Hat Island. Mansion. Black Hat sat in his office. Reading over some paperwork. . When he found a letter.

Flugg ugg came in, carrying his latest device.

He said "Hey, boss. I have the latest-" Black Hat stretched out his arm and shut Flugg up. The Villain leader proceeded to open the letter.

It read, "Dear Black Hat. Your presence has been requested in Hell. The Princess, Charlotte, is sorely lacking any evil. Which, for Hell, provides a bit of a problem. So, to help her, I DEMAND you to come down here. Your brother, Lucifer."

Black Hat sighed "Will that girl EVER learn?"

Flugg asked, "What girl, Sir?"

Demencia, who'd been eavesdropping, burst in the room, "Yeah! What girl?!" Black Hat threw the letter at them.

They read it. . And looked at him in horror and surprise. They both screamed "LUCIFER HIMSELF IS YOUR BROTHER?!"

Black Hat said "Yes. And Apparently, his daughter needs me to teach her to be evil. "

Demencia asked "But . . If she lives in Hell. . Where I'm sure there's a lot of evil people. . How isn't she evil?"

Black Hat replied "You've got me." He got up from his desk, "Pack your bags. We leave now. "

Demencia squealed. She figured, if Black Hat is introducing her to his family. . It might mean she's getting close to him. Only downside is that Flugg has to come too.

Flugg asked, terrified , "Uh. . Sir. . Isn't there a rule against bringing living people to Hell?"

Black Hat said "Who cares." He looked at Flugg's latest invention "And put that thing back in the lab until we return!"

(Meanwhile, in Hell.)

Charlie sat on the bed shared by her and Vaggie in the happy Hotel. Reading a letter from her father. It said "Dear Charlie. Don't want to waste much time. . But to help you with your evil problem. . Your uncle Black Hat is coming to Help you. Sincerely, Daddy."

Charlie said, knowing her uncle's reputation, "Oh . . I'm in so much trouble."