KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN: A platonic soulmate AU.

When Reborn agrred to the job of raising Tsunayoshi Sawada he knew that he would have his work cut out for him.

It was different from Dino. The boy was a powerful sky, but the Cavallone family, while powerful, didn't hold such weight like Vongola did. It was pertinent that Reborn make sure that he succeeded into making Tsunayoshi into a fine mafia boss.

The file Iemetsu gave him on his son told him the boy already had two soulmates. It wasn't the best, but Reborn could work with it.

Dino had two as well and the ninth had a rare four. The only sky to have the full six, one for each guardian, was the first generation Vongola boss, Primo. The only other to come close was a boss in the gero family, two generations ago; with five soulmates.

Soulmates and flames went hand in hand in the mafia. Skies were the only flame that could have mor than two soulmates. The more one had, the more powerful they were. Two soulmates was considred passable for a sky.

And certainly not passable for a Vongola sky. But, Reborn wasn't known as the Greatest Hitman in the World for nothing, and he most certainly wasn't a supbar tutor.

Tsunayoshi Sawada would be a great mafia boss two soulmates or no soulmates. As long as he had powerful guardians to complete his circle no outside family should complain.

He leafed through the file from Imetsu a third time and read the two marks Tsunayoshi had on his body. The first one he was born with. It was located between his shoulder blades and Reborn was sure Imeitsu lost ten years off his life finding it on his 'precious tuna fishie.'

I'm on an assassination mission

Nothing will stop me

It was the first two sentances this soulmate would ever say to him and it was Italian. It was promising and not much of an issue because if an assassin came for the life of Tsunayoshi once the relationship came to life the assassin was free to join the Vongola.

Soulmarks were the only way someone could betray their only family for another without the risk of inciting the ire of the Vindice. It definitely made people twitchy around people who weren't matched with their marks but what can you do?

The second was wrapped around the boys left ankle and lopped up to make room for the two. This one appeared when the child was three years old.

Yes exactly

Only idiots think that big foot is an alien

What a stupid first conversation. None others appeared before the childs fourth birthday; the year soulmarks stopped appearing. It was a shame but not a problem. Tsunayoshi would be the greatest mafia boss of this generation of die trying.

When Reborn finally landed in Nammimori he emmedietly went about tailing and gathering intelligence on his student. What he found was…strange.

He knew that Imetsu file would be lacking in any useful information beside his soulmate status, but this was something else entirely. His file talked of a shyness that practically made the boy a walking disaster.

The real Tsunayoshi, while still shy, was confident and moved with a grace of someone who knew their body quiet well. This was a welcome surprise. He assumed the boy had a good head on his shoulders and took his first soul mark for what it was; a threat.

The things that were strange was the boys weird…habits. One of them, he could understand. The soulmark on his ankle spoke of big foot after all but he didn't understand why the boy was so utterly obsessed with conspiracy theories and monster sightings.

Digging around he found that Tsunayoshi went to a convention every six months iin Tokyo to geek out with other people about it. When he snuck into his room while the boy was away he found heaps of scrapbooks filled with scribbles and newspaper clippings.

Some of them were even Vongola or mafia cover ups but he doubted Tsunayoshi realized that. This habit was odd but he could work with it. The boy clearly had an eye for spotting odd things and that could be very useful if channeled correctly.

The second odd thing was the…streaking. Of all the hobbies to pick up, his student picked this one. Perhaps there was more imetsu in the boy than he thought. After some research he found out this particular hoobie started at ten years old.

He also only ever did it at school. Perhaps this was the boys way of protesting? Reborn wasn't sure how he was going to channel this hobby into something productive.

Tsunayoshi wasn't even a skilled streaker. He always got caught and had to face multiple suspensions. It was just…why?

Reborn decided he would just leave that quirk aside and face the other one that was making him uncomfortable.

Tsunayoshi was obsessed with clams. If Reborn didn't know better he would think the boy was trolling them all. But the boy had no idea, right? Vongola translated into clam but no one in the mafia took it so literal.

His bedsheets, his boxers; even his tooth brush was covered in clam designs. He had a picture of a clam on his bedside table and he even had a pet clam. A medium sized salt water tank in his room with a single clam in it.

Reborn was sure the boy would weep tears of joy that the mafia family he would inheriet was named after clam. The picture in Reborns head was almost wrong.

So yes, Reborn was surprised by the boys sheer, weird habits but it wasn't a deterent. He would still tutor the boy into being the next Vongola he just had to deal with the strange habits. As long as they never interfered with his growth he would allow them.

Even being surrounded by clams.

He took the news like a champ-eyes wide.

"V-vongola?" Tsuna whispered questionally. Reborn could barely contain his cringe and eyed the pet clam in the fish tank on the boys desk glumly. The boy continued to prove a suprise when he-literly-facepalmed.

The loud smacking noise made by his palm was soon drowned out by the boys roaring laughter. Reborns small lipsed pursed together tightly-vowning to beat Iemetsu to a pulp for producing such an annoying progeny.

"Oh-oh-thats why-" Tsunayoshi piltered off into mad giggles and Reborn glanced at him sharply.

"Why what?" Reborn hissed and the boy wisely fell silent. Perhaps there was hope for him yet-Reborn thought grugingly. Tsuna squinted at him in distrust and a second later Reborn had him in a headlock.

"How is this possible-hurk-" Tsuna weezed while Reborn shook him.

"What do you know-explain yourslef!" Reborn sqeaked in his baby voice loudly. He hated not knowing things, and when reasearch and observation failed-brute force never did. Tsuna shreaked and flailed yelling loudly for help.

Bless the type of women Iemetsu attract for Nana simply spun around the kitchen sighly happily about 'boys being boys'.

"I yield-yield!" Tsuna gasped thunking on the ground loudly with his free hand-the other unsuccessfully pawing at the baby hitman. Reborn let go and Tsuna rolled away, jumping up a second later and throwing himself out the window.

Reborns mouth dropped open while the brat yelled; "I will never tell!"

He landed on the lawn outside with a loud groan. Reborn jumped up on the window sill and watched as the boy sprang up and ran toward his fence. The hitman pulled out his gun and started furiously shooting at the stupid brat.

He wailed loudly while somehow dodging all of his bullets. Then jumped the fence and ran down the road-kicking up dust in his wake. With a burst of sun flames he raced over the rooftops after his student.

Reborn was annoyed-greatly so. But he was also a smidgen impressed, too. He wasn't chasing after him seriously but he had to admit, the boy had balls-that was good. What wasn't good was the fact the brat had the audacity to snub him.

He was going down.

One of his little feet collided with the brats back and they both went down. Tsuna groaned and Reborn jumped onto his head for good measure making Tsuna-literaly-eat dirt. Tsuna spluttered and gagged bending over on his knees and spitting the dirt out.

His short rode up a little as he grabbed the fabric in his spluttering when Reborn saw it. Familiar black lettering going up Tsunas inner thy. Reborns eyes became wide-a clue!

He didn't feel like wrestling the boy out of his clothes so passively loaded Leon with a dying will bullet while the boy whined loudly. As soon as Leon was loaded and he pointed the gun at Tsuna the boy spun around. Reborn smirked at the good instincts but knew the boy was too close to him to dodge properly.

"Die." He squeaked and fired. The bullet hit him square in the forehead and he crumbled. Reborn watched his still body curiously. Eventually the boy stired and he rose like a excirable flame zombie-clothes flying off him and screamed;

"Find my soulmates with my dying will!"

Reborns black eyes darted over Tsunas body-counting four, five-six.

"Eimetsu you idiot." Reborn muttered while his student raced off and Reborn followed after him equal parts annoyed and gleeful over the incredble lucky hand Vongola was just delt with.

Reborn followed after his student curious to see where he would go when his wild flame fueled student stopped outside his school gates-latched onto them like a barancile and squirmy up them like a monkey.

When he reached the top he balanced on screamed; "Soulmate! I'm here and naked!" He looked down at his boxers, "Well, almost."

To Reborns great alarm from a roof over Tsuna's thumbs snagged at the top of his boxers but-to the eaternly grateful hitman-a black bur jumped off the roof of the school and tackled his student off the fence onto the ground.

Reborn watched with intrest as the dying will flame sputtered out and the promising black haired teen wacked Tsunas head with a metal tonfa.

Tsuna clutched the growing bumb and sqealed. His eyes grew big and his face paled when he saw who was glowering down at him.

"Hibar-san, its not what it looks like! My clothes-" Tsuna gasped.

"I am aware of your record. I don't tolerate streakers in my school, Sawada Tsunayoshi." Hibari hissed. The black words on Tsunas shoulder blazed purple-so bright and luminescent that Tsuna turned to gape at them. Hibari, in turn, gripped his shoulder and stared-stunned at Tsuna sprawled at his feet.

There was an awkward silence from the two children and Reborn perked up from his spot on the roof-wishing he had popcorn.

"Herbivore?" This Hibari muttered sofly-questioningly. Tsuna stared up at him in awe before tears gathered in his eyes happily. This made Hibari's eyes narrow with conviction.

"Herbivore." He grond out rsulutly.

"Unnaceptable." He hissed, quicking his newly found soulmate in the ribs. "Unacceptable." The boy reapeated pouncing on Tsuna-Tonfa's swinging.

Reborn hummed quitely-watching Tsuna flail wildly before gathering his bearings and managing to dodge a few times. This seemed to excite the black haired boy who was no harrassing his student with greater abandone.

Reborn shook his head, thinking-completely ignoring the please from Tsuna. Hibari, Hibari, Hibari-Where had he heard that before? A hazy memory of Fon complaing about his willful nephew came to mind.

Ah-how quaint. He looked over and watched as Hibari, nephew of Fon, actually-honestly bit Tsuna on the shoulder. How unsanitary.

He pulled out his phone and started typing away on it. Why? Because he was petty.

Guess who's the soulmate of Vongola's successor?

He paired this text with a picture, quickly snaping one of the tussle going on below him. Tsuna had tears streaming comiclly off his face while Hibari had an arm around his naked chest mouth posed to bite the shoulder the was still neon purple.

He sent it. A minute later he recieved a rebly from Fon.

That poor boy…

A second later another text poped up.

Hopefully the Ninth gives you hazard pay for having to put up with him. So much hazard pay.

Reborn rolled his eyes-completely ignoring the pained groaning coming from his student.

Nothing I can't handle.

Fon just sent him a picture of a child in yellow pajamas giving him a dead-pan stare.

"That was some EXTREME fighting! Join my club!"

"Its you! The extreme guy!"

"You don't have to smile so much Yammato-san."

"Why do you care?"

"If you're hurting, thats okay."

"Will you help me?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm nobody."

"Well not anymore."

"You wouldnt want me in your life."

"Isnt bigfoot considered a mammal?"

"Yes, exactly!"

"Can you believe this?"

"Only idiotsthink that bigfoot is an alien."

"Are you lost?"

"Im on an assination mission!"

"But youre a child!"

"Nothing will stop me!"

"Your body is mine."

"No thanks. But I will take your name."

"You can call me Mukuro, young Vongola."