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This will be a place for my "Worm x anything else" story ideas. Feel free to take whatever idea you like and use for your own story. While I would appreciate a PM or a review if you are gonna use one of my ideas (mostly because I would like to read it), you don't really have to bother yourself with it if you don't want to. Same goes for credits and etc..

Idea №1: Worm x Bleach

It's a "Taylor with alternative power" idea, where our beloved heroine gets Fullbringer powers. It can be something similar to Eidolon's power, an ability to pick one or several Fullbring powers from Bleach, maybe even mix them up together, and/or create new ones when she builds a connection with an item. Or it can be just a basic set of Fullbringer powers and unique Fullbring(s) that she will get herself.

Personally, I think that Fullbringer powers fit pretty well with Queen Administrator's domain (control). And let's not forget that Taylor also has an ideal item for this power, her mother's flute.

One of the reasons why I think that such a power would work wonderfully in Taylor's hands is cause you can get really creative with how to use even the basic Fullbringer powers, and we all know just how creative Taylor was with a simple bug control ability.