A/N: If you recognize my writing style from somewhere then it's probably 'cuz I also write stuff on Wattpad. (and I'm not disclosing my account 'cuz I don't want to) This story was heavily inspired by CharlieCo's comics and every *Insert AU here* fanfic I can find on Wattpad, , and Archive Of Our Own (Ao3). So let's get on with this thing! well actually this is more or less just me putting down the groundwork for the story so let's get on with this thing, shall we?

1. Sora is usually called Zero whenever he's not wearing the Organization cloak and has a Magically altered appearance.

2. Sora has a Chirithy he found in the sleeping realm (Don't ask me how as I myself am not all too sure how) But that won't happen until Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distances story gets covered, So heads up!

3. As I stated before this story is practically inspired by every story of this AU that exists under the heart-shaped moon (Get it? no? well It's 'cuz Kingdom Hearts A.K.A the moon in the sky is shaped like a heart, don't, question it.)

4. Kairi and Riku have only encountered Sora a few times so their probs won't be any sappy friendship speeches or SoKai/SoRiku shipping so don't ask for it.

5. I am not English in the slightest so if there are any spelling/grammar issues then please do tell me if there are any that slip through the net.

6. I am an in-experienced writer so I am bound to make formatting issues (a.k.a no formatting just a block of text no formatting at all)

7. Sora lived in the Castle That Never Was most his life but he does get glimpses of Destiny Islands in his Dreams/Nightmares, and would go there with *Insert a character I'm not reveling* to work on his sword style to fix the openings in it though as they magically altered their appearance and they'd fight with wooden swords the very few times they went to Destiny Islands, and they would sometimes stay fairly late in the evening, and Sora gives this person a Wayfinder (Even though I'm not sure if it would be out of character or not)

8. Axel/Lea is best boi, FIGHT ME, I DARE YOU! (JK plz don't fight me over best bois/best girls) Side note: I think sea salt ice cream wouldn't be all that bad, what I'm trying to say is that I would gladly try it!