Founders Future

Helga P.O.V.

(a few hours earlier)

Who on earth is shouting?, was my first thought when I woke up, the second one was I swear to god if it is Godric and Salazar I will murder them, then I realized that 1, 'Ric wouldn't start shouting at him so soon after Sal's return and 2, only one voice sounds like Godric.

Opening my eyes and sitting up straight (And ow, my head), I looked to where the shouting seemed to coming from. And there it as, Godric in a bed, looking about he is about to jump and fight at any moment with four people in front of him ( a woman who looked like was a pink toad transfigured into a human, a black haired lady in emerald robes, a square-jawed woman with a close-cropped grey hair and a monocle dressed in black robes, and an old man with a long white beard).

Then it hit me where I was.

"What did you do to my Medical wing?! And don't lie to me! I know my medical wing when I see it!"

This seemed to snap them out of their argument because in a flash they were looking at me frozen in shock. Godric was the first one to snap out of it first, opening his mouth to speak he said:"Helga! They want to put Salazar in a prison cell!"

This shocked me and angered me, because who dared to put my adorable not-really-innocent husband in a prison?

"Wha-Why?"I asked.

"Lady Hufflepuff, you put understand, the castle is full of muggle borns and half-blood's, it would be a danger tend in count his historically known hate of them. That and he practiced the Dark Arts." said the Lady in emerald robes.

"The actions of my husband-"cue gasps" during his time under the Imperius curse were not under his control." I said with a firm glare.

"And Sal only practices Dark Magic because 1) my family and their idiotic ideas and 2) that way he can recognize spells when they are thrown at us and 3) him knowing the spells he can use them for good, not for evil." added Godric with a glare of his own.

"You are married to Lord Slytherin!?" asked the pink-toad-turned-human sjocked.

"Yes, is there a problem? Beside, it is other prove that he does not hate muggle borns, tend in count that I am a muggle born." I answered, lifting an eyebrow.

An "Ugh" came from the bed next to mine causing us to stop and turn around to look at the person in it.

Which turned out to be Rowena.

"Why do I feel like that one time Godric decided to try and make a potion of his own?"
("It was one time")

"Don't you remember what happened Row'?" I asked while thinking of the reasons why Rowena wouldn't remember (concussion maybe? But she didn't hit anything unless she did when they arrived. Maybe she was closer to the spell? No, That was Godric, he was pulling his stupid I-am-older-than-you-all-so-I-need-to-protect-you (even though Rowena is only younger by 2 months) thing), unknowingly pulling a frown.

"Remember wha-OH, That." Rowena said, sitting up straight and putting a hand on her head."Where's Sal? Is he Okay?"

And in that moment me and probably 'Ric realized that we didn't even think about Sal (other than why the other people wanted to put him in a holding cell for reasons that he had no control (other the Dark Arts bit, but that saved their lives so many times it didn't count)) or her for that matter.

Me, 'Ric and 'Wena looked at the three ladies and the old man waiting for answers.

"Lord Slytherin, while his state was worrisome, was able to pull through and is currently in other room being watched by Aurors." said Lady Monocle said, and , after seeing our looks, said."They are kind of the protectors of wizards and witches."

"Well then, bring him here, there is no need him being under their watch unless that man followed us." I said looking at them waiting for answers, worried that him had followed us.

"Nobody else appeared other than you four m'Lady, and we will see that your husband is brought here as per your request." said the old man.

"Right, and who are you?" asked Rowena with an accusingly glare, which lead to Godric and I blush in embarrassment because we didn't ask them their names.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, I'm the Headmaster of this school, and yes it is Hogwarts-" as we were about to protest that they were the ones that were the Headmasters he lifted a hand up to silence us."I'm sorry to tell you but it has been a thousand years." he let that sink in.

On my right side, I heard Rowena gasp and and on my left I heard Godric say "impossible".

We lost a thousand years because of that stupid man, what happened to mine and Sal's nephews and nieces (I couldn't have children, I had a brother and Sal had a cousin-like-sister).

After a few minutes, Dumbledore continued with the introductions:"By my right is the deputy of this school/head of the Gryffindor house/Transfiguration teacher Minerva Mcgonagall." He said pointing to the black haired, emerald robes woman.

"Ironic, I also taught Transfiguration."Told Godric trying to light the mood. It looked like it worked because Mcgonagall blushed a bit and Dumbledore, with a light chuckle, said:"It seems that time as a funny way of making coincidences."

"Moving on the Lady next to Minerva is Lady Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, or DMLE for short. By my left is-" Said Dumbledore, only to be interrupted by the woman on his left.

"Dolores Umbridge, Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic and Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts here at Hogwarts."She finished with an horrible sweet smile, looking as if she didn't just interrupt someone.

"Right, it's better if we go and tell Poppy to prepare other bed here and tell the Aurors about the change of rooms that Lord Slytherin is about to have." Said Amelia, turning around and getting out of the room, quickly followed by Umbridge, Minerva and Dumbledore.