Part 2 of the Harry Potter OC:

Part 2- (1/7) - Burned

(plot-introduction to obstacle/mystery-tomriddle)

-percy locked up in his room

-Harry not responding to letters

August 1992

Ginny shook me awake and I awoke with a start. I didn't need her to tell me to come down to breakfeast; I could smell it.

Groaning, I got out of bed and shuffled down the stairs-both of us still in our night clothes. Ginny hoped iff the last step in front of me before sqealing and turning, running right into me. We stumbled and heard a collection of sniggers from the table.

From the top of Ginny's head I spotted black messy hair and curious green eyes. I pushed my twin off me and led her firmly to the table. She went stiffly and stared at Harry with big eyes. George opened his mouth with a grin but hastily shut it at Mom's silent glare.

We sat and Mom loaded our plates with sausages and eggs, then left out the back door with an empty laundry basket.

Ginny was sitting in mortified silence while I stared at him with big eyes. The poor boy was starting to look uncomfortable by our twin stairs and the sniggering of everyone at the table wasn't helping.

Eventually I turned away from my staring to give my brothers the stink eye.

"Am I being led to believe," I began dangerously, and it was by no satisfaction that the smiles fell off thier faces, "that you left in the dead of the night, stole dads car, and hiested Harry Potter from his realitives…."

I breathed in deeply, " And didn't invite us!"

Ginny snapped away from her gaping to glare our brothers too. Fred and George shared a grin while Ron shrugged helplessly.

"Well we would have…" Fred began but I didn't want to hear the twin reply from George so threw a biscuit at him and it bounced off his shoulder onto the ground.

"Im setting Crusty on-" But my threat was cut off by a retalition biscoit. It bounced off my head onto Harry plate and he stared at it in awe. There was a heavy silence as the two sets off twins stared at each other. All at one, as if by some signal, we grabbed the closeset food item we could reach. Harry ducked under the table quickly and Ron jumped up just as I was aiming a spoonful of gravy at George.

"Mums cooking!" He cried. We all froze and I a universal silent agreement dropped our weapons and started to continue eating like an epic battle hadnt hust almos occured. Wither it was because we knew money was tight or the world truth of Mums cooking belinging nowhere else but in your mother or perhaps the wrath of the woman itself. We all had our reasons and they were all good ones.

Harry settled back into his seat from under the table, grinning like a loon. I found his behaviour odd for a bit, then I felt stupid. He was an orphan, from a family who dispised him. I wasn t sure if he had any contact with Serius yet either.

A place and family like this was probably a dream come true. I felt slight pity for him but squashed when I knew it wouldnt be appreciated, instead I smiled at him.

"Well, nice to meet you Harry, you can call me Minny."

He nodded and I jerked my thumb towards Ginny; "This is my twin Ginny, she has a sore throat today."

She meeped then stomped on my foot hard. I sqauked loudly and my knees hit the bottom of the table making it rattle. Harry blinked and his head leaned away while Ron leaned in to loudly whisper.

"They're both mental."

Ginny's face turned fire truck red and gave Ron a mock disapointed look. Harry shook his head, his wild hair swinging a bit.

"I think you're all briliant."

Ron was the one to turn a bit pink while, Ginny looked about ready to hide her face in her breakfast. We looked over when mom came in through the side door an d set the laundry down and wiping her hand son her apron and smiling at us all kindly.

Suddenly she stopped and looked down at the floor, her expression turning confused; "Why is there a biscuit on the floor?"

We all stared at her dumbly before Harry broke out in a hysterical giggle before trying to hide it behind a high pitched cough.

"Its for Crusty." I answered seriously, turning back to my breakfast to pour gravy.

Ginny was practically vibrating with excitement next me. It was nice to see her back to her true self for the moment. Harry was in the room too and I felt proud of her achievement.

"Do you think they will come today?" Ginny whispered excitedly in my ear. I smiled at her.

"I hope so!" I whispered. I was more nervous than I was excited. All the magic inncedenta aside I did live another life as a 'muggle' and I think I would always feel a sense of inadequacy.

I took a big bite out of my pancakes and almost choked when Errol crashed in from the kitchen window. He ran into the pitcher of gravy and it fell over with a clang.

I coughed harshly and Percy reached over to slap me on the back. Mom came through like a whirlwind and fixed the mess with her wand and scooped up the flailing owl like the pro mother she was.

I continued to cough while Fred adopted a commentary voice; "Well, Gred, will this be the day Errol finally does our dear sister in?"

"Perhaps Forge, I hope so!" George answered back enthusiatically. I gave them a watery glare and reached for a napkin. Harry passed me one and smiled at him in thanks. His eyes were gleaming like he was having the time of his life witnessing this everyday Weasley occurance.

"Ah, Auntie Murial sends her love from Paris!" Moms voice carried over the talk of the table.

"Yeah, Love." Ron muttered sarcastically while Ginny and I sniggered into our breakfeast. Mom lightly smacked the back of Rons head with a dish towel. She then turned to the grinning Fred and George.

"And you two better try your best to fix the rift toy made with your stupid prank, this is the first letter we've had in years!" Mum shook her finger at the two.

"Gee, we would Mum." One of them began.

"But she just never visits us anymore!" the other finished.

Ginny and I broke out in giggles and Mum snatched the empty pancake plate off the table and gave the twins a motherly glare.

"And whos fault is that!"

Nothing more was said until all of us had cleaned off our plates.

"Blimey, I'm tired," yawned Fred, setting down his knife and fork. "I think I'll go to bed and-"

"You will not," Snapped Mom. "It's your own fault you've been up all night. You're going to de-gnome the garden for me; they're getting completely out of hand again-"

"Oh, Mum-"

"And you two," she said, turning to glare at Ron and Fred. "You can go up to bed, dear," she added to Harry. "You didn't ask them to fly that wretched car-"

Harry blinked and sat up quickly; "I'll help Ron. I've never seen a de-gnoming-"

"Thats very sweet of you, dear, but it's dull work," said Mom. "Now, let's see what Lockhart's got to say on the subject-"

She pulled Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests from the stack on the mantle piece. George groaned. I immedietily turned out the rest of the conversation and brabbed so more sausaged off the table.

Eventually the boys slouched thier way outside and Ginny immedietly started whimpering in my ear.

"Minny." she moaned in embaressment while I patted her arm consolingly.

I was braided Ginny's hair when we heard an echoing shout from downstairs.


"Dad must be home…" Ginny mummbled sympethetically. I finished that last couple plates in her braid then we shuffled toward our door, eavesdropping.

"-and for your information, Harry arrived this morning in the car you weren't intending to fly!"

We couldn't hear Dads reply, only a faint muffling in his deep voice-but we hears Mums shout only a few seconds later.

"Your sons flew that car to Harry's house and back last nigh!" shouted Mom and Ginny and I cringed. "What have you got to say about that, eh?"

Again, Dad spoke to softly. But Ginny meeped when we heard the familiar thumping of someone walking up the staris. Ron and Harry apeared and looked at our twin brown eyes peering at them. I smiled impishly at them and Ginny snapped the door shut.

I stepped back and looked at her horribly blushing face.

I stepped into the dim shop my father close behind. He put both hands on my shoulder and pushed me forward, presenting me to the empty shop. Stepping forward I looked back and my dad gave me the two thumbs up.

Smiling I turned away only to jump when a lined face with wild eyebrows was looking down at me from behind the counter. I squeaked in surprise and my father chuckled.

"Ah, Arthur Weasly," weazed, "Adler wood, unicorn hair ten inches, very stiff."

My father nodded pleasantly and the wand makers beady eyes turned towards me. I stood up straighter and and tried to seem capable.

"First year ?" Ollivander muttered turning away not even waiting for an answer. A measuring tape flew from behind the counter and started its mad rush to measure every inch of me. He stopped in his shuffling around of different boxes an turned suddenly.

"Wand arm?" He barked. I jumped again and thrust out my left, he hummed softly staring at my extended arm.

Eventually he presented me with a light brown wand.

"Cedar unicorn hair, ten inches, springy."

I grabbed it. Nothing happened no tingle or magical sensation we stared at each other and and a deep line appeared between Olivander's eyebrows. He snatched it away and shuffled towards another pile of boxes.

He presented me with another wand, this one a pleasant red and stared at me shrewdly as I grabbed it. Again, I felt nothing from the wand. This happened several more times and instead of getting excited Ollivander seemed to be get more grave with every wand he passed to me.

I looked worriedly to my father and he gave me a smile with worry in his eyes. Biting my lip I grabbed the next wand, a pretty white one (Aspen dragon heart string nine inches) but barely held it for a few seconds before Olivander snatched away.

Wondering if perhaps the all the 'accidental magic' from before was really just my imagination and I was a squib. It would be absolutely heart wrenching if that were true. To be born into this world then to have it wrenched away.

"Perhaps this one, Cherry wood dragon heartstring ten inches, nice and flexiple."

With shaking hands I reached out and grabbed it. My fingers barely attained a comfortable grip before the bookshelf to my left exploded and books ricochet out of it like bullets. I dropped the wand and screeched while a tome smacked my father in the stomach.

His pained groaned was drowned out by Ollivander's dry cackle. His somber attitude was completely gone as he trotted over to his many shelves of wands. He rubbed his hands together as I allowed my dad to pick up the wand I dropped and set on the mans desk delicately.

My dad winked at me a renewed twinkle in his eye and walked back towards the babck of the store. Completley ignoring the mess of singed books littering the floor Ollivander passed me another wand.

"Ebony wood, dragonheart string, twelve inches."

I grasped the black wand and this time when nothing happened the mood didn't darken. The wand was snatched back and Olivander bounced away.

"Tricky customer, eh?" He said. I tried multiple others with no change when he presented me with a light brown wand with a beautiful disign on the handle.

"Willow wood, unicorn hair, eleven inches, quite supple."

I gripped the wand, gave it flick and gasped, then cried out. The wand fell to the floor and clutched my hand to my chest tears spring up into my eyes. My father was immediately by my side.

Olliivander walked briskly over as well and they both crouched around me.

"Minny? What happened? Whats wrong?" My father urged. I slowly uncurled my hand and we saw a straight burn from where the wand had been held in my fingers. The floral design on the wand imprinted into the skin.

When Ollivander saw the burn he reared back and stood up. My father gently held my wrist and examined the burn.

"Merlin, Minny." he whispered. He looked toward Ollivander questioning and tense; "Has this happened before?"

Ollivander didn't answer instead disapeared down to the darkest part of the store.

"Mr. Ollivander!" My father cried, then muttered under his breath before putting his arm around me and helping me up. My hand was thtobbing but I resisted when my dad tried to turn me towards the door.

"my wand!" I said but my father cut me off.

"This needs to be treated Minny your wand will be here for you when you return!" He sounded stern, sterner than I had heard in awhile. I was weak in the face of it and felt a wave of disapointment.

" !" Ollivander called out. We turned and the man strode towards us and presented me with a wand.

"No." My father gave the wand maker a stern look, "No more we-"

I interupted; "Please Dad! One more!"

I loked at the pale wood of the wand that had dark accents. Without waiting for my fathers reply I reached out with my burned hand a grasped the wand. I winced when my burn touched the wood but any pain was forgotten when my vision went completely black.

Any and all sensations were taken away from me and all I could feel was the wand in my hand. It was like holding a peice of ice on a warm day yet it was painless. It pulsed like it was alive and I could feel a shot of something coming from the wand and settling into my chest.

Eventually sensation bled from my wand hand up my arm and through the rest of my body. My sight and hearing were the last to return. My dad was shaking me.

"Minny! Minny! Damnit all, Minny!" He frantically called. My head snapped up and he let out a rush of air that hit my face. I blinked at him awed then stared down at the wand gripped in my throbbing fingrs.

"Elder wood, pheonix feather, ten inches, bendy." Ollivander said quietly from off to the side.

We both looked at him. Ollivander gave me a piercing gaze

-goign to saint mungo

Hedwig swooped down from the sky, a letter clutched in her beak. Harry emmediaetly hopped off his broom and ran towards her.

"It's Serius!"

"He says he can meet us in Diagon Alley tommorow!"

Harry took a deep breath the immediately started coughing; "D-Dia-gon Alley"

He whooshed away in a burst of green flames and then they died down.

"Oh, dear." Mom muttered. "Thats not good."

"Will he be okay?" Ron

"Here girl-take your book-it's the best your father can give you-" Lucious sneered then swept out of the shop, Draco on his heels.

Everyone was gathering around Hagrid but I was to busy looking at the cauldren full of books at my feet. I could see it, the black leather bound journal Lucious had slipped into the cauldron. Bending over, I swiped it from out between the books.

I didn't dare scrutinize it here-instead stowing it away in the cloth bag I brought with me.

-then canon diagon alley trip

Part 2 (2/7) - Hogwarts

(conflict-plot-establish fear-intro to side characters)

I sat at my cramped desk and looked down at the black journal. The sound of my siblings laughing fell out the window and did little to make what I was about to do feel better.

I ruminated and explored all my options to get to this point. Tom Riddle would most likely hold the answer to the questions I had and, in a weird taste of irony, would be the only one who wouldn't be afraid of me.

The thought of being possessed by Voldemort, or at least the boyhood spirit of him, was frightening. But nothing compared to the absolute terror of losing the family that helped save me from my depression and I had grown to adore these past eleven years. I would do anything for them, even this.

Carefully I reached for my quill and unscrewed my ink well. I opened the book and stared at the first blank page. I breathed in slowly and exhaled sharply. My quill hit the page.

August 31 1992

My name is Minerva Weasley.

Watching with a sick fascination, the ink was slowly absorbed as if the page was tasting the ink slowly, savoring it. Even though I was expecting what happened next a chill still ran down my back when different words and writing resurfaced.

Hello Minerva.

My name is Tom Riddle.

I sat, back straight my heart beating and sweat gathering at the back of my neck. Suddenly I felt paralyzed as his words slowly sank back into the page. My fingers twitched towards my quill but I refrained from replying right away.

I figured soul piece of Voldemort would be desperate to gain my trust. I was right.

Would it be presumptuous of me to assume that you begin Hogwarts tomorrow?

I pushed away my anxiety and let myself enjoy the dance. My eyes narrowed. That was quite the leap of logic for him to make but it was a smart move. If I was going to Hogwarts I would be excited to talk about it, and If I didn't know what it was it would trigger enough curiosity for most people to ask.

A smart person wouldn't trust something when you don't know where it keeps its brain.

I let him stew on that. My goal wasn't to scare him away but I was curious about what he would say. The biggest advantage I had was he needed me and I already knew about him.

Many years ago I attended Hogwarts as a student. I made this diary to serve as a memory and a help to those who come after me.

I am simply a memory.

I reached for my quill but another sentence cropped up before I could reply.

Are you a returning student?

He must have taken my silence as confirmation about Hogwarts. I would be useless to him if I wasn't in the castle I supposed. I briefly considered letting him hang again but figured it wouldn't do me any favors.

A Hogwarts student achieving such advanced magic as a book like this? I find that hard to believe

I will be a first year.

You are a sharp one aren't you? Maybe I can teach you the spell someday and you can make your own diary.

I immediately felt sick. It was an empty promise I knew it, he knew it, though he didn't know I did, and the thought of making a horcrux of my own made me want to hurl. He meant to entice me. I decided to let my inquires go, extremely uncomfortable. I forced myself to write.

I might take you up on that Riddle.

I frowned at my answer and watched it fade away.

Is there a Hogwarts house you favor?

My family has been in Gryffindor house for generations.

That doesn't answer my question.

I will be in Gryffindor because that is expected of me and will accept nothing else. If I were to end up any other house the ramifications of such a union would be disastrous. No other house would survive it.

I sat back like I had been punched. My angry scribble glared at me from the page and it took longer to fade away than any of the other sentence id written the last twenty minutes. I threw my quill away from me like it had burned me.

Could the diary influence my emotions? Fear struck me and I could physically feel the blood leaving my face.

I jumped a foot when I could hear the pounding of feet on the up I slammed the diary closed and stuffed it into my pillow case just in time for my door to be thrown open by Ron.

"Dinner Minny, come on!" He shouted at me his face red and his knees muddy.

"Don't you know how to knock?" I snapped at him. His eyes went big in surprise and I immediately softened.

"You just surprised me," I rebuked softly, ", what if I had been changing?"

Ron gave me a disgusted look and I snorted. I patted his arm consolingly and let him lead me out. I couldn't help but glance at my tousled pillow in the corner.

Ginny left to brush her teeth and I quickly turned towards my bed and pulled the diary out from in my pillow case. My first instinct was to bury the book into my trunk and be done with it but I took a moment to open the book and saw his short reply.

Slytherin could.

I slammed the book closed and stuffed it into my school trunk.

The twins helped Ginny and I put our trunks up then disapeared down the train-anxois for mischief, probably. Ginny pouted after them, then turned to me excited.

"Lets find Ron and Harry!"

I rolled my eyes behind her back. Ron and Harry were probably stealing Dads car by this point, seeing as the disappeared and Tom Riddles diary was stewing in my school trunk. I still followed her as we walked down the train.

I allowed the excitement to sweep me away. There were already students practice magic in thier compartments, friends reuniting, and even a few older students kissing. Ginny gave me a disgusted look and I giggled.

I froze when we pased a compartment with a small, light colored haired girl sitting by her self in a compartment. Ginny realized I stopped and turned.

"Did you find them?"

I shook my head and opened the comparment door. Luna Lovegood-there was no way it could be anyone else-lokked up from the book in her lap and smiled at us dreamily.

"Can we sit in this compartment with you?" I asked, feeling a rush of excitement. Ginny made a questioning noise behind me and I whispered to her.

"We'll see them soon enough at school-lets make friends!"

Luna set aside her book and beamed at us; "Oh yes, please."

She pouted but didn't argue and we drug our trunks into the comparment. Luna helped us put our trunks up and we all sat down Luna across from Ginny and I.

"My names Ginny Weasley." Ginny said smiling awkwardly at Luna.

"Minny." I piped up.

"Luna Lovegood…your aura is very black by the way." She directed the second half to me.

I blinked and Ginny looked offended on my behalf.

"Whats that supposed to mean?"

"Oh," Luna seemed startled, "I meant no offense, black isnt always a bad thing you know."

Ginny didn't seemed to know what to say to that and we fell into an awkward silence.

I clapped hard for my sister as she sent and sat at the Gryffindor table. My brothers were heard above everyone else especially the twins who were banging both fists on the table chanting something embarrassing, judging by the growing blush on her face.

Things quieted down and Professor Mcgonagall looked at me, "Minerva, Weasley"

I swallowed drily and stepped up. I gave the sorting hat the hairy eyeball and as I sat on the stool I looked up at Mcgonagall. She gave me a kind smile then dropped the hat on to my head.

The hat slid down passed my ears and over my eyes. I could feel my shoulders tense and I waited for the telltale voice of the sorting hat. I the silence was almost eerie. The back of my throat started to hurt and the very edges of panic started to creep in.

'hello?' I thought loudly.

There was nothing. My stomach started to cramp and my mouth became dry. Breath was suddenly hard to achieve.

The first thought at the front of my mind was that he knew I was a fraud. Maybe I was a squib or my soul was a muggle soul or something equally devastating. But it couldn't be.

I could do magic. I could! I saw it, I felt it.

My hands clenched over my knees as the minutes past. I began to hear whispering in the great hall. Tears gathered in my eyes.

'say something, please.' I begged the hat. A confirmation of my existence

I exhaled when I could feel the hat shifting on my head and I heard the hat speak, his croaking voice echoing in the hall. Even before he finished his declaration dread spread into my heart.


The hat lifted from my head and I looked out at the hall that was mostly silent. There was a clatter of hesitant applause from people who didn't know the strangeness of what just happened.

Panicking I looked to the griffindor table at the five red heads who all giving me shicked looks. I felt a presure between both my shoulders and looked towards Mcgonagall who was giving me an encouraging push off the stool.

Her eyes were searching buut her smile was still kind. I looked back towards my family and shuffled off the stool. Just when I was about to give in to my despair and burst into tears the twins jumped up and started clapping and hollering loudly.

"What a rebel!" One of them yelled

"The bravest of us all!" the other chimed in. Ginny snapped out of her seat and stood onto the bench and started clapping hard.

"My better half!" She said strongley. Ron tood up too clapping still looking confused with HArry and Hermione not far behind. PErcy was clapping more sedately then the others but nodded at me comfortably.

My eyes becoming teary and I gave them all a watering smile and resisted the urge to run and embrace them all but instead gave them all a thumbs up and went towards the slytherin table.

The rest of the houses followed in the clapping, though much less enthusiastically, and I eventualy sat with my new year mates. I looked around at all the slytherins who were looking at me with varying degrees of curiosity and hostility.

"That was a disgusting display." Draco Malfoy sneered from down the table. I looked at him but was to grateful and happy about 'that disgusting display' to be annoyed by it.

One of my new year mates, the albino boy, gave me a piercing pink stare.

"At least you're a pureblood." he muttered. His declaration seemed to sooth some of the tension at the table and most turned back to the sorting. I locked eyes with the girl across from me and she smiled at me hesitently.

-dumblesdorrs anoucement

We were joined by two more new Slytherins before the sorting ended and we were all eating.

"So how does a Weasley end up in Slytherin house?" Malfoy was quick to sneer. Many of the student surroundingus stopped in thier conversations to listen in to my reply. I steeled my spine.

I had not planned for this, not at all. My first instinct was to snap something nasty at him, knew I was capable of it, despite my anture-but I was prickly when it came to people insulting my family.

But-I was a Slytherin now, and Malfoy held an important place in the house, loathe as I was to admit it.


-slytherin common room/prefects

Part 2 - (3/7) Politics

(politics of the house-classes-intro to side characters)

As soon as I walked in to the greathall I sought out the red hair of my brothers at the grryfindo table. I couldn't see Percy at the table, I figured he had prefect duties, but I saw the twins talking animatedly to Lee Jordan.

I walked briskly over to thier table. Thier back were to me and I could see Lee glance at me. I winked at him and sneaked behinf the boys. I licked both my pointer fingers and stuck them in thier opposite ears.

They jumped and both knocked thier heads together in suprise. Lee laughed loudly. They spun around and one of them grabbed me.

"We'eve been attacked by a sneaky slytherin!"

"Noooo!" I screached as one held down my arms and the other returned the wet-willy. Eventually I bat thier hands away and used my longs sleeves to wipe at my ears furiously.

"You should no better than to tangle with us dear sisiter."

I mock glared at them but couldn't hide my smile. They both glance at each other and turned to me suddenly serious.

"If you ever need us to set any of those snakes straight, you let us know."

I crossed my arms; "I'm a snake now too."

We were

I started walking faste when I saw Ginny standing outside the potions class room, talking with some of her class mates.

"Ginny!" I called breathlessly and she spun around. We hugged excitedly and pulled apart, grinning.

"Sit next to each other?" She asked and I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Of course!"

She laughed and pulled me towards her group.

"This here is my other half, Minny," I curtsied with my robes and one of her friends laughed.

"Im Colin Creevy!" The one who laughed piped up, his blond hair seeming to bounce along with his barely concealed energy.

"Shelly." The other one spoke quitely off to the side and I nodded to her. I looked behind me to see that my housemates had cought up with me but were hovering on the oppiste wall. Sadie avoided my eyes and Rowle glowered at me, as if he was daring me to introduce him to the 'mudbloods' and 'blood traitors'.

I sighed and looked at my sister and her friends apologetic.

"A griffindor, ravenclaw and slytherin walk into the library…" I begin sarcastically

"Sounds like trouble." Ginny joked and we walked toward a table

I ended up sitting next to a hufflepuff for the charms class since I was running so late. Her hair was a bright strawberry blond, to bright to be considered a true red head like me, but pretty none the less. I had noticed her before but had never spoke to her and I couldn't rebemner her name from the sorting.

When I sat down, barely on time, she gave me a side long glance but said nothing. Professor Flitwick started the class-we were going over more theory-when twenty minutes in we were required to do a project with are seating partner.

We turned toward each other; "Persephone."


"I know about you." She stated confidently, reminding me more of a Slytherin than a Puff. I raised an eyebrow, she continued.

"A weasley in Slytherin?" She laughed, "You must know people talk."

I narrowed my eyes; "People can talk all they like, it doesnt concern me unless they make it so."

She smiled sharply and reached for her quill and parchments; "I can tell I'm going to like you."

She sounded genuine and I had spent long enough with the Slytherins at this point to know that didn't always mean allie.


LAter that night I went over to Rowle in the common room, I hesitated for a moment-Malfoy was at the table, but they had already noticed me so I came anyway.

I sat at the table without asking-it was my common room to, sue me. I opened mmy bag and started taking out my homework.

"What are you doing?" Malfoy sneered at me from the across the table. I looked at him with exagerated patience.

"Sitting, homework." I stated simply. His face seemed disgusted at the mere thought of having to share a table with me

"Dont me so childish, Draco, I'm sure your father shares tables and even shares drinks with people he despises at the Ministry-have more tact."

Rowles eyes bulged and Draco's face colored. I basically implied Draco wasn't cunning, it was amazing. Though-I metally back petalled-that wasn't smart of me. Merlin, that argant boy pushed my buttons.

Before he could spit insults at me I tried to save face; "I only meant to give advice, but if you want me to leave the table, I will."

I was deffering to him, in away, it made my inside curl to do it but it was necessary. Draco sat back and actually used his brain for a moment. One one hand he could tell me to bugger off, and I would listen. However, implied he didn't have the tact-cunning, to deal with me. In the end, he turned toward his homework, saying nothing and Rowle looked at me with slight awe.

There was silence at the table for awhile before I turned to Rowle, ready to get the whole reason why I was here over with. It only took one word.

"Persephone Sweeney, what do you know about her?"

I was suprised when it wasn't Rowle who answered, but Draco.

"Pureblood, father is an unspeakable

Part 2 (4/7) - The Diary

"An upperclassmen told me they give out snacks in the greathall on Sundays!" Sadie hollered jumping out of the bathroom, her black curly hair bouncing behind her. I jumped and spun around clutching my shirt to my chest.

"Sadie!" I laughed, turning away and putting my shirt on. She skipped infront of me;

"Didnt you hear me! Snacks Minny!"

I gave her an amused look but said nothing as I sat to lace up my shoes. Sadie threw herself on to her bed and bounced on it excitedly.

"Snacks!" She repeated

"I wish I had your kind of energy." I mumbled in good humor.

"I swear you're like an old woman." Sadie groaned, then giggled when I rolled my eyes. If only she knew the small truth to that statement.

"Fine, I will just ask Lucian!" Sadie sniffed in mock offence and flounced towards the door. I shook my head and sat at my desk before calling;

"Have fun with your snacks!"

Her mock haughty grunt was the only reply. I chuckled and turned toward my desk before the smile slipped off my face. Bending over, I opened my trunk and dug through it before pulling out Tom Riddles journal.

I set it down and looked at it, frustrated.

Did the sorting hat speak to you?

What am odd question.

Doesnt he for everyone?

I stared at the reply frustrated. Why was I so different? First my accidental magic, then my wand and then the sorting hat. Why? It couldn't be just because I remembered a past life.

He didn't for you.

Oh, I wanted to punch him. If only he wasn't a soul scrap trapped in a diary, punching books is way less satisfying than a human face.

Well, you will be glad to know I ended up in Slytherin house.

It is quite a prestigious house. Many powerful witches and wizards have come from that house.

But why would I be glad og that?

I swore. That was a mis step

You seemed quite confident the house could handle me. I figured you must know what you are talking about. Am I wrong?

You guessed correct.

It wont be easy but I found everything I was looking for in Slytherin house/

I hope it serves you well.

I walked briskly out of the common room.

I still didn't know my way perfectly around the castle but most of the paintings were kind enough to give directions. A painting of a woman surrounded by cauldrens gave me clear directions to the kitchens.

I turned the corner and saw Draco and his two crones walking towards me. Malfoy narrowed his eyes when he saw me but I just nodded toward him neutraly and continued my walk toward the kitchens.

I heard him say something to Crabbe and Goyle then he fell into step beside me. I stopped. Malfoy was alone his two body guards leaving donw toward the dungeons.

"What do you want?" I asked, looking at him strangely. He didn't have his usual sneer on his face

-struggle in classes

-wand cores

Part 2 (5/7) -

Tom, what do you know of dark magical cores?

Oh? So sure I know anything at all.

I rolled my eyes-so thats how he was going to play it today. Most of the time I hated when I forced me to dance around him like this. Sometimes I even convinced myself that he didn't know what he was doing.

Please. Youre in Slytherin and clamed to be a 'learned wizard'. Even if you don't practice it you must have some idea. So, do you?

Always a suprise, little snake. Why don't we trade for it?

What could a book possibly want?

Only what any book is good for; knowledge.

Im curious about the world outside. My memory is from , I imagine things are quite different know.

Alright. The Muggle war ended-info-.

And what of the wizarding community?

Peaceful. Ageless I imgine.

There was a long pause as my reply sank into the pages. I knew it was only a book on the surface but I counld practically feel the frustration ozig out of the book. He wanted me to mention him…future him. Voldemort.

But he was to smart to ask directly. He wasn't aware I knew who he was, so he had no idea I would never sait his curiousity.

Dark Magical Cores?

Part 2 (6/7) - Death

My throut felt tight as I stumbled into my room. I fell to my knees in front of my desk gasping. With shaking hands I pulled the diary out from its hiding place.

What did you do?!

I wrote shakily, my hand writting barely eligible. Tears brimmed my eyes but I didn't let them fall my fury and disgust driving me.

What do you mean? I did nothing.

Don't play coy with me, I know what you are! You killed Astoria!

I did no such thing. I am simply a memory.

Liar. You're a Horcrux…and you possessed me to kill her!

The diary started to shake. I was rooted to my seat whatching as the middle of the page split and a bright light blinded me. I tried to resist but found myself pulled forward-then I was falling.

My feet hit the ground firmly stumbling slightly in shock. I whipped around recgonizing a corridor from Hogwarts-one that led from the greathall to the dungeons. It was as sharp and as clear as if I had been standing in it.

But I knew. This wasn't Hogwarts. This was a memory. Tom Riddles memory.

"Riddle!" I hollered my heart beating loudly in my chest. I tried to be confident but it was hard, I was on his turf now. With a jolt I wondered if he was possesing me right now and this was were my subconscious was stored.

"Riddle." I whispered, brokenly, finally giving into the tears that started streaming down my face.

"You really are eleven." He whispered. I spun around and saw him leaning against the wall a couple strides away. A shiver ran down my spine as I drank in the sight of the most ruthless Dark Lord in history standing there as a school boy.

I could understand why people practically sighned there lives away to him, how he was able to convince a Professor to tell him about one of the most evil magics. He was devastatingly handsome-it was like if James Dean, Marilyn Manroe and a Veela had a baby togehter. It was unsettling.

"Why would I lie about being eleven?" I finally said back, after a minute of terroized staring.

He pushed away from the wall, "You don't talk-write like youre eleven." He stepped closer and I stepped back. He smiled and I shivered.

"You're magic is-mature, not like that of a child."

"I'm not a child." I whispered and he smiled at me mockingly.

"Of course not."

He took another step forward and I continued to shuffle away. Eventually, he stopped, still smiling at me in a way I coulnt decifer.

"You don't have to pretend with me, I know exactly what you are." He leered at me and my throat became incredibly dry. What did he mean? Did he know I was reincarnated?

"Are you," I swallowed trying to direct the conversation elswhere, "possessing me right now?"

"I cant possess you at all." He stated simply. I looked at him sharply.

"What do you mean?"

His eyes became half-lidded as he stared at me and I could see the red glint in them.

"Can't you figure it out?"

I pursed my lips and said nothing. Unwilling to give anything away and to afraid to open my mouth. There was no garuentee he was speaking the truth antway. He smirked and turned away.

"Such a shame that girl died." He looked at me from over his shoulder. "It wasn't me-was it you?"

"No," I managed to snap, "I would remeber it."

Tom Riddle hummed. He whirled around suddenly and crowded me up against the wall and I gasped in fright.

He grabbed my chin and I tried to flatten myself against the wall to get some distance between us. Riddle stared down at me intensly.

A rightous fury rose in my chest and-before I could think better of it-smacked his hand away.

"Dude," I barked, my American accent returning in a moment of disbeliefe and indignation,"I'm eleven."

I pushed him away and he let me. He looked down at me; "I'm not sure I believe that."

"Well, tough," I spat, inching down the wall to get more distance between us, feeling more like my passed self then I probably ever had before, "doesnt give you permission to do-to do that."

He was absolutely messing with my head. I lived a fine line between Ginny Weasley and the girl I was once. Sometimes all it took was a certain push and I found myself drowning in the previous memories.

But it was never like this. I stumbled and fell to my knees, as a rush of memories assulted my mind.

"-please, please-"

"-Not Ally, please-"

"-please, not my baby-"

"-I'll do anything-"

"-yes, yes I'll do it-"


I gasped and straightened up heart racing. I flinched away from the open diary on my table and scrambled off my chair falling to the floor. I dragged my body over to my bed and questered myself in the corner, hugging my kees to my chest.

"I am…" I swolled heavily, trying to get my breathing under control,"…I am Ginny Weasley."

"I am Ginny Weasley." I whispered to myself. "I am eleven years old…I am not-am not…a mother."

"I've never been married," I sobbed, "this is real-this is whats real."

I counsuled myself till I fell asleep, hunched in the corner. When I woke up wiht crammped legs and a crick in my neck, I hardly remebered the memory anymore.

Part 2 (7/7) -

"My father is going to get Dumbledore sacked." Malfoy hissed at our table. I felt numb, the absense of Astoria leaving a somber stain on the mood.

"And what say does he have on wheather or not that old coot gets fired." Pansy asked

"My father is on the board of Governers for the school!"

"Its not like Dumbledore was the one to murder her." I muttered. Everyone turned toward me and inwardly cringed.

"I mean, it may have happened in his school but could they realy sack him for that?"

They continued to stare at me and I was strating to get annoyed, my usual patience dried up with all te stress that had been going around.

"No one ever said she was murdered, Minny." Blaise said quietly. I blinked and mentally reviewed what I siad. Then I became frustrated with them.

"How could it be anything but!" I hissed at them and Rowle-who was closest to me-blinked back in surprise. "Astoria, our proud-bitchy, slytherin Astoria throwing herself off the Astronomy tower?"

Everyone at the table; Draco, Blaise, Pansy, Rowle, Augustus, and Zara-stared at me stunned. I had to remind myself, again, that they were only children-and children of death eaters or not, murder is not the first conclusion in a childs mind.

But I was a child too.

'Barely.' a voice whispered in my head that sounded frighteningly like Tom Riddle. I squashed the voice and turned back to my homework, disgruntled.

"Or it could have been an accident," Zara murmed softly, "like Dumbledore said."

I fought the urge to scoff but only felt my throat dry up and tears welling up in my eyes. Blinking them furiously my eyes stayed glued to my Transfiguration esaay. I heard a sniff and looked up to see Zara and Pansy both with tears and thier eyes also looking at anything but the people at the table.

There was a polite silence from the boys, though they were probably fearfully hoping neather of us started wailing. If I was back home I would be in a dog pile of read heads already feeling thier comfort and love.

Why were Slythrins so cold all the time. Like emotions were something to be ashamed of-I sighed, sick of it all. I quickly packed up my stuff, my lip trembling and wanting to get away.

"Where you going?" Draco asked a bit rudely, considering.

"To get some air." I snapped, house politics be damed and hurried out of the common room. I walked briskly through the corridors avoiding eye contact with any students I saw in the hall. Griffindore house was somewhere in the west tower but I had never been there myself.

I walked the stari cases silently, looking out for a familiar red head of hair. Eventually I gave up and sat on a corridor bench. I clenched my hands and bowed my head sniffling.


I looked up and saw Fred and George approaching me. Fred was stuffing a bit of parchment in his pocket but they bove had worried expressions.

"I couldn't find Griffndore house." I sniffled and George opened his arms and I practically thew myself at him. I cried into his chest.

"There, there, fiersome cat tamer," Fred whispered patting my back, "tell us of your woes."

I laughed sobbed and pulled away slightly, rubbing at my eyes; "Astoria is…is dead and everyone in the house is sad but no one talks about it…and-and everyone in my house is emotionally constipated, including me!"

George choked on a laugh but his hands were still soothing as he rubbed my back.

"And…I miss you guys." I finished pitifully. I did, I really did. Fred and George exchanged a look.

Fred cut off and looked down the end of the corridor. I looked and saw Draco hesitating at the end, looking like he wanted to crawl into a hole. He looked me in the eye and I gave him a fierce look, daring him to slight my family.

Draco huffed and-suprising me-walked toward us slowly. George's arms around me tensed and I untangled myself from them to wipe away the lingering tears on my face.

"What do you want, Draco?" I asked nasally

"The girls were going to-and I quote-get away from us stupid boys and do something worth while."



I turned the corner just as I saw the blonde hair of Draco's disappearing on the other end. Securing my book bag, I sprinted after him.


He stopped, then turned to look at me. His face didn't emmidetiyl morph into a sneer but his tone was far from kind.


"Are you alright?"

"Am I alright?" He mocked in a girlish tone then turned away and continued to walk away. I walked in step beside him far from being offended.

"You don't have to be rude."

He scoffed and seemed intent to just ignore me while I struggled to keep up with his long strides.

"I didn't think it was funny;" I spoke, "I thought it was cruel."

He stopped and turned to me; "It doesnt matter what you think, Minny!"

My eyes widened and he hesitated, giving me a pained look before hurring aay again. I smiled after him.

"You said my name, you did care!"

"Shut up!" Draco snapped. I decided to throw him a bone and let it go…for now.

"I know my opinion doesnt matter interms of reputation, but Draco, I think youre looking at all this the wrong way."

"My father-"

"Merlin's left butt cheek, forget your father!"

"You want people to respect you? You want to rule this house?" I jabbed him in the chest a few times and he glowered at me, his hand twitching.

"Stop relying on your father to win your battles, it makes you look weak."

"Get your head out of your ass and start making your own discicions for once."

"I know you're better than-"

There was the barest bit of preasure against my lips. My eyes were wide open and my brown eyes were reflected back in Dracos blue ones which were just as wide. The kiss didn't last for more than a second before I pushed him away.

We stared at each other shocked.

"I think I'm gonna-"

"I should-"

We both stopped, cringed, then turned opposite directions and fled. I wiped at my mouth furiously with my sleeve as I rounded the corner.

"That idiot-"

I shocked on my breath when I saw Snape standing there looking at me with a look I couldn't decipher. My first instinct was to flatten my self against the wall, so I did and gasped.

"P-proffesor!" I said, scandilized, while the only thought running through my brain was, 'didheseedidheseedidheseedidhesee'

"Calm yourself Ms. Weasley, the affairs of my students don't concern me;" he growled and I blushed horribly,"unless of course, they are put in danger."

"Professor Moody transfigured Draco into a ferret."

"I am aware of this, ."

Then he swept passed me without another word, his cloak billowing behind him as he strode down the hall. I exhaled and fell against the wall staring at the stone cieling

Part 5 (1/) - Grimauldplace

Part 5 (2/) - Fallout

Part 5 (3/) - Sorrow

I pushed the book away and felt frustrated tears well up in my eyes. Nothing I did changed the fact that the art of healing magic elluded me, whatever I did nothing worked. Even the simplest of healing charms.

I glared at my elder wood wand nastily before softening and rolling it between my fingers. This was the only wand that had ever excepted me, and coming from what I did, I should be grateful.

It still didn't make it hurt any less.

I folded my arms and colapsed on the table, letting myself have a good cry over it. So many years I had dreamed of be able to heal away the hurts of others. That the pain that I always felt might smooth over if I soothed away the pain of others.

I wondered if I should give up, yet another part of me wanted to continue to clawmy way through it some how. My heavy sobs were interupted by the creak of an opening door and my head snapped up, horrified.

Draco walked in, not noticing me at first, then freezing-taking in the scattered books and my teary face. Before he could speak I sneered at him.

"Go away." I snapped miserably. He startled in suprise, I presumed by my nast tone-those were quite rare-and blinked at me. I glared at him when he didn't leave like I wanted, instead dropping his book bag on the floor and sitting opposite from me.

I didn't have the energy to fight him.

"Who made you cry?" He asked, like it mattered-like he cared.

"Maybe it was you." I shot back nastily and his eyes shifted to the floor quickly. I huffed then let out a long sigh.

"It wasn't you, or anyone-just my shitty life."

We settled into an awkward silence afte that and I was just about to gather my books and leave him when he whispered.

"I miss you."

My head snapped towards him so fast it hurt.

"What!?" I screeched, and he paled. "Ohhh," I laughed darkly, "that is rich."

I started stuffing all the books into my bag faster, not caring if I crumbled things, almost considering just leaving them all there. He jumped up


"No!" I snapped at him and he feel silent. I stuffed the last book in my bag and looked at him fiercly.

"I can't-you-after everything-I'm so-" I took a deep breath, "You cant do this Draco."

Then I spun on my hell and marched out of the room, grinding my teeth when I heard his footsteps trailing after me.

"I'm sorry!" He called and I whirled on him.

"No you're not!" I spit at him. The rightoues indignation that was so familiar to Draco finally sparked in his eyes.

"I am!"

"Then show me, don't tell me." I growled, "As far as I know youre still the spoiled, racist, asshole you've always been!"

I turned away again and he called my name agin, grabbing my arm, my wand was up and at his throut a second later.

"Let go of me." I hissed. He dropped his arm emmidietly but I still held my wand aloft, glaring at him. The urge the hex him was a stronge one and I could feel the familiar cold feeling turning in my chest, just as I was about to start losing control.

I let out a breath and willed myslef to be calm, starting to lower my wand. Draco captured my wrist gently and I looked into his eyes, not realizing how close we had gotten when I was threatening him.

I gulped and my heart sped up. With his other hand he gripped my chin and swept his thumb across my bottom lip. I wanted to push him away, anger still bubbly in my chest but a different kind of heat rose in my stomache that was making me lose sense.

He leaned forward, my wand still poking his throat and I closed my eyes. I never felt a pressure on my lips because he heard a cough. We sprang apart like we had been scalded by hot water and spun to see Snape standing there.

I wanted to groan loudly. Why was it that everytime Draco and I were doing something embaressing or stupid our head of house was there to witness it.

"What," Snape eyed my raised wand and I quickly lowered it, "is going on here?"

"Nothing." Draco drawled confidently, not even trying to hide how smug he was. It was the same air he got when he won at something. The sharp sting of anger hit me like a cupids arrow. Only, it wasn't love, but vengence that blurrd my vision.

I made and angry noise and stomped on his foot, hard. Draco gasped, bending over.

" " Snape barked and I looked at him sulenly, but eyed Draco hop on his foot cursing with a pleased curl in my stomache.

"Detention." Snape snapped walking closer toward us while Draco glared at me setting his foot tenderly on the ground. Snape stared at the both of us and then let out a long sigh, like he was absolutely done with this current drama.

"Its almost Curfew, run along Ms. Weasley" Snape said and I let out a quite, 'yes, proffesor.' and started walking toward the slytherin dormitory.

"Draco, follow me."

I glanced back and saw Sanpe walking in the derection of his office. Draco looked back as well and I shook my head at him. Judging by the way his eyes hit the stone floor and he followed Snape dejectedly, he understood.

What happened (or didn't happen) changed nothing.

Part 5 (4/) - Dumbledores Army

Malfoy has been acting wierd." Harry muttered

My eyes froze over the passage I had been reading but didn't look over.

"I know," Ron whispered like he couldn't believe it, "I tripped the other day-tripped, and my bag burst open quills, books, parchment flying every where and there was Malfoy, looking at me."

Ron paused to shudder like it was the creepiest thing; "He just stood there like he was constipated or something, I was sprawled out like an idiot and he didn't even point it out."

I glanced up and saw Harry shaking his head with a drak expression; "He's up to something."

"Have you noticed anything Minny?"

I looked up from my book and looked at them "I have better things to do than worry myself over Draco."

Ginny gave me a scrutinizing gaze and I stared back e

"Are you sure you don't know what Draco is up too?"

"Excuse me?"

"Dont play dumb, and act like you havent been sighing over him all year!"

I spluttered, insulted, "I do not-"

"Yes you do! You don't think I wouldnt notice how you disapear and all the heated looks you give each other when you think no one is looking!"

I turned an angry red. She didn't know the whole picture, obviously, but I was angry she choose to assume something instead of confiding in me first. Especially to bring it up in front of our family and friends.

"Don't be stupid." I muttered

"You really think I would choose that spoiled little prat over our family?" I whispered harshly, my voice rose.

"That just because I'm a Slytherin, means I suddenly don't care, tha everyone in my house is my best friend and I am on thier side."

"No one is saying you don't-"

"Shut up Ron!" Ginny and I bellowed in usion.

Part 5 (5/) - Murderer

I quickly raced down the stairs of the black house, when I reached the bottom out breath I managed to catch sname just as he was reaching for the door.

"Professor!" I called breathlessly, skipping the last step and hurrying towards him. Snape turnded towards me and just the fact he didn't sneer at me spoke volumes of the progress Id made with the teacher. Id feel proud about that later.

"Ms. Weasley." Snape greeted neutrly. I nodded, getting straight to the pont knowinf the patience of the man was thin.

"I was hoping I could speak to you about something." I stated making sure my usally timid slef was put away for this conveersation, knowing the man wouldnt appreciate it.

"The teerm has yet to start and I am not required to listening to your troubles till then." Snape spoke slowly as if I were particularly dense. I resisted to blow my bangs out of my face in annoyance and persisted.

"It isnt about school Proffesor." I said, pulling on my sleeves. He looked down his long nose at me searchingly.

"And why couldn't you speaak to the legion of red headed headaches you call a family about this?" He gave me a slight snear but his tone wasn't as cutting as it could be.

I couldn't think of an answer straight away and looked down at my shoes, almost ashamed. Snape exhaled itterably and gestured toward the drawing roomto the left of the door.

"Quickly, Ms. Weasley, I don't have all day to cater to you."

I rushed into the room and wathced as he followed me, shut the door ans waved his wand over it a few times. He whirled around to face me and I couldn't help but feel even more intimidated in the dim room.

"Speak." He demanded. I took a deep breath and suddenly all the uncertainty, all the fear, and all my grevious mistakes tumbled out into one confession; one desperate cry.

"Why am I a dark witch?!" I pratically yelled at him. His eyes grew a little big in suprise and turned away quickly hiding the horrified and emotional tears that were springingup into to my eyes.

It was silent for a beat and I couldn't smother a slight sniff.

" ," Snape started firmly but not unkindly, "Despite popular opinion , for you to truly be a dark witch you would have had to preform truly heinous and dark magic for your core to be completely so. I seriously doubt that is the case for you."

I loked at him from over my shoulder; "Youre wrong." I whispered.

His eyes narrowed; "You have preformedthe darkest arts imagianble?"

I shook my head fiercly and managed to angle my body towards him.

"I was born one."

Snape closed his eyes almost as if he was hurt by my supposed lack of intelliengec; "No one is born a dark witch or wizard, Ms. Weasley."

I faced him completely and I could fell my hands shaking, infact I could feel the whole boody shakes I had come to know of my losing control but I couldn't stop, he had to make him understand.

"Well I am," I whispered fiercly, my throat feeling sore as I continued, "even as a young child I knew I was different."

Snape gave me a look like he was seriously losing his patience but I didn't let him speak.

"I killed someone." I said tonelessly. Any and all expression dropped off Snapes face and made no move to interupt as I continued.

"I was five, he insulted my sister, and I was so angry." I continued to whisper, my voice shaking with unshed tears and emotion.

"That innocent little boy died choking on his own blood," I inhaled and exhaled, "I was so overcome by my own magic I could not move, I couldn't even scream."

Tears fell down my face and I thrust out my wand, Snape was quick to pull his out as well but I barely even paid it attention and continued;

"Look at me." I whispered, but Snape was keeping his gaze on my wand shaking between my fingers, I felt a ruch of anger.

"LOOK AT ME!" I screamed and a push from my magic I heard multiple crashes from behind me but I gnored. Snape raised his wand more and his eyes snapped to my face. His shoulders were tense and he gazed at me grimly.

"I feel like I'm being torn appart." I whispered, pleading.

"Ms. Weasely." Snape said caoutisly, taking a small step forward wand still raised.

"Ive tried professor, Ive tried so hard." I said, my voice braking. He took another step forward and I continued;

"A partrounous, a healing spell, anything."

Snape came close enough and slowly reached out and grabbed my wrist. With suprising gentleness he pulled my hand down to rest at my side. I gasped and stuttered loudly with tears and emotion.

He stood there looking down at me as I looked away trying to get myself under awhile the feelings ubrutly left, leaving me feeling hollow and empty

"You said you weretrying to cast a patrounous." Snape whispered. I glanced at him nodded slowly still breathing heavily.

"Show me." He said and stood back to give me room. I looked at him desperately and he nodded towars my wand his expression intense.

I took a deep breath and tried to remember my happiest memories. My family was the first thing to come to my mind and shifted through the happier times. I settled for the time Ginny and I caught Crusty for the first time. A small smile settled on my face and could feel the touches of warmth around my chest.

I waved my wand; "Expecto Patrounom!"

It wasn't suprising but still painful when the burn on my hand flared to life and, unable to cry out, dropped my wand and clutched my hand to my chest. The light that was beginning to shine from my wand snuffed out as it rolled across the floor.

I picked up my wand with my other hand as he approached and reqeasted to look at my burned hand. I showed him the old burn scar and he frowned down at it.

"Whaere did you get this?" He asked, waving his wand over it

"Ollivanders, a wand did this to me when I waved it." I answered back looking at the burn that had been the bain of my exsitence since it stole its place there. As he continued to wave his wand over my hand I glanced at the distruction that I caused on the back half of the room.

"I don't have an answer for you ," Snape told me, looking me over in a way he never had before."but I will look into it when I am able."

It was more than I was expectiong, honestly. Even though the meeting went disatrously It was relieving to get what I had been keeping to myslef for so long.

"I would ask your parents-"

"Professor, I don't-

"Dont interupt me," Snape rebuked sternly, "Im not asking you to cofess your secret to them, but they might know something."

At my confused look he continued; "Was your mother exposed to anything when she was pregnant with you and yor sisteer? Did anything happen to you as a child?"

I blinked up at him in suprise. I had never thought about that possibility before, always assuming it must have been my rebirth that was the main cause. It sill could be, of course, but I never played with the possibility it could be something else.

"I will ask."

"Yes, see to it that you do." He spoke carefully and drew his wand and waved it. The back half of the room started to repair itself and I was suddenly terribly embaressed.

"Im sorry about my outburst Proffessor." I said softly. When the room was put back together he turned to me and gave me a shrewed look.

"Have you told anyone else this?"

I opened my mouth to reply before clicking it shut and shaking my head. He hummed and stowed his wand away;

"Perhaps your outburst was due, no matter how childish it seemed."

I blushed but couldn't fauult him the sentiment.

"You should have come to me sooner." He rebuked and I gapped at him.

"Wipe that stupid look off your face." He said and I immedietly closed my mouth. Snape walked closer and raised a hand-like he might clap my shoulder, only to lower it awkwardly.

"Do you think the boy suffered?" I always wondered this but had never voiced it aloud

"Was he a muggle?"

"Magic always effect muggles more intensly, especially in the brain. It is possible the boy lost consciesness before the worst of the pain."

"But even so, it changes nothing, the boy is dead and you must live with those consequences."

"Proffesor, thank you, for everything."

Snape nodded to me and disapeared out the front door where I hear a loud crack.

Part 5 (5/) - Beautiful Mind

-more tom riddle interactions

Part 5 (6/) -

I was an absolute idiot.

There was only

There was a youngman hunched over on a park bench. His brown hair was floppy and he was slightly chubby, with darker skin but his exspression was ashen-like they had the weight of the world on thier shoulders.

I approacjed them hesitently, and sat on the bench next to them. They didn't aknowledge me just continued to stare at thier hands. I curled my in my lap and there was silence.

"Our first kiss?" I whispered soflty. The man was silent and I thought for a second I spoke to sofly then big brown eyes turned to me.

"After Moody transfigured me into a ferret." He whispered back

"Our second kiss?"

"Never had one…" I smiled wistfully, "…Snape interupted us."

Polyjuiced Draco made a move to embrace me when I held up a hand and he flinched back like he had been struck.

"Snape was present for both those times, choose something else."

Draco looked suprised but didn't question me; "

He imbraced me shaking. I stiffened then relaxed into the hug. After ahile my shoulder became wet from his tears while I scratched his back.

"My father is dead." Draco sobbed into my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat and I held him tighter.

"Oh, Draco, I'm so sorry."

"My mother came in to my room, told me to leave, she refused to come with me, I don't know if she is even alive." He gasped into my shoulder.

I led him to the town. Hand in hand I dragged him into the bookstore, I pushed him down into a chair and sat opposite him.

"I used to come here all the time as a child, read, get away from all the crazyness of the house."

"I cant risk bringing you straight to the house, please understand."

I ran up the hill quickly, clutching a stitch in my side. As soon as I passed into the wards I heard my mothers shrill voice from across the yard.


I froze and raised my hands when my Dad pointed a wand at me.

"Why do I call you flower?"

"I gave you one…after I…recovered."

He lowered his

"Tell your mother to stop feeding me." Draco whispered into my ear fiercly. The corners of my mouth twitched violently.

"I cant its in her DNA."



I looked at Draco, really looked at him.

He had bags under his eyes and a small scratch on his left cheek bone. His black robes were dusty with dirt, but not filthy-and his hair was sticking out on one side. Confidently, he whispered spell after spell-a near invisible shimmer escape his wand as he set up wards around us.

His shoulders were tense but not slouched and he must have grown a couple inches since I last saw him. He turned to me when he was done and gave me a warm but tired smile.

"Doing okay?"

I nodded wordlessly, not trusting my voice just yet-after everything. Draco looked unconvinced and transfigured a branch into a stool. He practically pushed me into, accepting no arguements.

"I'll set up camp, you rest."

I opned my mouth-possibly to argue but a few of his fingers silenced me. The moved away quickly and he shook his head. He reached into his robe pocket, his arm disapearing as he went deeper-all the way to his elbow.

Pulling out what I recgonized as a wizarding tent. He set it on the ground and had it growing with his wound, everything setting itself up magically. Draco went inside breifly and came back out with a grey blanket.

He crouched in front of me and threw the blanket around my shoulders. I looked at him, suprised. His eyes were reasting on my shoulders as he secured but eventually his eyes met my own, the grey blue irises the same as I remember.

Hesitently, his hand rose and brushed away a few strand of hair that had fallen in my face. I thought he might kiss me but he just stood up-helping me up as well and led me to the tent.

"It will be warmer inside."

He pointed out the only bed in the tent and led me to it; "You can sleep here, sorry its not much."

I sat down on it and asked softly, "What about you?"

"I'll keep watch."


"I don't think I can." He looked at me intensly and I looked to the floor. Draco walked out of the tent without another word and I could see him grab the stool ge transfigured and sit by the opening to the tent.

When did Draco become a man?

Obviously by traversing the woods byhimself for a year. If thats what it took every young man should try it. I shook my head and watched him discreetly through the flaps of the tent.

His head was bowed-he looked worn out. I knew I wouldnt be sleeping either so I got up and poked my head out.

"Do you want a blanket?" I shook the one around me in emphisis.

He shook his head, "Nah-warming charms."

I sat down nest to him, in the leaves, and looked at him-somehow managing a slight smile.

"Why didn't you charm me?"

He looked at me searchingly for a beat before he turned away and shrugged; "I know you prefer the comfort of a blanket."

I laughed softly, suprised, "I had no idea I was so transparent."

"No idea?" He echoed, amused. "Minny, no matter what season it was you were alwaysed rapped up in a blanket in the common room."

I opened my mouth with a smart retort but found none and closed my mouth with a click.

Draco and I huddled together on the edges of Hogsmead.

"I love you." Draco said

I laughed nervously

-dragon attack at the battle of hogwarts

I was reading a history of potion making to the sleeping Snape. It made me smirk whenever I thought about reading such a book to him, though I wondered if he could hear me. Draco seemed skeptical but I always found myself making one sided commentary as if he could.

"...and in the early fifteenth century the practice of stiring with your wand became a regular practice-you and I both know thats a load of rubbish, I'm sure they all regreted that."

I turned the page and skimmed; "Ah-ha!…such a practice erroded the core of thier wands and led to the great wand shortage of the fifteenth century, being the cause of the second wizarding war-Merlin, people can be stupid."

I chuckled and glanced at the slumbering man, only to jump when black eyes were staring at me cofused.

"Proffesor!" I spluttered, shocked. He opened his mouth only to start coughing a horrible painful sounding cough. I emmidiately started fussing over him and looking around frantically. I flicked my wand and thrust a cup of water at him and he shakily took it.

I countinued to panic but eventually came to my senses; "Healer!"

Rises to my feet, I waddled to the door and bellowed down the hall; "HEALER!"

Thankfully, a young healer jumped to his feet, only to start fretting over me. I smacked his hands away from my stomache and pointed behind me.

"No, him!"

The man turned to look at the once long term coma blinking biwildered from the bed. His jaw drapped open for a beat then quickly recovered and rushed toward Snape. His hand was a blur as he started waving his wand, persumably some diagnostic spells, then, in the same beat cast a patrounous loudly.

I watched the silver horse gallop away out of the room and shuffled my way on the other side of the bed, using my wand to float the chair I had been sitting in before. Plopping down in it, I observed as Snape glance around, still off kilter-but none the less answering every question the healer posed with a croaky voice.

Two more healers rushed in and the next forty minutes was a flurry of spells potions and uncomfortable prodding. At last, the last healer left the room and Snape sank inot his pillows. He turned to look at me, really look, and he sighed heavely.

"How long has it been?"

"Five years." I said simply, and he closed his eyes, "you don't have to worry about being a wanted man, Harry made sure of that."

His eyes snapped open and he gave me a disbelievign look. I smirked, "He was rather insistant, and everyone was too enamored and grateful to argue against him."

"The he is gone."

It didn not need to be clarified who he was. I nodded.

"For good, Harry made sure of it. Maybe he will tell you the full story sometime."

An unpleasent expression crossed Snapes faced and we fell silent in a comfortable silence. Eventually he turned to stare at me again, or more accurately, my stomache.

"I suppose congradulations is in order."

"Hah!" I patted my swollen stomache, "save you comforting words for Draco, he beside himself."

"He was sad you missed the wedding, we both missed you actually." I pulled on my shirt shyly. I looked up and saw that Snape seemed to not know how to react to that confession and decided to say nothing.

-explains her past and soul

-making snape godfather