To say her pride was still hurt from what transpired at the training camp would be to say that her tits were still absolutely fabulous and that her ass was out of this world. Both of which, Nemuri chose to accept as truth, so therefore her pride was still hurt. Sure, she had no problem with most of the students that were there, but she'd barely been able to look Izuku in the eyes since!

And that was months ago!

It had to be her pride!

There was no way that she had a crush on her junior! Sure, he was an amazing teacher, an amazing person, so sweet, kind, handsome, and just really really charming. So really, there was no doubt that she'd end up having a massive teenage crush on him that made her feel more giddy than she did dating her boyfriend back then! Honestly all the butterflies in her stomach right now were making her want to scream, jump, and go find Izuku and confess.

"Alright students!" Nezu appeared in the DJ booth, a microphone in hand as he continued to drop some of the absolute phattest beats this side of the pacific. The rat could rap. And the rat was up to something. He was always up to something. "You all had a chance to vote for the teacher dance! So here are the results."

"Teacher dance?" Nemuri felt her heart sink as she gazed around the large gymnasium filled to the absolute brim with youthful students having a blast at the harvest dance. It was her kind of place, youthful people doing youthful things and experiencing youth to its fullest all in the name of youth. So why on earth would people want to watch two teachers dance? And—


That dirty rat.

Nemuri glanced up at the large screen that displayed the results.

For the female teachers she was pretty certain that she was the only one in the running, namely because Recovery Girl would stab Nezu for making her dance, and the other female teachers weren't exactly popular. But for the male teachers.

For the male teachers, she guessed there might be a decent competition for who would win any kind of popularity poll. But Izuku fucking crushed the competition. Completely and utterly shattered it. He had more votes than every other male teacher combined!

That damn rat! He had to have rigged the results!

She paused her glaring and glanced around at their students. They were all looking at her with smiles full of pride, glee, and treachery. Okay. So maybe Nezu didn't rig anything and every single student just so happened to ship her and Izuku so much that they invented the teacher dance to get them together.

Nah, that couldn't be it.

"Come on future Mrs. Midoriya," One student pulled on her arm dragging her towards the middle of the gym.

"Yeah, your date's waiting."

"Isn't that right Mrs. Midoriya."

"Huh?" Nerumi looked at the students that were all ganging up on her. "But my last name is Kayama!"

She was shoved out into the circle as one cheeky blue haired first year floated past her. "Not for long."

Was everyone trying to set her up with Izuku?

A moment later she saw that answer was yes as Izuku had been shoved out into the large circle that had been made for them by several more students. He looked like a dork. A cute dork that she wanted to play tonsil hockey with but that was completely and utterly beside the point that she was way too sober to be this turned on.


Guys in suits turned her on.

Guys in suits with bow-ties, was just even better.

"Uhh," Izuku said in his usual way, laughing as he did. "I guess we need to dance, huh Nemuri-sensei?"

Izuku extended his hand out towards her.


"Need to?" she purred, grabbing Izuku's hand as she pulled herself closer to him. She grabbed his other hand and assumed dancing position, making certain that her chest bumped his ever so slightly. "I want to Izuku, so let's fuckin' dance, alright?"

"I uhh!" Izuku, gasped as she spun him around, taking complete control of the dance. Part of her was venting, part of her was taking control over her own emotions, and another part of her was just not giving a damn. But every part of her was going to enjoy this! "Nemuri! Language!"

"Shut up and dance with me!"

"Are you quoting a song?"

"Maybe!" She laughed, letting all the students fade into the background, as she let the music guide her and she kept her eyes focused on Izuku as they spun, danced, moved, and grooved, a smile spreading on her face that hurt her cheeks and made her feel so much more alive.

Izuku's hand was placed right where her hip met her waist as they danced aimlessly, it was awkward, and smooth all at once, a cross between a slow dance and some kind of a real grinder. It was so much fun to watch him, to move with him, to experience him, and holy shit she was making this dance sound like sex in her brain.

And she absolutely loved it.

Why the hell had she been holding back for so long? Why the hell hadn't he tried to do something?


There had to be romantic chemistry between them! She could feel it!

And so could he!

It was in a dip, in a twirl, and she leaned in. Kissing him.

The cheers from the crowd made her instantly aware that she had just kissed another teacher in front of what amounted to pretty much the entire student body. And most of them probably had cell phones.

"Well then! That was passionate!" Nezu's voice called out from the DJ booth once more. "Let's give our two teachers a round of applause! And a bit of privacy!"

"Uhh." Izuku opened his mouth, clearly his brain was off.

Nemuri blinked. And resisted the urge to just let out all of her quirk.

"Let's run!" Izuku picked her up and bolted out the door. Honestly that was kind of a real turn on.


Some bench in the middle of U.A. was where Izuku had chosen to stop, she smiled and let out a long sigh as she glanced at Izuku as he caught his breath. "You know, running away is going to make them talk even more right?"

Izuku slapped his forehead and groaned, reclining on the bench next to her. "I didn't even think about that, I just, uhh, I just thought we needed to get out of there as soon as possible."

"Hmm," Nemuri glanced up towards the stars and tapped her knees. "So. I don't regret the kiss by the way."

"Oh, I umm, I don't either."

"Then, do you want to try again?"

"How about we go on a date." Izuku stood, offering her his hand. "I mean, we're already dressed for it right?"

Nemuri blinked at his hand for a second, a smile creeping on her face. "Will there be kissing?"

"Of course, and umm—"

She stood grabbing his hand and pulling him along. "That's all I needed to hear Izuku! So let's go! Now let's go show each other a good time."

"Yes Ma'am."

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