Sakura was gently pressing her cock down M/r's throat as she wanted him to suck her off. She knew that she should get Tomoyo as her second slave, but she didn't know how to word. She didn't want to force her as she knew how much Tomoyo cares for her. She needs to stop loving me, but I won't force her to stop. Sakura thought as she stared at M/r. She wondered how he would feel about Tomoyo joining in as his buddy to help him with Sakura. "How do you feel about a sex buddy, M/r?" M/r looked up at his mistress in shock. I'm allowed to have someone to help with her? He thought in shock.

"I can have one?" He asked, shock in his voice. Sakura nodded her head.

"Yes, I will allow you to pick and choose a sex buddy that will help you out with me." Sakura told him. Please pick Tomoyo. She thought, getting a hard on from thinking about Tomoyo. M/r had made his decision as he grinned at his mistress.

"Tomoyo, Mistress." He called out Tomoyo's name and that made Sakura relax. She was glad that he had picked Tomoyo and she grinned back at M/r.

"Good decison." She purred as she pulled out her phone to call Tomoyo, her best friend. The phone had rang for a couple of times until Tomoyo had finally answered her phone.

"Sakura-chan, what's going on?" She asked over the phone and Sakura felt bad for waking Tomoyo. The young teenager did get home school after her mother wanted her to stay home during her first couple of years of high school. Tomoyo yawned as she blinked on her end.

"I wanted to hear your voice, Tomoyo. Is that so wrong?" Sakura asked and Tomoyo huffed. Sakura giggled at her best friend as she had M/r jack her off while she was on the phone with Tomoyo. She wanted Tomoyo to hear her pants as she got jacked off, but she also knew that Tomoyo is very high tolerant of her deeds and so, she knew that the girl wouldn't mind her sexual needs.

"No, but you must want something from me." Also, Tomoyo was too smart to get fooled by Sakura's fake innocence. Damn, she figured me out. Sakura thought. "If you want me to be another sex slave for you, just ask me." Tomoyo tells Sakura and she was shocked by how easily Tomoyo was willing to be her sex slave. Sakura thought that Tomoyo would fight her on the subject, but she wasn't saying anything negative about it, no, she was willing to help Sakura out with her extremely high sex drive. And, then Sakura remembered why Tomoyo wouldn't refuse. It can't be because she loves me. She can't love me anymore. Sakura thought as she didn't want to think about the fact that she had to gently shoot down her own best friend and cousin because they were related even if they acted like like best friends more than cousins. As much as Sakura wanted to force Tomoyo to shoot her offer down, Sakura found the idea of making Tomoyo her sex slave very appealing and she groaned. She looked at M/r and she motioned for him to come over to her.

"Yes, Mistress?" He asked Sakura. Sakura asked him could he help her out with her 'little' problem and M/r eagerly started to suck Sakura's cock. He moaned as he pleasured his Mistress. Sakura groaned and she grabbed his head, helping him give her a blow job.

"You're doing good, my little M/r." Sakura praised M/r, with awarded him with an erection that he couldn't help until Sakura dismisses him after he completed his job for the day. Sakura was still on the phone with Tomoyo and Tomoyo could hear the love-making sounds that the two people were making and she couldn't believe that she was getting turned on just from hearing them do sexual acts. She felt so guilty, but Sakura's next words made Tomoyo feel less guilty. "Come on, Tomoyo, I know you want me and I want you." Sakura exploded into M/r's mouth when she said that. Tomoyo had nearly came just from hearing that Sakura wanted her in the same way that Sakura had M/r. Just the way she spoke to Tomoyo had the girl become fill with want and the need to be filled with Sakura's erection inside of her.

"Sakura." Tomoyo lost the address with Sakura's name as she was wanting to become Sakura's second slave.

"My dear Tomoyo, if you wanted to be my second sex slave, all you had to do was asked." Sakura tells Tomoyo. But my heart will always belong to M/r. Sakura thought as she knew that M/r had caught her eye and now that he was all hers, she was very pleased that he is very submissive to her. After all, she treated M/r with the respect he deserves. Sakura sighed when she realized that she does want Tomoyo to be her second sex slave, she just hoped that Tomoyo understands that she can't fall for Sakura once again. "Do you still love me, Tomoyo?" Sakura asked as she wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to hurt Tomoyo with her decision of wanting M/r.

Tomoyo was shocked at the question, but she decided to be honest with Sakura. "No, I don't. I used to love you, but I don't anymore." Tomoyo was honest and upfront with Sakura because she knew that the girl didn't want to hurt her feelings and she knew that Sakura loved M/r because of the talks that they have been having. Sakura groaned as she felt M/r take her into his mouth once again.

"Don't hurt yourself." Sakura lightly scolded M/r, but when she noticed that his eyes was showing pure lust, she knew that she couldn't complain. Sakura then turned her attention to her M/r. "Alright, Tomoyo. I will see you when you get here." Sakura tells the girl, shutting off the connection as she was very close to cumming once again. Shit! I must be excited for both M/r and Tomoyo. Sakura thought at she exploded into M/r's mouth once again. M/r took his time trying to swallow what had stayed in his mouth. When Sakura grabbed both of M/r's wrists, she smiled at him and M/r was ready for another pounding from his mistress. Sakura commanded him to flip over on his stomach and bend towards her. When the sight of M/r's ass was directly close to her, her cock twitched with want and it hardened up. I'm so excited and I hope this won't hurt M/r too bad. I seem to be a lot more harder than ever. Sakura thought as she slowly pushed her cock inside of the tight ass. Both of them moaned out as M/r started to pant. Mistress seems to be a lot more harder. He thought as he tried to get used to Sakura's size, but her size was so big. Sakura started to thrust inside of M/r and because he knew that he couldn't match her thrusts, he just stayed in his position and he didn't dare to move as he didn't want to accidentally be the cause of his asshole tearing, but he knew that his mistress would take good care of him. Sakura grinned at her slave and she was so happy that M/r trusted himself with her as he knew that Sakura wouldn't purposely hurt him.

When Sakura heard knocking at the door, she grunted in frustration, but when she got a text from Tomoyo, she grinned wickedly. She's here. I can have fun with them both. She thought at she grinned, but before she would open the door, she prepared her cock and she started to piss all over M/r. M/r moaned as he was now very strong in the lustful nature that he has only for his mistress. Sakura knew that she would have to clean him up, but she decided to let Tomoyo into the house in order to see how she does things on her own. When Tomoyo saw the state of M/r, she gasped and she turned to look at Sakura. "Sakura, you..." Tomoyo trailed off when she sees how thick and large Sakura's cock is and she gasped as Sakura walked up to her in order to push the cock into Tomoyo's entrance.

"What's wrong, Tomoyo? Are you scared?" Sakura asked, sounding very concerned, but she actually wasn't. She turned to M/r and she grinned at him. "My M/r, can you clean go take a shower and come out with no clothing on. I am going to train Tomoyo in the ways of how I want her to act." Sakura tells M/r and he nodded his head. When he left the room, Sakura turned to Tomoyo and Tomoyo was sure that she was dripping with want or was it something else? Tomoyo couldn't tell as she watched Sakura stare at her with an wicked grin on her face.

"Sakura, I...don't understand." Tomoyo finally spoke after she gulped down some air. Sakura came close to her and that was when Tomoyo remembered that Sakura was naked. Her cock pressed up against Tomoyo's leg and Tomoyo moaned at how it felt to have a cock actually pressed up against her body. Sakura then pulled Tomoyo into a searing kiss as she took off the purple dress that Tomoyo was wearing. When she felt the bra strap of Tomoyo's bra, which hid her breasts from Sakura's sight, she growled as she snapped the bra off. Tomoyo was in shock that Sakura had just easily took off her bra without even seeing her chest. As both the bra and the dress fell down to Tomoyo's feet, the only thing that was in the way was Tomoyo's panties, which was white. Sakura inched her hand down to the clothing and she felt around to see if Tomoyo was wet and to her pleasure, she was wet. Sakura grinned at Tomoyo and Tomoyo blushed at the sight of how mischievous Sakura was looking at her.

"Don't be too embarrassed, Tomoyo. I wanted you to be my second slave and I will get what I want, understand." Sakura tells Tomoyo and Tomoyo nodded her head as she knew how dominant Sakura was and Tomoyo wouldn't even dare try to fight for dominance. At Tomoyo's nod, Sakura latched onto one of Tomoyo's nipples, which wasn't hard, but Sakura knew how to make Tomoyo want her even more. As she happily played with Tomoyo's nipples, Sakura noticed how the worries that Tomoyo had before she stepped into the door was leaving her now that Sakura was touching her and giving her the one thing she has always needed. The moans that Tomoyo was giving Sakura made the girl smile very widely as she was glad that she was giving Tomoyo the pleasure that she needed. When Tomoyo almost had an orgasm just from Sakura playing with her breasts, Sakura knew that Tomoyo's need for pleasure was long overdue. "You've haven't really gotten laid, have you?" Sakura asked Tomoyo. Tomoyo noticed that she wasn't being mean about it, but she was curious about her sexual lifestyle.

"I haven't gotten laid. Sakura, I need you." Tomoyo started to beg Sakura without her even asking her to beg for it. Sakura smirked at Tomoyo as she prepared her cock.

"Don't worry, Tomoyo. I will give you what you need soon enough." Sakura purrs at Tomoyo and Tomoyo moaned at her words.