Previously on Dragon Ball Super: After Broly

Broly pants, on his knees. Jiren would have a glowing dark red aura around him, looking down at Broly. He raises his hand, charging a blast. "It is time for you to die."

He launches it, but Broly knocks it to the side. He looks up, and he enters Super Saiyan Blue, the sky flashing. He gets up, and he slams a punch onto Jiren's face, sending him crashing through the landscape.

Jiren leaps back, wiping blood off of his face. "You had your chance..." He roars, as his shirt rips off. His muscles bulk up, and he enters his full power. Not only that, but his eyes also flicker, and he'd get more silvery eyes.

A black aura surrounds his red one, and he enters Cynical Instinct. "You are worthless to us, now that you are no longer needed for the grand fusion."

Jiren roars, launching a gigantic heat blast toward Broly's direction.

Chapter Nineteen

Broly leaps into it, his arms up. He grunts, being pushed back by the blast. He tries to stop it, but evil Jiren's power in Cynical Instinct is enormous. He is consumed by the blast, being sent back.

He coughs spit, and he roars, launching a barrage of giant blue and green energy blasts at Jiren, who deflects them without moving. He rushes forward and barrages Broly with a flurry of punches.

Broly tries to counter them with his own, but Jiren would get the upper hand. He kicks Broly in the gut, sending him flying into a mountain. Broly would have trained for years on how to control his anger, but even that isn't enough.

The mountain explodes, and Broly roars, his muscles bulking up. A blue-green aura shoots up around him, and his eyes go blank. The land begins to explode again, distracting the other fighters.

Goku blocks the wind from him, grunting. "Shit... 17, 18, Piccolo, Gohan, distract Broly or he'll destroy Earth!"

The four nod, as they shoot off toward the berserk Saiyan. Goku looks forward, and he roars, a bright aura flaring up around him. He shoots forward, bringing back his fist. "HAAAAAA!"

He swings it toward the evil guard, who catches it. He slams a punch into Goku's gut, causing blood to shoot out of his mouth. He is sent back, and Vados catches him with difficulty.

Goku wipes the blood off of his chin, holding his gut. "What kind of... being is that?! He's incredibly strong."

Vegeta zooms past him, launching a giant Galick Gun that is deflected by the evil guard. He then brings back his fists, and compressed winds come after Goku and Vegeta. They are slammed in the guts constantly, their clothes being torn.

Sirus vanishes behind Goku and Vegeta, catching them off guard and slamming them onto the ground. This allows the chance for the guard to fly over and kick them, sending them flying back.

For the first time, the guard speaks. "Our plan will succeed. We do have a simple method to end the lower-ranked gods with ease. He raises his hand, and a familiar figure appears, him grabbing the figure's neck.

The figure would be Shin, the Supreme Kai.

Androids 17 and 18, Piccolo, and Gohan fly over to see a berserking Legendary Super Saiyan Blue Broly attacking Jiren, who would be showing signs of struggling. He roars, slamming a punch onto Broly's face.

This irritates Broly even more. He counters it with a beam from his mouth, sending Jiren flying. Piccolo clenches his fists, and he begins to roar, a bright aura flaring up around him.

A pillar of light shoots from him, electricity shooting off into the sky. His eyes glow white, his skin turns a darker tone, his antennae spike up, and a bright light blue aura flares up around him.

He walks forward, and he'd entered his Divine Namekian form. He looks at his hands, then clenches them. "Let's do this."

He shoots forward at speeds that shock Gohan. Piccolo slams a fist on Broly's face, sending him skidding back. "GRHH..."

"Amazing," Gohan says, his mouth wide. "I didn't expect Piccolo's transformation to be so... powerful."

Piccolo continues to barrage Broly, who blocks the attacks. Jiren walks over, before stopping, confused on why his enemies are attacking each other.

Piccolo's eyes flicker, as he vanishes behind Broly, chopping him on the neck. He is sent on the ground, completely unconscious. He turns toward Jiren, getting into his stance. "Come!"

Androids 17 and 18 land next to him, both ready to help him. Jiren roars, his dark red aura flaring up once again. He launches toward Piccolo and rapidly barrages him, sending him skidding back. "Tch..."

He counters his attacks, shock waves shooting across the land. Jiren swings a Ki-covered punch, but Piccolo leaps over it, kicking Jiren on the face. He is sent back, skidding. "Gch!"

Piccolo raises his fingers, launching a glowing Special Beam Cannon from each of them. Jiren blocks them, getting cuts all over himself. He zooms forward toward Piccolo at full speed, kicking him.

Piccolo yells, being sent back. He manages to stop himself. He launches a barrage of energy blasts toward Jiren, and he maneuvers around all of them, launching a beam at Piccolo.

Piccolo barely manages to leap out of the way of his beam. "I am just getting started!" He closes his arms. "SUPER HELLZONE GRENADE!"

A bunch of Ki blasts vanish behind Jiren, each of them slamming him on the back, sending him forward. He coughs spit, falling onto one knee. "Our Lord will not fail, should I die..."

Piccolo raises his fingers up to his head, then down toward Jiren. "No hard feelings, Jiren. This blast won't kill you, but it will immobilize you." He launches it toward Jiren, and right as it is about to pierce him, he roars, knocking it to the side.

Piccolo is taken aback by a burst of wind coming from Jiren. He gets up, and he roars, releasing his full aura. Everything from within a mile glows a faint red, and his muscles bulk up even more.

He zooms forward, slamming full force punches onto Piccolo's face, each of them sending him back. He finishes it off with a Power Impact, sending him flying up to the sky. After that, a massive explosion ensues.

Piccolo falls down onto his knees, panting. He gets up onto his feet, shocking Jiren. "How are you still standing, mortal?!"

He chuckles. "Even though you've bested this universe once before you got converted to the evil side, you will not do it again. It's time to finish this off!"

He roars, as he places not two, but three fingers on his forehead, a bright light illuminating the area. Jiren roars, charging up a massive blast, prepared to take down Piccolo.

Piccolo opens his eyes, and they would be glowing. "ŌKIBO MAKANKOSAPPO!"

He releases the blast, and it would be a GIGANTIC Special Beam Cannon that is so fast, Jiren is barely able to react to it. It slams into Jiren, and he yells, being sent skyward.

An ear-piercing explosion blasts them back, and Jiren falls out of the sky, unconscious. They had knocked him down, and now they would have to purify the evil that the evil gods put into him, but they didn't have Goku or Vegeta.

Piccolo walks over to Jiren and places a hand on his chest. He closes his eyes, and a pulse of energy suddenly shoots from him, Jiren slowly turning back to normal. Finally, he was back on their side.

He falls to one knee, panting. He goes back to his base form, and Gohan catches him before he can fall over. "That was absolutely amazing, Piccolo! How did you... How did you turn Jiren back to normal?"

Piccolo is silent for a moment, then looks back up to Gohan. "I visited a planet called Yardrat. I learned new abilities I have yet to show. The one I used was Forced Spirit Fission, which separates the essence that the evil gods put into Jiren to take control of him."

Next to Jiren, would be a strange, gooey black essence on the ground. It suddenly launches itself toward Gohan, but he leaps out of the way in time, so it splats on the ground.

Androids 17 and 18 would just have watched this entire thing gone down. "Let's go join the others," 17 says, and the two fly off.

Gohan would be in complete shock. "You mean... That thing is ALIVE?!"

"Stand back Gohan," Piccolo says. He inhales, as he roars, launching a blast from his mouth. It consumes the black essence, completely vaporizing it. "That should take care of things. Gohan, let's go join the others. Their energies are getting low. I need some spare energy."

The evil Omni guard creates a dark Ki blade and Goku yells out to him. "STOP! DON'T DO IT!"

A helpless Shin tries to kick at the guard, but it would do nothing. Whis's feet glow, and he launches forward at full speed. He swings his staff, but it would be too late.

The evil guard shoves its Ki blade through Shin's heart, instantly killing him. Sirus immediately falls to his knees, clutching his heart. "No... This... cannot be... You..."

"We no longer have a use for you evil gods of destruction," the evil guard says. "You are far too useless. Be gone."

Sirus's eyes go blank, and he falls forward onto the ground, lifeless. Beerus would be dead as well.

There'd be complete silence on the battlefield, the only sound being the gust of wind.

Whis's eyes widen, as he immediately vanishes, shocking the fighters even more. Goku roars in a rage, his aura getting larger than it ever has. "NOO!" He would have really gotten attached to Beerus and Whis.

Before, they used to be threats, but now, they were just like old friends. "What... what happened to WHIS?!"

Vados closes her eyes, her expression full of pain. "Whis has been put in stasis since he doesn't have a God of Destruction right now."

Goku launches forward at full speed. His body would hurt from how much he is pushing it, but he doesn't care. He launches a massive Kamehameha toward the guard.

The guard's eyes pulsate, and the blast is canceled out. He slams a punch into Goku's gut, and he falls unconscious. He then throws him to the fighters. "THIS is the universe's protector? What a joke. If that is all you have to show, then I will just kill you right here."

Right as he says that, Piccolo, Gohan, and Androids 17 and 18 fly over. Piccolo takes a look at the guard, then at Goku. He walks over and kneels down, placing a hand on his shoulder.

He closes his eyes, and Goku glows. Goku gasps, and he gets up, fully replenished. "Gck... I was on the brink of death... Thanks-... Did you do that, Piccolo?"

"I trained at Planet Yardrat," Piccolo replies. He looks toward the guard, and places a hand on Vegeta's shoulder, healing him as well. Piccolo falls onto one knee again, and Gohan helps him up. "This form drains me a lot, so I can't use it for long. I can try to be support."

Goku walks forward, locking eyes with the evil guard. He roars, entering Primal Instinct. "I have one idea up my sleeve. Piccolo, this will drain you a ton, but it could be effective against this guy. Place a hand on my shoulder, and do not let go, no matter what."

He roars, as Piccolo places a hand on his shoulder. Immediately, Goku falls to one knee, but Piccolo heals him nonstop. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" His hair grows a little longer, and glowing white fur appears on his chest.

Vegeta's eyes twitch in shock. "No way... That fool! That's going to destroy his body!"

Goku grunts, veins visible all over his body. He lets out a roar, combining Super Saiyan Four with Primal Instinct. The pain would be like he never felt before. He'd feel like his body would be collapsing but rebuilding himself.

He launches forward at the guard, slamming a punch onto his face. He yells, launching the guard through the Moon, splitting it in half.

He then brings back his fist, and he coats it in Angelic Ki and every other Ki he has. "DRAGON... FIST!" His eyes go blank, and he launches a gigantic glowing dragon that consumes the guard.

There'd be a bright flicker in the sky, and a bright explosion would've destroyed the Earth and Moon if the remaining angels hadn't put up a barrier around them.

Music: Danny Olson - Horizon (Epic Powerful Orchestral Trailer Music) [Start at 1:10]

Goku falls onto the ground, falling into his base form. He pants heavily and looks to see the evil guard falling onto the ground a distance away from them. The guard gets back, holding its arm. "Gckk..."

Goku would feel a lot of fear. "I... Impossible... How could he... survive an attack that powerful...?"

The guard yells a bright aura surrounding it. The land gets destroyed, wind sending all of them away. He brings back his fist, it is covered in Angelic Ki. "It is time to kill all of you angels and mortals!"

He roars, launching a massive blast toward the fighters. Goku would try and get his body to move, but it wouldn't budge. Right as it gets close, Bardock jumps in front of him, spreading his arms.

Goku's eyes widen. "D-Dad... What are you... doing?! You'll... you'll die!"

Bardock turns toward him, smirking. "You've made me proud, Kakarot, or should I say, Goku. You have ascended to the level of gods. You are stronger than any Saiyan that has existed before you. Farewell."

"FATHER!" Goku yells, a bright light consuming Bardock. An explosion sends Goku tumbling back. There would be a gigantic crater where the blast had hit Bardock.

Goku would try to contain his emotions, but can't. Tears escape his eyes, and he punches the ground, panting. "Damn it all... I couldn't save him... Just as we had met again... He sacrificed his life for me..."

He gets up onto his two feet, the evil guard laughs at him. "The evil gods will rule again, and you all will perish. We will fix everything... Join us, and you will be spared."

Goku immediately snaps, him starting to twitch. The guard had killed his father, and now he was trying to spare him. The sky grows dark, lightning hitting the ground around him.

Vados's eyes widen at the sight of this. "Could it be...?"

Goku lets out a roar, entering Primal Instinct. His eyes would be blank, and lightning shoots out of him, being sent everywhere. Vegeta grunts, skidding back. "What's happening?!"

Goku lets out one last yell, the Earth crumbling other him. He opens his eyes, and he'd be in a different state of Primal Instinct. He'd have mastered the form. He walks toward the guard, not saying a word.

"What happened to him?!" Vegeta asks, sweat going down the side of his face. "He's a lot different than before!"

"Ultra Instinct is a very watered-down version of Angelic Ki, as you know," Vados explains. "The unmastered state of Primal Instinct simply combined your Super Saiyan form with Angelic Ki. However... Mastering it allows you to tap into that Ultra Instinct power again, and become far stronger than before."

Goku walks toward the crater, and the only thing left of Bardock would be his headband. He picks it up, and he wraps it around his forehead. "I am going to avenge you, father."

He zooms forward toward the weakened evil guard, surprising him. He roars, slamming his fist into its gut, causing it to yell in pain. He then kicks it back, sending it flying into outer space.

All of the fighter's jaws would be dropped. "Dad's amazing!" Gohan says, in awe. "He can win!"

"I never expected Goku to get even stronger than he did before," Piccolo says, crossing his arms. "He unlocked it after his father's death."

Vegeta grunts and roars, entering Primal Instinct, cracking the ground under him. "I will unlock that state, too. Kakarot is not going to surpass me!"

Goku vanishes in front of the guard, kicking it up to the sky, then downward. The guard launches up to him, and the two rapidly clash, shooting across the sky.

Goku roars, uppercutting him, sending him flying up. He then gets into a stance. "It's time to finish this so that you cannot harm anyone else! KA... ME... HA... ME... HAAAA!"

A gigantic glowing white Kamehameha shoots from his hands, slamming into the evil guard. The guard roars in pain, as Goku uses full power, and the Kamehameha consumes the guard.

After a moment, the guard would be disintegrated, and Goku falls onto one knee, panting. "I did it... The battle is over..."

Vados smiles and walks over him, tapping him with her staff. Immediately, he is replenished and gets up. "However, we still have two more threats to fight."

Just as she says that the sky turns dark red, the same color as in Vegeta's nightmare. Vegeta remembers it and clutches his head, sweat going down his face. "I can't let that happen..."

"Are you okay, Vegeta?" Broly asks, but Vegeta doesn't respond. Suddenly, there'd be a bright flicker of light, and a MASSIVE pillar of light slams onto the ground, blasting them with wind.

Electricity shoots in all directions, the fighters forced to dodge some of them. The temperature seems to get hotter, and the wind picks up. Clouds appear above them and cover the sun.

Out of the pillars of light, two figures walk forward, and their powers would be insurmountable. It would be Abysus and the Grand Priestess. Abysus smirks and walks forward toward the fighters.

For the first time, they would all be able to see his true appearance. He'd have long, black hair, an outfit similar to Zeno's, but it'd be gray-black and the Omni symbols on his chest would be glowing red.

He'd have red irises and a ring at the back of his neck, similar to Daishinkan's. "Well, well, well... If it isn't my favorite two mortals: Son Goku and Vegeta..."

Frieza, who'd been converted to evil, follows close behind them, his tail whipping back and forth. He chuckles.

Abysus raises his two fingers, and he launches a blast that nobody can see. It would head for Android 17 and it slams into him, resulting in a massive explosion that sends all of the fighters back.

To Be Continued in Chapter Twenty

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