In this fanfiction, Sakura will be a futa and this story will be strictly lemon. Please be warned that this story has sexual content.

Sakura Kinomoto was happy as she was thinking up a plan as to how she could have m/r all to herself. She wanted him so badly, it hurts just thinking about him. Sakura could feel her cock hardened just thinking about him. She knew what she had to do. She would have to dominate him. Hearing him cry out my name will be delightful. Sakura thought as she smirked evilly. She wanted everything about him to be owned by her. She wanted his innocence, his naivety and his childlike demeanor to be all hers.

As Sakura walked to school, she saw m/r standing with a group of people. Seeing him smile made her cock even more harder as she felt tight. She grunted as she knew that she wouldn't reveal her second private part at school. She wanted to talk to him now and so, she went up to him. "Sakura-san?" He spoke to her. His soft voice made Sakura go hard again as she groaned from the frustration at her being hard and wanting to hold up a conversation with the boy of her dreams. The young lady gave m/r a small smirk as she pulled him towards her. "Um, Sakura-san? What's wrong?" He asked. So innocent and very submissive. He was made for me. He will be glad to be my slave. Sakura thought as she smirked at him. He absent-mindlessly followed Sakura as she tugged him somewhere that wasn't school. When m/r realized that he had followed Sakura back home, he gasped in shock. "S-sorry!" He panicked as he thought that Sakura was angry at him for following her home.

"Why are you sorry, silly boy? I wanted you to follow me." She admitted to him very proudly. When m/r realized that Sakura wasn't mad at him, he relaxed, but then he realized what she had said, he was confused.

"Why did you want me to follow you?" He asked the great question as Sakura pulled him into the house.

"Because I want to make you mine." Sakura told him, knocking him out in order to put her plan in action.


When m/r woke up again, he noticed that he was on a bed, but he was tied up with rope. He tried to pull himself free, but the more he pulled on the rope, the more he caused himself pain, so he stopped when he noticed Sakura was walking into the room. But, he noticed that she was wearing something new and he unconsciously tugged on the rope out of fear. "Sakura-san?" He called out to the girl that wearing a black latex tight bondage suit. Sakura was holding a flogger whip and the whip was black. Sakura cracked the whip against m/r's bare chest and he grunted in pain.

"It's Mistress to you, m/r." She tells him and he relaxed after the harsh whip stopped hurting. M/r's cock started hardening after the whip had hit him and he couldn't believe that his cock enjoyed it. Sakura's nipples hardened at the sight and so did her own cock. M/r noticed the hard cock that Sakura had and he grunted. She has a large cock and hers is bigger than mine's! He panicked at the sight as he knew that Sakura's cock being fully erect couldn't fit inside of him. He whimpered as Sakura purred at his fear. His innocent eyes full of fear made Sakura want to try something to her m/r. As she felt something in her cock, she grabbed her cock and she pointed it at him. She sighed in relief as she started to release a hold of urine on the poor m/r.

He groaned as Sakura released a load of piss on him. He couldn't believe that Sakura peed on him and he mentally whined about how smelly he was going to be later on. Aw, man! Why did she pee on me? I'm going to be smelly if she lets this dry. He hoped that Sakura wasn't going to let him sit there with pee on him. Sakura gave him a small frown when she noticed that he was dismayed over being pissed on. Why is he looking so sad? She thought.

"I'm going to clean you. Is that why you're so upset? That I wasn't going to clean you? Speak now!" Sakura commanded him. M/r was frightened by the angry tone in her voice. I hadn't meant to make her angry. He feared Sakura's wrath. When he didn't answer, Sakura cracked the whip against his thigh, making him jump in her bonds.

"Yes, Mistress! I was upset because I thought that you weren't going to clean me." He answered Sakura in order to avoid being whipped again.

"I should punish you by not cleaning you, but your honesty is making me smile." Sakura spoke to m/r as she started to clean him with water and soap. When m/r was fully clean, she smirked as she gripped his hair. M/r almost screamed, but he settled for a small whine instead.

"Mistress?" He knew to obey Sakura's every word as he didn't want to anger her. Mistress is very powerful. He thought as his eyes became filled with lust as his eyes started to moisten to small tears of pain as Sakura turned him slightly so she could penetrate him. When she did penetrate him, two moans were released as m/r had to adjust to Sakura's long and hard shaft. Sakura wasn't too heartless to just start pounding her slave. She wanted him to be able to take her and so, she eased in little by little until her entire cock was pushed inside of her m/r.

He moaned and his moan let Sakura that she could move and she pulled out, making him whine of loss. Sakura smirked and she slammed back inside of him. He screamed from the pain and pleasure. Sakura's smirk could split her face because of how smug she felt at being able to cause m/r both pain and pleasure at the very first slam. He's sensitive. That's means more fun for me. Sakura thought as she pull back and slam into m/r again.

M/r moaned as Sakura seemed to have found his sweet spot and she smiled as she started to pound him in that same spot every time she slammed back into him. M/r took to moaning out Sakura's title every time she slammed back into him, making Sakura smirk at how cute and perfect her slave was and he was all for her. That's m/r. Cry and scream my title. You will always be mine. I will make sure of that. She thought as she continued to pound him.

When she got finished with pounding him, she took his face into her hands and she forced her cock into his lips. M/r could do nothing but to take the same cock that abused his prostate into his virgin lips. "Suck me." Sakura ordered him. M/r nodded his head as he begun to suck Sakura's cock. As he sucked her cock, he made sure to use his tongue to lick the thick bulge and it drove Sakura crazy. Yes! He is perfect! M/r will be mine forever and ever. She thought as her slave continued to suck her. He even tried to deep-throat her, but Sakura was too big for him to even to finish his attempt.

After a moment of M/r sucking her, Sakura's cock had stiffened and the hard cock had exploded into M/r's mouth, causing him to gag and almost choke on the cum that had been released inside of his throat. "Just relax, I didn't say to kill yourself." Sakura lightly scolded M/r as she ran a hand through his soft hair. She only gripped his hair when he tried to move away from her cock and that was to just make sure he didn't kill himself as she gripped his hair. As she gripped on M/r's hair, she slowly pulled out of his mouth and when she made sure that all of her was out of M/r's mouth, she moaned as the sight of her spit-covered cock and she smirked at M/r. "How did you like it, M/r?" She asked him sweetly.

M/r pulled himself up so he could relax on his bottom. "It felt great, Mistress. Would you keep me forever, Mistress?" From the words that were coming out of his mouth, Sakura determined that M/r was still on cloud nine and thus, was still feeling the pleasure that she had given him.

"Of course, I will keep you forever, M/r. You are mine." Sakura tells the young man that she was glad that she could keep for herself.