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Jane slept peacefully as her mother watched over her. Fairy Godmother really hoped that Maleficent doesn't try to aim for Jane first, but she knew how vicious the evil fairy could be. She didn't want Jane to suffer and she definitely didn't want Mal to suffer for simply disobeying her mother, but from what Mal had told her, her mother will punish her regardless of what will happen simply for her own sick pleasure. Fairy Godmother couldn't believe that was what Maleficent would do to her own daughter, but she would. Maleficent was that evil and that petty, according to Mal.

Mal didn't want to face her mother, but because she was willing to threaten Jane, Mal knew that she had to step up to the plate to protect Jane and her other loved ones. She didn't want Maleficent to ruin her one chance at happiness, but Maleficent was already ruining it by simply threatening Jane. Mal didn't know why her mother wanted her to succeed her so much. Mal wasn't really evil and Jane had taught her that by revealing the sweet interior that had to be shown to certain people and Jane was one of those certain people. Mal didn't want to to be evil in the first place as she saw it as a nuisance to be evil. Mother annoyed me with her evil plans and she was stupid enough to actually tell me her plans. She thought as she wondered if her mother ever thought about not telling her daughter about her evil plans. Mal knew that was how Maleficent had gotten caught about her wanting to steal Fairy Godmother's wand after Mal had learned about the goodness that was inside of her all along. Mal was very glad for Jane helping her realize that being good was the best way to be and she knew that if her mother ever comes after Jane, Mal knew that there would be hell to pay.

While she thought about Jane, Mal's thoughts also went to Evie and Mal shook her head from those thoughts. No! If I tell Evie about my feelings for her, then my mother would hurt them both. Mal clinched her fists. She wanted to tell Evie about her feelings for her because Evie was her best friend, but Evie was also the person that held Mal's heart, even if Mal didn't really say much on the topic of romance as she didn't want her mother to use her feelings for Evie against her. She knew how cruel her mother could be and even Mal knew that the other villain kids had rough parents, her mother was cruel to the bone. No one dared to disrespect Maleficent. That was how evil Maleficent truly was. Mal clinched her fists as she thought about both Evie and Jane and she loved them both, only one was romantic while the other was platonic. Mal swallowed as she knew that her mother would be very displeased with her falling in love, but the way Mal sees everything, she could only think a fuck you to her mother. Mal knew what her mother was capable of and Mal knew that she would try everything in her power to keep the people she loves safe.

Mal didn't want anything to happen to her friends, her adoptive sister, secret crush and everyone else she cares about. Sure, she hadn't really met Ben and the royal family and court, but she wanted to save them as well. She knew that one attack from her mother would devastate the entire kingdom and she didn't want Auradon to be destroyed as she rather enjoyed being in the friendly place and all. She also didn't mind the hugs from people, even strangers, even though she didn't particularly like being touched by strangers. She did enjoy being hugged by both Jane and Evie. Jane helped her out with her feelings for the Evil Queen's daughter before Mal knew that her mother was going to attack Jane and when Jane told Mal that the girl simply had feelings that were on the romantic side for Evie, Mal didn't try to deny her feelings, but she did try to make it seem like that she loves Evie as a sister and her romantic feelings for the girl caused her to feel like that she was betraying her feelings for Evie. "I don't know if Evie likes me in the same way that I like her." Mal wasn't afraid to admit her feelings of weakness to Jane and Evie and that was why Jane knew that Mal carried feelings for the girl.

"I have seen the way you two acted around each other and now knowing how you feel, Evie probably feels the same way about you." Jane tells Mal and Mal was very grateful that Jane was willing to hear her out about her rants about being a teenager and having romance problems. Mal smiled at Jane as the girl's advice was very sweet to listen to. I can trust on Jane to give me advice. I hope she knows that I will do the same for her. Mal thought as she grinned at her 'younger sister'. Mal treated Jane as her family and she knew that her mother would be evil enough to target Jane. Mal didn't want Jane to get hurt and she definitely didn't want the others to get hurt even though Mal knew her mother would try to find her weak points, which are both Evie and Jane. Mal frowned when she realized that her mother was so close to coming to Auradon. Mal didn't want her mother to come to the peaceful kingdom. But she knew that she had no choice if she wants to protect the people that she loves.