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Idea №29 Videogame mechanics (dash) x Worm

Taylor gets a Mover/(Striker)/Trump ability. The Mover aspect of her power starts pretty simply, a line of sight ability to dash. The default maximum distance is 10m and the default maximum "cooldown" is 1 second (shorter distance = lesser cooldown). It also puts some actual physical strain on her body and using it too much will make Taylor tired. Her (Striker)/Trump ability allows her to acquire new variations of her Mover power or powers that are complementary to it by touching other parahumans. Here is a list of possible powers and power upgrades she could receive:

Shadow Stalker - Taylor gets the ability to phase through objects when dashing

Bakuda - Taylor gets the ability to create an explosion immediately after dashing (similar to The Butcher's explosive teleport)

Tattletale - a minor complementary Thinker ability that improves Taylor's awareness of her own and others' movements, making it easier to target her dashes and predict the movements of others (not a precog power)

Glory Girl - a 1 hit shield with its own 1-second cooldown

Panacea - ability to regenerate for a short time after dashing, doesn't stack

Velocity - Taylor gains a short personal speed buff after dashing, the effect is similar to Velocity's original power, but not as potent

Armsmaster - Taylor gains the ability to combine her powers if they are similar enough, she still can use them separately as well, also makes all dash abilities slightly more efficient (small cooldown time reduction, small max range improvement and etc., small physical strain reduction and etc.)

Oni Lee - when dashing Taylor can leave behind a clone that will disappear (with a blur) a few seconds later, can use all of Taylors powers, but can't leave behind a clone of its own, it has no mind of its own and only performs the actions that Taylor subconsciously ordered it to do

Lung - Taylor gains the ability to improve her powers through training or through conflict, the effect is permanent, but most powers have a limit on how much they can improve

Clockblocker - immediately after dashing Taylor can create a slow-mo bubble that will last half of a second in real-time, Taylor can move at normal speed in the bubble.

Vista - when dashing Taylor can leave behind a corridor of stretched out space, making it harder to pursue her

Bitch - Taylor can grant (or take away) inferior copies of her mover powers to 3 people (or less) with no time limit

Grue - when dashing Taylor can leave behind a trail of darkness cloud identical to Grue's, Taylor has no control over the cloud but she can see and hear through it just fine

Imp - Taylor is harder to focus on and track when she is dashing

Coil - Taylor gets a "parallel thinking" ability

Miss Militia - Taylor doesn't feel tired from dashing anymore, but it still leaves a strain on her body

Rune - gives Taylor the ability to make the items she recently touched dash once with a mental command as long as they are not too far away from her

Purity - become Purity's blast when dashing, the range restrictions of a regular dash still apply

Fenja/Menja - become several times heavier when dashing, doesn't slow down the dash

Regent - Taylor gets her nervous system improved (increased thinking speed, reflexes and etc.)

Hookwolf - when dashing Taylor turns into a blender of swirling blades and hooks, slicing everything in her path, after the dash she turns back to normal, also she gains a thin layer of iron under her skin, but she can't control it as Hookwold does

Note: the list may be updated later