Hey. It's me again.

So a while ago my friend and I did a Dungeons & Dragons one-off exchange. I ran him a game where he got to play as Daredevil (Inquisitive Rogue/Samurai Fighter), so he ran me a game where I played as Stitch (Totem Barbarian). That little escapade made me feel like taking one last dive into writing Stitch stories, but this time, I'm going to do something different.

What you're about to see is what I think could emerge if Disney decided to do a new Stitch series. Properly, I mean; not another anime series which arbitrarily replaces half the cast. (Though I will confess that Stitch & Ai was actually pretty fun.)

As big a fan of Stitch as I am, I'll admit that I feel like they should've gone a different direction with the original TV series. See, what makes the first film stand out, in my opinion, is Stitch's story of redemption. It's rare, especially in family media, to see a story where an evil character learns to become good in such a sensitive and emotional manner.
Then you cut to the TV series, which is basically Pokemon. A monster-of-the-week, gotta-catch-em-all sort of thing. Now, that's perfectly fine if you enjoy that; there are quite a few episodes which I really enjoy, but I feel like they could've gone further.
There are over six hundred creatures just like Stitch. To follow up thematically from the original film, I feel like it would make the most sense to give those Experiments redemptive arcs like Stitch's.

So this is what I present to you; a short series with short stories, but with the focus being on Stitch's cousins. Lilo and Stitch appear but will mainly be in supporting roles, helping out their cousins who will be the focus of these stories.

Oh, and I should mention that this series is meant to be canon with the original series, taking place after Snafu. However, it will also be set in its own timeline, ignoring the events of Leroy & Stitch. This was not my original intention, but after several episodes, I've realized that how I've developed the characters here is irreconcilable with how they are depicted in Leroy & Stitch. It simply wouldn't be believable to assume that Leroy & Stitch occurred after these events.

Unlike my last Stitch story, I shall seek to keep this more tonally consistent with the original franchise, though expect a tone closer to the original film rather than the TV series.

As for those of you who read Stitch's Revolution, you'll find a few ideas from that will make its way in here, but in different ways.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little thing I'm working on. To better emulate the idea that this is like a what-if TV series, I've provided you with a brief episode guide. And, of course, the first episode is on the next page.


1. Your Song - 627 returns with two evil Experiments by his side. It's up to Stitch and Angel to stop them when they use a recording of Angel's siren song to control their cousins.

2. Smooth Criminal - Finder is on the case when Bonnie & Clyde start a new string of robberies.

3. Purple Rain - When a power outage plunges the whole island into darkness, Sparky rises to the challenge. However, things get harder for him once it starts raining.

4. Somebody to Love - Lilo, Stitch, and Angel invite Felix to Elastico's circus, where the timid cleaner becomes smitten by the show's star performer. Can someone as shy and quiet as Felix earn the attention of the energetic, extroverted Elastico?

5. Imagine - When Space Captain Lilo and her crew are captured by their rival, Captain Gantu, it's up to Lieutenant Victoria to save the day.

6. Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through - The always-silent Belle and Sample are given a unique chance to express their voice.

7. We Didn't Start the Fire - Cobra Bubbles and Doctor Jumba both compile their profiles on the Experiments.

8. Life on Mars - 627 has a few questions.

9. Stairway to Heaven - Stitch's cousins have to work together to save someone.

10. The Times They Are A-Changin' - Two Experiments adjust to their new life.