AN: Hey, one of these at the start this time! I feel like I should explain what exactly this fic is. It's going to be a collection of Shortish stories that involve an aged up Izuku that's a teacher at U.A. and adult female pro heroes (And Fuyumi). The list is short and I have ideas for most of them. Chapter lengths will vary based on mood, and if you're only here for a specific pairing I apologize if any update isn't for the pairing you wish to see continued. I just figured this was the best way for me to do this project (Also it's awesome because I get to write basically a new story whenever I want guilt free!)

If you want more background on Teacher Izuku, check out my fic Nejire's Great Teacher Crush for a better idea.

Now then, onto the story, we'll be starting with .

Emi couldn't help but squeal when she saw the U.A. bus. Eraser was on there and he was by far her favorite person in the whole world to mess with. And she was excited to see how her students would crush U.A. into the dust. They were a clever bunch and already had a dozen plans in place.

Walking up with her students trailing behind her she smiled when she saw Eraser talking to a bunch of students, they were all first-years, right? Poor kids wouldn't know what hit them. But there was another person with him. Someone that didn't look like a student. If anything he looked like he got plucked right out of some normal high school mid-lecture by the way he was talking to the students.

A head full of messy dark green hair that was just unkempt enough to look good on him, and clashed with the bright tidiness of his incredibly plain-looking outfit. Really, it was a pair of slacks that was fastened to his hips by a tight belt, and then a pure white dress shirt that was fitted to his slender frame. And then there were those glasses he was wearing that highlighted his deep green eyes and freckles.

Three thoughts caused her to stop in her tracks. Was this Erasers keeper? Sure the man was anti-social to the point he could probably speak to cats, but he probably didn't need a high school teacher following him around to deal with the kids. Who was this guy? He didn't look like a pro hero, or any kind of hero.

The most powerful of these thoughts was more a feeling than anything that had her heart racing and her cheeks burning. Oh no, he was hot.

Apparently, she had a type, and this green-haired man was it. Wait she had green hair! They could bond over this! Wait that didn't mean a lot? Maybe she should talk to him about teacher stuff? Or make him laugh with some jokes? Wait, what if he had a hot laugh? She never thought a laugh was hot before but what if he had one she did. Holy crap she felt like one of her students crushing on someone.

"Sensei, is something wrong?" Yo Shindo nudged her in the back a clever smile covering his deceitful face. Ahh, she taught the little two face bastard so well. "You look like Tatami when she sees a cute guy."

"Hey! I don't freeze up like that!" The blond-haired girl puffed out her cheeks and huffed.

"No, but you do clam up like a turtle."

Emi laughed and waved her students away, "Oh, don't worry about me, I just didn't think that U.A. was doubling up on their teachers."

"Is that why you're blushing?"

"You want detention?" She patted Yo on the shoulder and walked forward waving at Eraser. "Yo! Eraser! Long-time no see!"

Eraser jolted and twitched before turning to sigh in her general direction. "Joke, what are you-"

"Hey now, don't be like that, we're old work buddies, aren't we? Can we say hello?" She swatted him on the shoulder laughing, then she turned to look at her new objective. "And who's this? Did they give you a keeper or something?"

"Ehh?" Eraser raised an eyebrow and she could have sworn she saw his lip twitch up into a smile for half a second. Either he saw right through her shallow attempts at talking to the new guy - she was going to talk to him anyways - or he was happy that she wasn't joking around by flirting.

"Hey, Izuku, make sure this lady doesn't bug me for today." Eraser turned towards the crowd and motioned for the other adult in his group. Also who was he calling lady? She had a name, and he knew it!

"Aizawa-sensei," Izuku clapped his book shut and smiled at the man with a friendly demeanor. "Please don't be so rude to the other teachers."

Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck. He had a great smile. Like on a scale of one to ten then his smile was an elven, maybe even an eleven point five. She needed to hear him laugh! What kind of jokes would a guy like him like? He looked like he had an easy sense of humor, but she needed to get that critical strike on him.

"Oooh, Midoriya-sensei is scolding Aizawa-sensei again!" One of the U.A. students laughed from the bus, as her own students began step one of their plan.

So his name was Izuku Midoriya. Cute.

He walked forward, extending a hand towards her while scratching the back of his head. "Hi there, I'm Izuku Midoriya, I teach quirk theory and application at U.A., you're : the Smile Hero, Emi Fukukado, right? It's nice to meet you."

"Oh, please call me Emi," She smiled grabbing hold of his hand and shaking it firmly. "Ms. Joke was my mother!"

His smile cracked and he let out a small pure laugh that was basically dirty talk to her. "Haha, sure thing Emi, anyways, it's a pleasure to meet you, I see your students are already grilling some of mine."

"Haha, yea, they're trying to play mind games." Wait, what was she saying? Wasn't it risky if she revealed her student's plans, oh who cared, he has such a nice easy going smile that she felt like she was at a beach swaying in a hammock and having a nice drink. "But, what's quirk theory? It sounds sciency."

"That's because it is, I really just teach the students about how to identify quirks, understanding their abilities and weaknesses, while also looking at how to improve their own quirks. In fact, I'm here today mostly observe," His hand dropped from hers and he reached into his pocket and he pulled out one of those small notebooks. "Actually, if you want, I can even send my notes on your students afterwards, do you want to exchange contact information?"

Was it supposed to be this easy to get a guy's number?

"Sure, that sounds great," He handed her an address book and she jotted down her number, resisting the urge to write 'For a good time, call Emi', she did not want this guy to think she was some bathroom slut! "So, I've never heard of you before, what was your hero name?"

"Oh, actually, I never was a pro hero." Izuku said softly, his smile fading for just a moment as pain crossed his eyes. "I don't even have a quirk, so I-"

"Izuku," Eraser shouted from behind them, "Can you go sign us in, I'd rather have your name there than mine."

"Really Aizawa-sensei? Maybe I should have gone with class 1-B instead?" Izuku rolled his eyes and cracked one last smile at her. "I'll see you inside Emi?"

"Yeah," She sighed and let her shoulder's slouched. "See ya."

"Wow Sensei, you have it bad," Yo snickered as he waltzed over to her. Smug little punk.

"And you've been voted looks more like a villain by your classmates," She ruffled up his hair and pushed him towards their bus. "Now go get the others and get suited up. It's time to show U.A. what Ketsubtusu Academy is all about."

"Yes Ma'am!"

Eraser walked up to her, arms crossed and his scowl withering. "I wouldn't underestimate my students. They have a good teacher this year."

"I see you finally learned modesty, now we need to teach you humor, and then maybe we can work on your arrogance." Wow, was she annoyed at Eraser? That was a first! Well not really. She squared her shoulders and met him in the eye. "But, I think you might be underestimating my students if you think your kids are going to get out unscathed, even if you warned them about the U.A. crushing, I doubt they'll be prepared for it."

"We decided not to tell them about that." Eraser looked towards his students, at the head of the line where Izuku was directing them inside. He really did stick out like a sore thumb in this area, he just looked, so normal. "But when I said they had a great teacher I wasn't talking about me."

"Izuku?" She asked still smiling at using his first name so casually. "He seems like a nice guy, but is he that good at teaching?"

Eraser smiled again, that crazy maniacal smile he got when just before he completely crushed someone, she'd seen it a few times and it was what made her start flirting with him. "He's the reason why I don't have to worry about my students being prepared."

Now she was even more interested in the man. Sure he was cute, had a great laugh, and was really cute, also he was cute. "Maybe I should try and poach him for Ketsubutsu?"

And for her love life!