Young Justice: Invictus

Chapter 2: 'Fuzzball' Part 1 (The First Test)

After our first day and the meet and greet, we were all getting settled into our new home. No calls for help yet, but we are always alert. Today seemed like another morning, I made some instant grits for breakfast and went for a morning run around the world. That is until I was called back to base by Black Canary. I wonder what she's planned today?

I got back to the control room from Paris. Bluebird was there to greet me as was Batgirl and Supergirl, "I'm not sure what the deal is," said Mia, "but Dinah said that anyone with superpowers are to wear these bracelets," this seemed a bit strange to me. Still, I won't disobey the superior. We were all called in to meet Black Canary in the HQ Training Area.

"I wonder what's going on?" asked Wonder Girl

"Your guess is as good as mine, Donna," I replied

"Something tells me that cage has our answer," said Bluebird, waiting like everyone else, I looked to see a cage with a blanket over it. I recognized that. Those cages are used for catching stray animals like cats. What could Black Canary be planning with that thing? Pretty soon, everyone arrived back at the base. Black Canary had a smirk on her face.

"Good to see you all made it, what I have here is your first training exercise," said Dinah, "this exercise will focus on your ability to use tactics, and that is why those of you with powers have been given inhibitor bracelets, you cannot rely completely on your powers or gadgets, so Bluebird, two'll give me your gadgets, you cannot use them,"

Dinah looked at Green Lantern, "Your ring"

"Darnit," said Kyle, floating down to give it up

"Alright, it's time to meet your challenge," said Black Canary, pulling off the blanket from the cage, "we're working with the local TNR group in Happy Harbor with this one, this is Luna, she is a feral cat, your task is to catch her, and bring her back to HQ, this exercise is based on you all working together, and your use of tactics without powers or gadgets"

"Well then, let the hunt begin," she said, and released the cat from the cage. Luna is greased lightning with black fur. Supergirl and I tripped over each other as I thought I had a grasp on the cat's back paw. It was like two defenders trying to catch Devin Hester on a punt return. All our friends aren't fairing any better. Luna hissed to express a displeasure

"And there she goes," I said as Luna bolted away

"Any ideas, Batgirl?" I asked Cassandra, she nodded

"And this is why I'm a dog person," gruffed Bluebird with a scratch on her hand from Luna's claws. I wonder if this is one of Selina's cats? Now the cat was out of the bag, well, out of the mountain, and somewhere in Happy Harbor. This is going to be tough, and it seems Bluebird and I are on the same page, "how're we gonna find her?" she asked me,

"There's probably dozens of black cats in town," she added to the challenge. I scratched my chin at the thought, "what about you, Speedster? You got any ideas?" she asked with a bit of Gotham sass. She has a point. There's got to be something that distinguishes Luna from the other cats in town. I saw Luna leap over Aquagirl's head, scratching her back

"Why that little..." Lorena snarled,

I realized that Luna was a moon-shaped mark on her chest, how very appropriate, "We'll try the ol' drop-trap, I think there's a Tractor Supply somewhere in town, we'll get a cage trap," I explained to the team, "Supergirl and I will get the cage, everyone else get the food, we each buy a can, there're a lot of feral cats, but we gotta get the right one,"

Batgirl was on the same page as me. She drew out a moon-shape in front of her chest, "Ah, nice catch, Girly-Bats," I complimented to her, only to get smacked upside the head from her, "ouch! Oh c'mon, that's a great nickname," I said, trying to convince her, Cassandra lightly shook her head 'no' to me, "well, that rules that one off a list of nicknames"

"Let's do this...the hard way," said Jonny

"C'mon, how hard can it be?" said Donna

"Don't say that," reminded Supergirl to Wonder Girl, we went to the store and bought all the items we needed. Mia looked convinced at the metal cage she found, and we each bought a can of cat food. We decided to get several traps and split up to set them up across the areas where the feral cats might frequent from alleyways to a construction site.

I went with Bluebird and Batgirl. Wonder Girl and Supergirl were in another group as were a de-powered Superboy, Aquagirl, and Green Lantern (without his ring). We kept in touch via earpiece. We set up the traps in locations around the city. Batgirl has the most patience in our group so she's in charge of the trigger. I opened up the food as the bait.

Time passed, and a cat went toward the cage, "Easy...easy," said Bluebird

At the right moment, Cassandra dropped the trap and we caught the cat. It scampered from one end of the cage to the other in a panic. The main part about being a team is working together as a team to get a task done. We went up to the trap to see the cat that we caught. Unfortunately, it's the wrong cat. On top of that, the cat is really pissed off.