After the events of the encounter with Broly, Goku leaves Planet Vampa, leaving Broly and his new friends alone.

One month passes, and an old enemy is soon to return. Who will it be?

Shockwaves would be traveling throughout the sky, as craters begin to form in the ground. Wind shoots everywhere, as two powerful Saiyans are seen sparring.

Goku and Vegeta would once again be sparring with each other. Their hairs would be glowing red, a fiery aura around them. They would be sparring in the Super Saiyan God state.

Vegeta lets out a yell, as he mauls Goku into the ground, causing an explosion to travel throughout the land. Goku gets up, as he takes off from the ground at full speed, clashing a heavy punch with him.

"Kakarot," Vegeta says, as they continue to clash at full speed, "I am still disappointed that you have not been able to tap into Ultra Instinct. You have done it three times during the Tournament of Power."

Goku blocks Vegeta's punch, as he goes for a kick, knocking Vegeta back. "Yeah, it would have been useful against fighting Broly. Thanks to your personality, our fusion almost killed Broly!"

Vegeta growls at him, as he roars loudly, a large aura beginning to form around him. His hair begins to spike up, flashing blue. He yells as he transforms into the Super Saiyan Blue state. "When we went to Piccolo, I half expected you to obtain the transformation, but rather we had to fuse into Gogeta."

The two of them land on the ground, looking at each other in the eyes. Goku would still be in the standard Super Saiyan God form, while Vegeta is in his Super Saiyan Blue state.

Goku smiles, as he steps forward, getting in his fighting stance. "We never really tested which is truly the best transformation. Super Saiyan God has a lot of speed, and Super Saiyan Blue has a lot of power."

The two of them yell as they launch at each other at full speed. Vegeta throws a powerful punch, but Goku manages to duck under it, as he slams Vegeta in the gut. Vegeta winces, clenching his fists. He then smirks, looking up at Goku. "That was nothing, Kakarot."

Vegeta slams his knee into Goku's gut, forcing him to cough up spit. Vegeta then punches him directly in the face, sending him through many giant rocks.

Suddenly, a small pillar of light hits the ground, sending pebbles flying in all directions. Beerus the God of Destruction, and Whis his attendant walks out of the light.

Beerus glances at the two Saiyans, raising an eyelid. "Are you two sparring again? You never give up, do you?"

Vegeta launches at Goku, as he slams him in the side with a kick, accidentally knocking him into Beerus. "UWAH!"

Beerus falls down backward with Goku landing next to him. He'd get up, his eyes twitching, as he brushes himself off. "YOU IDIOTS!"

He grabs Goku by the arm, as he spins kicks him back into Vegeta. Vegeta gets up, annoyed. "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! YOU'RE INTERFERING WITH OUR BATTLE!"

Goku becomes stiff when Vegeta said that. "Vegeta, you... that's a bad idea to talk to Beerus that wa-"

Beerus growls as he prepares to take off toward them. Whis sighs, as he steps to the side, not bothering to stop him. "VEGETA! I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS FOR TALKING TO ME THAT WAY!"

Goku and Vegeta leap back, standing side by side. Goku's hair spikes up as well, as it flashes blue. He yells loudly, as he transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue. "Come, Lord Beerus! I guess this is a good time to have a two on one battle!"

Beerus launches toward him at unbelievable speeds. They forgot just how powerful he was. He swings a punch, as Goku is barely able to block it. He skids back heavily. "GAAHHCCKK!"

Vegeta takes off from the ground, charging an energy blast. "GALICK GUN!" He launches it straight at Beerus. Beerus turns his head slightly, as he holds out his hand, easily catching it.

Vegeta is taken aback, as Beerus spins around, throwing it right back at him. Vegeta isn't able to dodge it in time, so he does his best to block it. The force of the Galick Gun sends him far away, the impact destroying an entire mountain.

Beerus moves his hands behind his back, as he turns toward the destroyed mountain, waiting for Vegeta to come back. "Impressive, but you are still far away from surpassing me, Vegeta."

Suddenly, Goku vanishes behind him. He was charging a large Kamehameha, as he roars, releasing the blast straight into Beerus. "HAAAAAAAA!"

Beerus immediately turns around, as he punches the Kamehameha right back at Goku. Goku curses, as he blocks the blast, being sent into the ground. "NNNGAH!"

He vanishes above Goku, planting his foot on his chest. "That is what you get, Saiyan. Don't think I am going to go soft on you just because I have been warming up to this planet."

Goku yells loudly, as his aura begins to spike up. "I'm not done yet, Lord Beerus! KAIOKEN TIMES 20!"

A red aura begins to surround his blue one, as he knocks Beerus off, sending him skidding slightly. "Damn Saiyan...!"

He continues to yell loudly, the lighting going across the sky. Vegeta vanishes next to him, his hair beginning to flash brightly. "It has been a long time, Beerus! This time you won't take me down!"

Vegeta slams his foot on the ground, causing the ground beneath him to shatter. He yells loudly, as energy spews into the sky. A large wavy aura surrounds him, as he transforms into his Super Saiyan Royal Blue state. "This is all I have, Beerus!"

The two of them get into their fighting stances, ready to fight Beerus. Goku was getting familiar vibes from the Tournament of Power. The two of them launch off toward Beerus at full speed, as they throw a punch simultaneously.

Beerus tries to block it with his arms, but he is launched across the landscape, shattering it. "Tch!"

They vanish behind Beerus, slamming him into the ground. They then launch upward into the sky, launching their signature attacks. Goku launches a Kamehameha, and Vegeta launches a Final Flash.

"FINAL KAMEHAMEHA!" Both of them yell, launching the powerful combined blast. Beerus gets up, angered. "You believe that the God of Destruction will be taken down so easily?!"

Beerus begins to yell loudly, as he spreads his hands, charging a massive Sphere of Destruction. He roars, launching it at the Final Kamehameha. Both of the attacks clashes, rattling the entire universe.

Beerus continues to yell, as the two Saiyans notice his fur is beginning to spike up a little, as Beerus' muscles bulk up a bit. The Sphere of Destruction then easily overpowers the Final Kamehameha, heading for the two.

The two Saiyans brace for the worst, but just then, Whis vanishes in front of the Destruction Sphere, as he taps it with his finger, causing it to shrink down. "Calm down, my lord. We do not want to kill them."

Goku and Vegeta land in front of Beerus, panting. Goku sees that Beerus is slightly bulked up and questions it. "Beerus, have you gotten bigger? Your power is immense!"

Beerus smirks, as a large purple aura surrounds him, shaking the Earth. "This is fifty percent of my power, Goku. This is the first time I have shown it to any mortal."

The two Saiyans yell loudly, as they launch at Beerus at full speed. They both swing a punch directly at his face, and it lands. Beerus would have barely budged. He slams both of his arms into them, launching them across the landscape. "You may have had a chance against me in my normal state, but this... this is my battle state!"

He powers down, as Whis walks over to the two Saiyans, healing them fully. "I have not seen Lord Beerus like that in a long time. Very well done, you two."

Suddenly, a giant pillar of energy hits the ground next to them, as the Saiyans leap back, startled. A familiar figure begins to walk forward, as the energy that is given off from it would be very similar, but at the same time, not.

Vegeta's eyes widen, as he immediately knows who it is. "That... that can't be! Gohan... That brat killed him!"

The figure walks forward, as it looks at Goku and Vegeta, observing them. "My, my... What a pleasant surprise, Son Goku and Vegeta..."

Suddenly, there'd be a blur, as a fist is slammed into Goku's face, sending him flying across the landscape. "GAAAACKK!"

Perfect Cell would have returned, stronger than ever. "I almost missed this planet... Where's your son, Gohan? I see he is doing quite well..."

Vegeta gets in his battle stance, angered by his arrival. "Cell, how did you return back to life!? What do you want?!"

Cell turns toward him, chuckling. "Oh, Vegeta! You have not changed one bit since the last time we met! I have been watching the two of you from Hell this entire time, and I know your strengths and weaknesses..."

Vegeta laughs, as he slams his foot on the ground, causing it to crack. "You have no idea what you're in for, Cell. I have grown to unimaginable heights! This is the perfect opportunity to get my revenge on you!"

He launches at Cell, swinging a punch right into his chest. The punch slams into his chest, as a lot of wind, sends rocks flying everywhere. Cell looks down at him, not being fazed one bit. "Come on, Vegeta... Where's that... hmm... what's it called...? Oh, yes! Super Saiyan! Why don't you use that, prince?"

Vegeta ignores him, as he begins to barrage him with many punches. When it does absolutely nothing against him, he leaps back, as he launches a huge Ki blast right at Cell, as there is an explosion directly at Cell's location.

Vegeta lands a fair distance away from the explosion, smirking. "I don't always need the Super Saiyan state to fight weaklings like you. I can take you down with two hands tied behind my back."

When the smoke clears, Cell is left there, not a single scratch on him. "Is that so? Well, entertain me then, Vegeta!"

Suddenly, Goku speeds past Vegeta, yelling loudly. His hair spikes up, flashing yellow. He swings a kick right at Cell's face, as he transforms into the Super Saiyan state. Cell's head doesn't budge one bit, as he smiles. "That's the form I was looking for! Say, Goku... We never finished our match since you put your son out there to die on his own. Perhaps we should go without interruption this time..."

He swings his foot at Goku, sending him into the air. He then vanishes above Goku, slamming him into the ground with a lot of force, causing Goku to cough blood out of his mouth. "Hmm...? What's wrong, Goku? You were able to keep up with me before."

Goku gets up, wiping the blood off of his mouth. "This is only my first transformation now, Cell. You're in for a surprise!" He begins to yell loudly, electricity crackling around him. His hair begins to get spikier, as he lets out a roar, transforming into a state that Cell despises.

Cell's smile turns into a look of rage when he sees Goku's Super Saiyan Two state. "So, you have unlocked that state?! Just the sight of it is sickening! It reminds me of my fight with Gohan."

Goku vanishes behind Cell, swinging a heavy kick at his head. Cell moves back a bit, as he turns toward Goku, smiling. "To think I struggled against that form... Now it merely does nothing!"

Cell puts two fingers up to his forehead, concentrating energy into it. "I am sure you recognize this attack, do you?"

Goku gets in his fighting stance, getting very nervous that he wouldn't be able to dodge this attack. He could tell Cell has a lot of power now.

Cell launches the Special Beam Cannon, and rather than it heading for Goku, it pierces Vegeta in the chest, narrowly missing his vitals. Vegeta coughs up blood, as he holds his chest, knocked out of his transformation. "GAAANGH!"

Goku turns back toward him, knowing that he can't hold back much any longer. He begins to yell, as a fiery aura begins to surround him. Cell's smirk fades from his face, as Goku lets out an ear-piercing roar, transforming into his Super Saiyan God form.

Cell steps back, as he begins to charge a Kamehameha. "Now the battle begins, Son Goku! KA... ME..."

Goku begins to run toward him, shattering the land below his footsteps. He brings back a punch, preparing to swing it at Cell.

"HAA... ME... HAAAA!" Cell launches his Perfect Kamehameha. It travels toward Goku, as lighting strikes everywhere in the land.

Goku yells loudly, as he slams his fist into the Kamehameha, launching it back at Cell. Cell yells as he blocks the attack, being launched many kilometers away, flattening the land in his path.

Cell slams his fist into the ground to stop himself, as he skids heavily, finally halting. "Tch... that force... this godly power is incredible! Unfortunately for you, I am even more perfect than I used to be."

He begins to yell loudly, as a golden aura begins to surround him. Electricity spews everywhere, as Cell's power is rising dramatically.

Vegeta gets up, grunting, as he roars, transforming into a Super Saiyan God. "Let's get him, Kakarotto! Don't let him transform!"

The two of them launch at Cell at full speed in their God Ki forms. They both launch a volley of Ki blasts, but suddenly the golden light grows in size, deflecting the Ki blasts.

Goku and Vegeta block the blasts, skidding back a little. Goku looks up to see that Cell is... in the same Golden transformation as Frieza. "N...No way!"

Suddenly, there'd be a blur, and the two of them are launched high into the sky. They would both cough a lot of blood, as Cell appears above them, slamming him far into the ground, causing the entire Earth to shake. "In my Golden form, even you are nothing!"

Goku and Vegeta get up, as they let out a huge roar, their hairs beginning to spike up. They transform into the Super Saiyan Blue state, launching toward Cell.

Beerus and Whis would have been watching the entire fight go on. Beerus observes Cell, growling. "He's extremely powerful, and I am concerned that Goku and Vegeta will not be able to defeat him."

Whis raises an eyebrow, glancing at Beerus. "Do you plan to defeat Cell yourself, my lord?"

Beerus doesn't respond, as Goku and Vegeta vanish above Cell, barraging him with punches and kicks. Cell easily dodges, catches, and blocks the punches. He launches a Ki blast into both of their guts, sending them back once again. "Not even your blue forms will work, Saiyans!"

Goku smiles at him, as he and Vegeta nod at each other. "That isn't even close to what we have, Cell! KAIOKEN TIMES TWENTY!"

Vegeta yells loudly, as his hair flashes brightly. He transforms into his Super Saiyan Royal Blue transformation again. The two of them launch at Golden Cell at full speed, barraging him with a set of punches and kicks.

Cell silently clashes with them. The two of them would now nearly be equal in terms of power. Cell slams Goku in the gut, but Vegeta slams his fist into his face, sending him back a little. "Grrrh!"

The two Saiyans continue to barrage him with attacks, as shockwaves travel throughout the air. The land shatters beneath the shockwaves, sending wind and debris everywhere. Electricity hits the ground, causing massive explosions.

Cell yells loudly, as he spreads his hands into a Final Flash position, then puts them into a Kamehameha position. "FINAL... KA... ME... HA... ME..."

Goku and Vegeta leap back, preparing to take on the blast. "He's learned the Final Kamehameha!" Vegeta says.

"HAAAAA!" Cell launches the Final Kamehameha, as Goku and Vegeta are consumed by the blast, being sent directly into the ground. The explosion destroys the entire landscape, leaving nothing but rubble left in it.

Goku and Vegeta get up, damaged. They would be panting heavily, looking up at Cell.

Beerus steps forward, as he clenches his fists, looking directly at Cell. Whis turns toward him, his eyebrows raised. "Oh? Are you planning to fight him yourself, my lord?"

Beerus takes off from the ground toward Cell, a purple aura surrounding him. Cell turns around just in time to have Beerus' fist slammed into his gut, launching him miles away. "GAHHHHHHHHH!"

He then vanishes behind Cell, spin kicking him in the side, sending him into a mountain. "You are no match for the destroyer, you insolent creature!"

A pillar of light shoots from where Cell landed, sending wind everywhere. Cell is standing there, yelling loudly, his body flashing brightly.

Beerus lands across from him, observing him. "You have some more power to show me? Well then... Show me what you got, Cell."

Wind shoots everywhere, as a pink aura surrounds Cell's Golden transformation. Goku and Vegeta look up at his power, as it would be familiar. "No way!" Goku yells in shock. "That's... that's the same power that Goku Black used!"

Cell has combined his Golden transformation with the power of Super Saiyan Rosé. He looks toward Beerus, smiling. "This is... Ultra Perfect Cell! I have surpassed the level of a God of Destruction! You cannot win!"

Vegeta gets up, sweating nervously. "His power even exceeds that of Broly's! I don't think even Beerus stands a chance against him in this state!" He turns toward Kakarot, grabbing him by his Gi. "KAKAROTTO! YOU NEED TO DO YOUR ULTRA INSTINCT! NOW!"

Beerus yells, as his muscles begin to bulk up. His fur begins to stand up, as he transforms into his Destroyer Mode, fifty percent of his power. He launches at Cell, swinging a heavy punch at him.

Cell blocks the punch with little difficulty, as he slams his foot into Beerus' stomach, forcing him to cough spit. "GAACK! WHAT?!"

He raises his fist, as he slams it into Beerus's face, sending him across the landscape. Whis would be surprised that Beerus is struggling this much against Cell. Beerus shoots back at Cell at full speed, launching a massive Hakai Ball at him.

Cell surrounds his fist in the Rosé Ki, as he slams it into the Hakai Ball, nullifying it. "Not even your Destruction powers can stand up to Ultra Perfect Cell! I am in a good mood today, so if you allow me to kill you right now, I will make it painless."

Beerus begins to yell, as a pillar of light shoots from him. So much energy begins to shoot out of him, that it surrounds the entire galaxy. His muscles begin to bulk up, as his purple aura begins to turn a red tint.

The God of Destruction clothing on Beerus' upper torso rips due to his bulkiness. "To think that I had to reveal my full power to the likes of you! I WILL MAKE SURE YOU ARE DESTROYED BY MY HANDS!"

Vegeta's eyes widen at the sight of Beerus' full power. "That is Beerus' full power...? This power is immense! It's almost on par with Broly's!"

Beerus launches at Cell at full speed, as the two clash a heavy punch. The entire galaxy rumbles at the power of the two of them.

To Be Continued in Chapter Two...

I hope you like this complete rewrite of Dragon Ball Aftermath. I want to make it have more build up, and maybe make it look like it belongs in Dragon Ball a little better than before.

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