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This is my first introduced series. It is small, yes, sorries and oh wells. Anyways, this is ending up to be more than I first started it out with. Hopefully it gets a bit of love.

Opening eyes slowly, I hear a piercing scream. I look down at my langy leg and notice red, so much red is running. It feels warm and numb as it flows. Somehow it disgusts me and I glare at it with anger. It just feels wrong. I don't like it.

My face also starts to feel that sort of familiar set of feelings. The next thing I feel is my face start to warm up, and the cold run through my body. I try to pull myself into a fetal position. I hear the piercing scream once more. Reality must have knocked me so hard that I turned and puked to my side. Orange and yellow muck flowing onto the rooted dirty ground.

Falling down on my back, I decide to look up at the hot sunny sky. Chasing after Max was not such a good idea anymore. "I guess I can just wait for him to run and grab gwen." A protective nudge ran through and I made myself look back down and assess the total damages. "No. Max doesn't need to see this. Heaven knows he won't just let the adults come to him alone. He may act all mature and big but he is still a child. He doesn't deserve to loose anymore, he is still young and should mature like all the other children. With new determination, "O.K. David! Let's patch and cover as much of this as we can. After all we don't know the extent of damages." I look up towards a towering Oak that stares down. "We don't even know if Max even saw me crash or if he just ran back towards camp….Great! I guess I am talking to myself now!"

"Alrighty then!" First from basics is to check my leg...or was it checking the head to assess oneself concussion?

Uhhh…" A sudden sharp pain creeped up like lightning from the lower limb of said leg. "AAAHH! OK, ok. Leg it is than." Laying back down was a better choice in the situation. "Right, not a concussion. Just a broken and bleeding out leg." The wind bristled through the leaves in the trees as if to answer in confirmation to my answer. Slowly feeling colder and sleepy I look up at the summer sun. "Global warming at its polar end, huh? I mean, why would it be cold in the middle of summer?"

You could see the moment when my brain clicked. "I AM BLEEDING OUT!"

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