dance. "I spelled it right, ooh! I'm super smart, ooh!"

Morgan laughed. "Now how about we go over your fluency?"

They went to Pit's bunk and he pulled the book she loaned him on the shelf.

"Emma peeked out from her hiding place inside Kristy's pocket."

"Her name is Kirsty," said Morgan. "The letter "I" comes first."

"Oh…" Pit continued with the book until he got stuck on a word. "Scam-per-red?"

"Scampered," said Morgan. "It's like another word for "running"."

Pit nodded and continued with the chapter with few mistakes.


For those curious, the book excerpt is from a book from the Rainbow Magic series, which I don't own (if I did, I'd be filthy rich). It belongs to Daisy Meadows (whoever that may be) and Scholastic.

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