Mal was trying to figure out why she felt anger when she noticed that Jane was crying. Mal was evil! She wasn't supposed to show that she cares for other people. Besides, Jane was the daughter of Fairy Godmother, who can rival Mal's mother in magic and Mal knew that she probably wasn't strong enough to face Fairy Godmother if she ever had to go head-to-head with the fairy.

However, the more Mal stared at Jane, the younger fairy's cries tugged at Mal's heart and she couldn't take it anymore. She stalked over to where the younger fairy was located and when she founded Jane, she paused when she saw Chad Charming upsetting Jane while Jane was curled up into a ball. What the hell is he doing to her? Mal was angry at the young man for making the young girl cry. Mal felt her heart beat more furiously as her anger made her eyes turn green. Mal tried to control her anger, but it failed as she felt herself stomp to Chad. Chad turned to see Mal and he smirked. He stepped away from Jane just to let Mal see that Jane had small bruises on her arms. "What did you do to her?" Chad smirked at Mal and Mal knew that she was fell into a trap, only Jane was the unwilling bait.

"Get away, Mal. He's going to blame you for what he did to me!" Jane cried to Mal, making Chad angry at Jane.

"Shut up, Jane!" Mal glared at the young man for shouting at the sensitive young girl. "I see you care for her even though you're an evil fairy. Jane's right, though." Chad spoke. Mal gasped in horror as Chad started to call out for help because of a villain kid. People started to gather around and Mal felt herself unconsciously hold Jane closer to her and Jane didn't fight the comforting hold that Mal was giving her. The short haired girl couldn't believe that Chad was so very willing to ruin Mal's already ruined reputation by accusing her of attacking her.

"I'm so sorry, Mal." Jane spoke to Mal softly. Mal didn't have the heart to get angry at Jane as she was wondering if she even had a heart and Jane was a innocent bystander who was also a victim of bullying.

"It's not your fault." Mal swallowed thickly. When Fairy Godmother approached the three teens, she glared angrily at Mal, but she gave a start when Mal simply followed her silently. She's not snarky like before. She wondered why that was, but when she turned to her young daughter, Jane did something very unusual for her character.

"Chad, your mother will hear about this." Jane spoke with such poison in her tone that Chad was starting to regret hurting her just to anger Mal. Crap! He thought. Fairy Godmother was shocked. Didn't Mal hurt her or was Chad lying? She was so confused now, but when she saw Jane gaze at her arms, she gasped. Mal glanced at the bruises on Jane's arms and she growled in anger, trying not to run past Fairy Godmother and get herself in real trouble. Chad got over his fear when he smirked at Jane.

"Be quiet, Jane. You're a fairy just like her. I bet you empathize with her." Chad accused Jane right in front of her mother. Fairy Godmother couldn't believe the words out of Chad's mouth.

"Chad Charming! How dare you?" Her outraged voice made Chad winced as Chad turned to see Fairy Godmother glaring at him very hatefully. "Of course Jane empathizes with Mal; Both of them are fairies. You're a liar. Jane is right: Your mother will hear about this." Fairy Godmother walked past Chad and he swallowed, following behind the fairy. He turned to glare at Jane, but Mal was hugging Jane and she matched Chad's glare with a glare of her own. Chad lost their glaring much as Mal held Jane very closely to her.

"You're a fairy." Jane wasn't asking. She just wasn't thinking who was Mal's mother at the moment when she met her. Now that she had known the girl for a little while, she knew that the older teenager was probably distracted by her fairy powers that had led her to a younger fairy. "I'm sorry if I'm distracting you. I am younger, after all." Mal winced at the girl's words. She wasn't tired of Jane. None of Mal's fiber wasn't sick and tired of Jane. If anything, Jane being younger helped Mal out with her sisterly instincts.

"You're not distracting me at all, Jane. I think that it was because we're both fairies, but I feel responsible for you." Mal tells Jane. As Mal and Jane stayed with each other until Fairy Godmother came talk to both teenagers. Fairy Godmother noticed how protective Mal had gotten of Jane, she smiled as she knew of Mal's fairy heritage. Because Jane was the younger fairy, Mal's instincts roared at her to protect the younger and smaller girl.

The more time Mal spent with Jane, the less she thought about her mother's plan to steal Fairy Godmother's wand. Mal started to feel happy the more time she spend around Jane and Jane felt a lot more happier with Mal around. It was almost like they had became sisters. Fairy Godmother watched out for the two as she knew that Mal would get into a fight just to protect Jane and while she didn't mind that, she didn't want Mal to get expelled from school and get thrown back onto the Isle.


Maleficent was both angry and amused at Mal's happiness with Jane. "Oh, what the shame that my daughter is being happy with the enemy. Shame if anything happened to that other girl." Maleficent ran a hand on the image of Jane in her scepter. She smirked wickedly as she had a plan to get Mal to obey her and get that fairy's wand. The girl will be perfect bait. Mal loves her so very much. Maleficent mocked Mal's love for Jane as she couldn't believe that Jane was a fairy as well. Maleficent was wondering why Mal liked being around the girl so much. She was everything Mal hated: weak and self-conscious. Maleficent blanched at the thought that Mal wanted the girl as a younger sister. Oh, Mal, I told you that love is a weakness and I will prove it to you. She thought as she grinned wickedly once again.

She knew that her plan would go perfectly as she was willing to hurt Mal's newfound younger sibling.


Mal was holding Jane close to her after the girl was confronted by Audrey for being friends with a VK. Audrey herself was about to be cursed by Mal as Jane was coming real close to crying. When Audrey noticed that Fairy Godmother was coming, she smirked at Mal. Mal forced herself to calm down as she settled with comforting Jane with a hug. Mal, at first, didn't know why hugs were comforting, but the more time she spent around Jane, she felt natural as hugs became part of their daily routine. Because Mal loved being around Jane, the others tolerated Jane until they became official friends. They were protective of Jane, but they weren't on the level of Mal's protectiveness.

When Mal noticed Fairy Godmother directly behind, she stood down as she relaxed her tense shoulders. "Very good, Mal. You are managing nicely." She commented on Mal's control over her anger and Mal grinned as Jane stayed in the hug that Mal was giving her.