It's been 3 weeks since Misaki left the spaceship. She found herself in a conundrum.

What had been a fun time in space with her no-strings attached sexual relationship with Accelerator was more trouble than it was worth.


Because of the albino who stood outside her doorstep.

She was in one of her private properties: a cabin in the woods somewhere in Japan. She came here to relax and told no one about the area.

Yet he still managed to find her.

Beyond the canopy the clouds split and unveiled the full moon.

The only light came from the fluorescent lamps near the fireplace. Misaki was bathed in light. Accelerator submerged in darkness.

She knew it was him due to the night vision specs over her starry eyes. She noticed he looked her up and down. She wore black shorts and a crop top accentuating her thighs, hips, midriff and breasts.

She removed her specs. "What do you want?"

"To talk," he said.

She was tempted to slam the door closed but thought better of it. It wouldn't do to anger the #1 level 5 of Academy City.

"Come in."

Without warning he pulled her into a hug. "I missed you," he said, then drew her for a wet kiss. She was helpless as his tongue invaded her mouth. He pulled her shirt up. Her breasts spilled onto the open hair. His pale hand sunk into her large tit and flicked her nipple with his thumb.

He kicked the door closed and carried her to the bedroom.

Hours later she tried to move.

She moaned.

He was on top of her seductive body. Her breasts squeezed against his chest. Her slender legs stretched the mattress. He removed her shorts but kept her shirt. The bed was drenched in sweat and cum. He gripped her ass. His head was buried on the space beside hers. They haven't spoken since she told him to come in, and he interpreted that differently.

Her phone started ringing. Through half-lidded eyes and drooling lips she realized the call was important.

She tried to reach the nightstand. She couldn't move. He hit her g-spot. She curled her toes, spasmed her legs and arched her back against the mattress. He came inside her.

It would remain the same for the next 12 hours. When he was finally done, he pulled our and a rivulet of cum escaped her cunt.

She wasn't allowed to leave. They only stopped when she needed to use the bathroom: toilet and shower. And whenever they drank and ate.

"I'm just a sex toy," she told him the evening of the third day. She lay on her side and faced the wall, completely naked.

"No," he said. "You're my sex toy exclusively." He held her waist possessively. The pure honesty of his words made her shiver.

Then he sodomized her.

On the fourth day she finally asked him how he came to find her. It was just small talk as she served him a teacup laced with aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac would make him horny then sleepy. Then she would leave, briefly, to retrieve some supplies from Tokyo then return.

He got to her, and she decided she might as well make the best of it. She adorned a dark brown silk robe with gold leaves woven into the fabric. The robe was tight around her figure and left her supple thighs bare.

"I didn't find you," he said, sipping the tea. "Hokaze did. Girl with ringlet curls? I think she planned on visiting you today as a surprise."

Misaki froze. Then there was a knock on the door to the foyer. "This tastes funny," Accelerator said. He stood up, wore his boxers and raised the cup. "There's still a little left. Here, you can have some." Before she could decline he sipped the tea, held her cheeks, opened her mouth, kissed her then poured his spit and tea down her throat.

Too late. She felt the heat take over. She unintentionally damned Junko to a similar fate. If she had not put the aphrodisiac in his drink he wouldn't be consumed by lust and would ignore Junko.

The heat was overwhelming. She began fingering herself drenching her hand with her juices.

"Wait," she heard Junko say softly, followed by a yelp as Accelerator, consumed by the heat, pulled Junko's slender arm.

Misaki watched her maybe-boyfriend rape her best friend while she fingered herself to a scenario she helped concoct.

Junko was a slender girl, beautiful too, with long hair in ringlet curls and distracting pretty eyes. "M-Misaki-sama!" she stammered, seeing Misaki's state of undress. Misaki pulled her sash, leaving her collarbone, side breasts, midriff and pussy bare.

Accelerator removed Junko's dress and underwear with one pull then dragged her into the bed. Accelerator was red. He wasn't all there. Like Misaki, he was consumed by heat. He fucked her, taking her virginity. Misaki mounted her face, let Junko eat her out, closed her eyes then moaned till she convulsed in orgasm.