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"I'll do it... but it'll cost you double the original price. I don't change a mission once it's been finished. So take it or leave it." A young man spoke out in a rather hushed tone.

The individual being spoken to growled in annoyance before gesturing wildly with his hands. "Double?! Are you serious?"

The young man crossed his arms against his chest as he shook his head side to side causing his hooded cloak to rustle lightly. "You wanted me to steal something important from a rival business, did you not? Well I did it. You don't get to change things to fit your own parameters. I'm the best option you got." The young man tilted his head before gesturing with his right hand. "I'm a thief, not a Shinobi. We have different standards and codes. If you wanted someone dead then you should have went to the black market first... There are plenty of seedy men and women willing to off someone for money."

The older man began to pace for several minutes as the hooded youth leaned on the brick wall of the alleyway. His cerulean orbs analyzing the rich merchant in front of him with boredom.

"Rich assholes... Always the same."

After several minutes of silence the man finally sighed to himself before pulling out a rather large satchel of money. The gold coins clinking together as the man held the pouch out. "Get it done as soon as possible and I'll triple it."

A rather large grin blossomed on the youths face as he swiftly swiped the bag of money. "Now you're talking my language." The hooded teen weighed the bag in his hand before nodding his head in acceptance and holding out his free hand for the man to shake. "Pleasure doing business with ya. I'll be done by tonight."

The older merchant grasped the younger man's hand before nodding his head. "Remember... As clean and as quiet as possible. I don't want things getting traced back to me."

The hooded teen pocketed the satchel of money before nodding his head. "Have I ever been caught before?" He asked rather rhetorically.

The teen began to make his way out of the alley as he pulled his hood further down to obscure the rest of his features. The young man glanced towards the sun before sighing lowly and continuing on his way.

For several minutes the hooded youth weaved in out and of the large crowds in the market place occasionally relieving individuals of their money. Nobles, rich villagers, commoners, mercenaries - status was irrelevant.

His cerulean orbs glanced towards the various rooftops as he spotted the occasional Jonin Shinobi patrolling atop the rooftops of the bazaar. Their ever vigilant gaze watching over for any signs of abnormalities.

The teen ignored their presence as he continued to idly pickpocket the individuals unfortunate enough to cross paths with him. He had learned long ago that the Shinobi populace generally ignored petty theft among their civilian counterparts. It was only when extremely valuable merch was involved did they choose to enforce the law.

Pickpocketing was an art.

There was a correct way to do something just as there was an incorrect way to do something. The teen had been stealing for more than half his life. He knew the concept of theft was viewed in a negative light but stealing from others was how he managed to survive.

It's what put food on the table so to speak. He had many meals due to his actions. A child no older than 7 forced to fend for themselves in this cruel world. To be spit on and despised by the general populace. To be feared for things out of your control. No parents to guide you... No parents to welcome you home with open arms.

A miserable existence he had.

His gloved hands glided across a mercenary's pouch before swiftly pulling away without taking the pouch. The giant man wielded an equally giant war hammer. It would do him no good to be squished for a few gold coins. He had plenty of those already and greed would not be his downfall. He had learned long ago to curb those selfish desires but they would surface every now and again.

Old habits die hard after all.

Whispers of a child that possessed a 'weapon of mass destruction' assaulted his ears. Their hushed voices becoming frantic as they gazed around wildly for any sign of the 'walking bomb.'

The teen pulled on his black cloak as he found solace in the rough material masking his identity.

"The Sandaime made a mistake."

"It walks among us..."

"Our end is near and no one does anything!"

The young male ignored the vitriolic comments as he continued on his path. The words from the populace had lost their sting long ago. It used to tear him down and break him when he was but a babe. Their words burying into him like a knife to the gut. Though the older he got, the less he seemed to care.

Like lambs to a slaughter, the sheep would follow. They teetered on a massacre and truly didn't even realize it.

Had he truly possessed a weapon of mass destruction it would have been put to use already. Whether that be for personal gain or not mattered little. This world was selfish and it was hateful.

People would rather be right than be happy.

People would sooner cut their own thumbs off before extending a helping hand to someone in need.

Perhaps that's why he was so fixated on stealing. The ability to take and give on a whim. It was such a powerful concept.

Steal from the rich, give to the poor.

Steal life from one, give life to another.

The cycle would always repeat. Never-ending.

Humans were truly an awful design.

A flawed creation.

What did Gods think when they viewed their creations waging war on one another for a simple caravan dispute? To slaughter the other without remorse and stomp on the very foundations of life? It must fuel them with a seething rage that knew no bounds.

All life was precious.

But he'd be a hypocrite if he agreed with that statement. There were plenty of individuals who weren't worthy of the gift of life. Rapists, pedophiles, and psychopaths were of the few he could think of off the top of his head.


The teen shook his head as he bumped into a rather tall woman. Before he could even take a step forward his arm was trapped in a deadlock by the woman's ironclad grip. The two individuals came to a complete stop as several villagers passed by them without a second glance.

The hooded teen glanced at the hand that was firmly gripping his arm before slowly opening his hand to reveal a small pouch. A small smirk formed on the woman's face before she let go of his arm to retrieve her money.

"Cute. Very, very cute. But you're far too inexperienced to try that with me."

Oh Kami, that accent... It was the most beautiful thing he had heard in his life! it was like a thousand symphonies assaulting his very being. Millions of string-like instruments swaying to and fro with every syllable spoken. An accent of beauty accompanied by an even more beautiful woman.

He must have been staring for far too long as the bronze skinned woman continued her trek with a small chuckle of amusement. The young man fully turned his head as he stared at the woman's retreating form.

His eyebrows rose in slight shock at the armada of weapons she was carrying along with the unique and slightly bizarre armor adorned on her body. An intricately designed golden bow sat on her back with a matching gold quiver filled to the brim with arrows. On her hips was a small dagger in a sheathe attached to her uniquely designed battle skirt with a beautiful shortsword strapped to a white utility belt opposite of the dagger. A solid gold staff with an incredibly detailed pointed end that consisted of twin snakes coiling around one another and ending with a pair of angelic wings, sat underneath her quiver. In the woman's right hand was what appeared to be the head of a broken spear and almost seemed to radiate a power he couldn't truly understand. He noticed several other small sheathes that were strapped to her thighs and in each one was what appeared to be throwing knives. To top it all off, over her right shoulder was an uneven white cape that covered most of the right side of her body.

He hadn't been able to truly take in her appearance at the time and had absentmindedly decided to reach for one of her pouches. In hindsight, that was a mistake. That woman...

She was dangerous.

Her aura reminded him of the Sandaime... She carried herself with absolute confidence that bordered on arrogance, but he knew better. Had he been of clear mind he would have avoided the woman at all costs. Thousands of petty pickpockets among thousands of individuals had instilled him with a sense of foresight. And that foresight had came to one single conclusion.

That woman was untouchable.

She had most certainly allowed him to touch her pouch. He hadn't even been able to take a step before being halted in place. Her grip was ridiculously strong and her very presence demanded subserviency. He had felt the need to kneel the second she had started speaking.

She had commanded his very attention with just a single sentence.

What a monster...

The young teen shook his head before exhaling shakily and continuing on his journey. He had a contract to do and getting lost in thought would do him no good.


"I can feel it, Ikaros. He is certainly one of them."

Standing atop on one of the many buildings in the marketplace was the very woman who had just made contact with the hooded teen. Her arms were crossed against her golden chest plate as she tracked the boys movement with little effort.

A shrill cry from a bird above caused the woman to glance upwards for all but a single second. The cry coming from a rather beautiful looking golden brown eagle. The majestic creature began to slowly descend before landing on the woman's golden bracers.

The woman shifted her attention away from the eagle before focusing back on the teen who was now jumping across buildings.

The humans in this world were very... interesting. Far more so than the ones in her own world.

'Even Alexios would have sneered on our own kind compared to these ones...'

Alethia had informed her that she'd be surprised by how similar these humans were to her own blood. The woman wasn't wrong either. The humans of this world possessed all manners of powers and abilities loosely based off of the Isu bloodline. This world would most certainly entertain her.

The woman tilted her head as Ikaros flapped his wings before darting upwards into the sky. She could feel each and everyone of the individuals who were keeping an eye on her. They were incredibly skilled and she would give them that.

The boy was special... And these masked individuals watching her were clearly aware of it. The second she had made contact with that boy they had been observing her every move. It would become tedious to dodge their watchful gaze. She'd have to move with far more caution in this world than previously assumed.

The broad-shouldered woman shook her head in annoyance before adjusting the golden circlet atop her crown. She really did stick out like a sore thumb in this world. Her armor wasn't the most... discreet thing in the world and it didn't help that she carried an armory of weapons on her either.

She'd worry about it later.

The tanned woman rolled her neck several times before abruptly rushing towards the edge of the building and diving off. She flipped in the air several times before landing on the ground silently. The woman silently entered the bustling crowds of villagers nonchalantly as if she hadn't just swan dived off of a five story building.


Blue orbs gazed at the rather lavish home from his perch in the tree. The hooded teen glanced towards the setting sun as he crossed his arms against his chest and leaned against the trunk of the tree. His head tilted downwards as he shut his eyes and stood completely still against the tree.

For several hours the cloaked teen stood in the same position before finally stirring. He blinked several times as he glanced towards the pitch black sky before frowing. The only source of light coming directly from the moon, illuminating him slightly from his perch in the tree. He sighed quietly before directing his gaze towards the compound.

His vision began to sway slightly before the outer edges of his vision began to blacken. Unaware to the boy, his previous blue orbs changed and began to glow a bright yellow.

His golden eyes began to roam across the compound as he searched for anything that could aid in his mission. Five guards stood at various positions around the compound as they surveyed their surroundings. The men would move every 5 minutes on the dot and would take 35 seconds to reposition. He was able to make out various forms of paths and openings in the guards rotations as he continued to observe the home. After another hour of surveillance the teen sighed before shaking his arms.

The hooded male exhaled lowly as his golden orbs shifted back to their original sky blue. He jumped off of the tree and landed silently before making his way towards the large compound. He hugged one of the walls of the large home for 2 minutes before the sound of boots walking on gravel neared him.

A guard walked directly passed the teen before taking his position on the opposite side of the building. The cloaked teen silently made his way towards the front entrance of the home before kneeling beside the front door. From underneath his cloak he pulled out a unique looking kunai before placing the blade into the knob. He then left the weapon in the door before pulling out a senbon and placing it just underneath the larger weapon.

After a few seconds of rotating the weapons the door opened with a silent 'click'. The teen smirked before placing his weapons back in their sheaths and silently making his way into the home. His cerulean pupils glancing around the home that he had memorized from his previous contract.

The home had three floors with the bottom one being used specifically for the kitchen, living room and the three spare rooms for guests and relatives who were visiting. The second floor of the home was where most of the valuables were stored. He had raided that long ago for his own personal agenda.

The teen began to creep up the stairs of the home as he listened for any noises that would jeopardize his mission. He rounded the second floor as his heart began to thump louder. The boy stopped moving as his danger senses began to go haywire. His body trembled in response to the negative emotions that were bombarding him.

He quickly glanced around his surroundings while palming his kunai. Several minutes passed by in silence as he failed to locate the source of the danger. He stood still for another several minutes before the feeling of dread began to disappear. The teen swallowed lightly before hesistantly moving further in the home.

He didn't know if it was the paranoia finally catching up to him but he knew someone had been watching him. They knew he was here and they were very much aware of what he was doing. His intel was never wrong and the owners of this home weren't Shinobi. Corrupt and shady merchants sure, but they weren't trained Ninja. There was no possible way that they could project these emotions on him. He shook his head as he sighed quietly before moving towards the stairs.

The teen made his way to the third floor of the home and he came to a stop against one of the walls. He silently shifted towards one of the windows of the home before discreetly glancing out the window. His eyes roaming around the compound searching for who had caused that wave of terror to slam into him.

He searched along the outer perimeter of the compound before shifting his attention towards the tree line in the distance. He immediately noticed two glowing orbs that were located in the same tree that he had been perched in when surveying the compound.

Time seemed to slow down as a figure slowly stepped out of the shadows and stared directly at him. The figure was broad-shouldered and extremely tall and seemed to be wearing some type of armor. The two individuals continued to stare at one another before the figure in the trees raised their hand and gave a short wave. The teen's breath hitched as the figure suddenly just seemed to disappear into the shadows.

The cloaked male stood motionless before extending his senses inside of the house in case the person outside had infiltrated the home. For several minutes he stood still before swallowing lightly and shaking his hands.

A Shinobi? But those eyes... They didn't seem familiar at all. The last he checked the only people with Doujutsus in Konoha were the Hyuga and the Uchiha. And their eyes most certainly weren't gold. The boy glanced towards the bedroom door that his target reaided in. He pursed his lips for several seconds as he debated on whether or not he wanted to continue his contract.

On one hand, he was going to get paid triple the amount that he had already been paid for the previous contract. He could just leave and be done with the mission. He really didn't need to do this mission for Ranma... On the other, his honor was at stake. He didn't accept missions only to just cancel them halfway through.

Every contract he accepted, he finished. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He had some level of integrity despite being a thief... He was no Shinobi but that didn't make him any less of a good person. He stole others property and made a living out of it. He'd accept the consequences of his actions when that time eventually came.

The male sighed lowly before darting towards the bedroom and silently turning the knob of the door. The door opened without so much as a creak as the cloaked teen made his way into the rather large room.

'Pretentious prick ain't ya?'

His cerulean orbs glanced around the overtly lavish room that was covered in all manners of materialistic objects. Silk covers, exotic animal rugs, useless plaques, goblets of gold... He'd sneer if it wasn't for the fact that he had a job to do.

Rich merchants...

The teen palmed his kunai before twirling the weapon and making his way towards the bed. His target was laying on the right side of the bed while his wife occupied the other side. He had heard rumors of their 'marriage' from rival merchants and wasn't surprised with most of the information he was given.

A loveless marriage with a man who cared more about his business than his loyal wife.

Atleast, that's what he was told. He didn't truly believe the words because it was rather easy to portray yourself in a manner you wish others to see. She was a beautiful woman and he'd be a liar to say otherwise. A beautiful woman was usually a dangerous one.

The teen gripped the blade in his hand and trained his sight directly on the purple haired woman. He wasn't worried about her husband waking up, the man would be dead anyway. She was the one who would be a problem. He may accept all forms of contracts, but he had a simple rule that he expressed vehemently to clients.

He didn't target children and families were to be left alone.

If a rival businessman had a problem with his competitor then fine, but you don't involve the individuals family. There was already enough pain and suffering in this world, no need to add more to it. If she awoke while he was slitting the man's throat then he'd have to escape immediately.

Plans, unfortunately, don't always go the way you think they will.

The teen placed his hand left hand atop the man's mouth before immediately slicing his jugular with the other. He ignored the slight thrashing of the merchant and continued to focus his attention solely on the wife.

It saved his life.

The teen had just the bare minimum amount of time to raise his bloody kunai to block the throwing knife that would have no doubt landed in his skull. The weapons collided in a shower of sparks that illuminated the teen's face for a brief moment. Even after managing to block the woman's weapon he was still sliced directly on his cheek.

The teen jumped away from the bed as his hood fell from his head to reveal a head full of blond, spikey locks. His heart hammered in his chest as he raised his kunai in front of him while shifting his weight to his back leg.

"Hoh... So you're the little thief that has been causing so much trouble for my 'beloved' husband." The woman slowly sat up from her prone position as the sheets from the bed fell to reveal her pale skin. Her purple locks bouncing from the movement. She gave the boy a sultry smile as she adjusted her nightgown. "I assume Ranma hired you?"

The blond thief didn't respond as he slowly moved closer to the door of the room.

"Oh come now, little thief. I assure you that I am... mostly harmless." The beautiful woman gave a toothy grin as the hooded teen kept his tense posture. The woman rolled her eyes playfully before examining her nails. "Your contract is done, is it not? My beloved is dead. I am so sad. I truly weep for him."

The cloaked teen didn't respond to the woman as he continued to edge his way towards the door of the room. He truly just wished to leave this home alive. The woman was far more dangerous than he assumed and it was only thanks to years of experience that he managed to block the weapon from killing him.

"The merchants of Konoha love measuring the size of their cocks... 'I make my fortune legally with no blackmail!'... It's all so tiring. I thank you for dealing with Hiro. It makes my job so much easier." At the boy's confused expression the woman began to giggle. "I was going to kill him myself but now I have no need. Thank you very much, little thief. Here, accept this as thanks."

The woman reached into her nightgown before retrieving a small pouch. She proceeded to open the pouch before showing the blond teen what exactly was in it. After doing so, she tossed the bag of gold coins to the boy who caught it with slight suspicion.

"Now, run along little thief. You are interrupting my beauty sleep." The woman proceeded to casually push her husband's dead corpse off as the bed before pulling her blanket over her body.

The cloaked teen stared at the woman for all but two seconds before bolting out of the room and making his escape.

That woman was insane!


The blond teen pulled on the hood of his cloak as he made his way back into the seedier part of the Village. Prostitution ran rampant around these parts as women offered their bodies in exchange for money.

The thief paid the courtesans no mind as he continued on his trek. While he didn't necessarily agree with their choice of work, he didn't look down on them. Alot of these women had no real options in life. It put food on the table and fed their children every night so he would respect that decision.

He was a thief after all. Who was he to judge others?


The teen's attention was directed towards a scantily clad woman who was making her way towards him. He sighed in annoyance as the woman pulled on his arm while spinning around, forcing him to move in tandem with her lest she pull his arm out of its socket.

"You never visit us anymore! And here you have me up late at night, just waiting for you to warm my bed~!" The woman came to a stop as a flirty smile blossomed on her face. She gently squeezed the teens hand before letting go and placing her hands behind her back.

The now named Naruto proceeded to stare at the courtesan for several seconds as the woman swayed from side to side. She was a pretty little thing, standing at only 5 feet tall with a voluptuous figure and hair as bright as the sun. A Yamanaka that had been exiled from the clan for reckless behavior among the family.

"Sena... What do you want?" The teen crossed his arms against his chest as the Yamanka pouted.

"It's always business with you! You never wanna have fun. Come~! Join your big sisters! We'll make sure you have a goooood time..." The older Yamanaka adopted a sultry expression as she leaned towards the boy giving him a proper showing of her breasts.

Naruto stepped away from the woman before abandoning his hood. "Cut the act. What do you want?"

Like a switch that had been flipped, the blonde prostitute swiveled on a dime. Her sultry expression became cold as her eyes sharpened. Those once aquamarine orbs now resembled a glacier with how cold they became. The woman's beautiful visage shifted and became stoney as she spoke with a harder edge.

"Mari has a contract for you. Says it's something only you can accomplish." There was no denying the sheer venom from the woman's statement when addressing his... expertise. "I don't know what she sees in you... You're just a common peddler. Thieves round these parts are treated as dirt. Doesn't help you're already that child."

Naruto stared at the shorter woman for several seconds before shaking his head in annoyance. "I'm busy. Tell her I'll come by later." The blonde teen began to walk away before Sena's hand gripped his bicep.

"She wants to see you now."

Naruto glanced at the woman before tearing his arm out of her grasp. "What part of 'I'm busy' do you not understand? The world doesn't run on Mari's time. I have other clients waiting. I'll speak with her when I can." The teen walked away from the prostitute without another word as the Yamanka glared hatefully at his retreating form.

"Mari won't take this lightly! She'll retaliate."

Naruto continued to ignore the woman as he turned down an alleyway to meet with his client. The blond ignored the various drug dealers and other prostitutes as he entered a shady warehouse that Ranma wanted to meet in. He proceeded to lift the bay door with one hand before locking the door in place in the air. The rich merchant was pacing back and forth in the middle of the warehouse before meeting Naruto's gaze.

Naruto frowned at the scene as he extended his senses in the building. The large hangar door that he had entered immediately closed behind him as several men appeared from the shadows. The blond thief proceeded to frown in annoyance as he glanced at the various men who were beginning to surround him.

"Really Ranma?" The teen immediately pulled out two kunais as even more men began to enter the building.

"Sorry kid... Can't have loose ends. You understand don't ya? You're a thief after all. Have fun!" The smug merchant immediately began to vacate the warehouse as Naruto glared at his retreating form.

'15 men. He really wants me dead... I'm going to slit his fucking throat.'

Naruto released a heavy sigh as 3 men rushed towards him. The blond tensed his muscles before his eyes widened in shock as the men were pierced through their skulls by arrows. His cerulean orbs darted towards the rafters as he spotted a flash of gold. After assessing the situation, he proceeded to move.

He took advantage of one of the hired thugs shock as he kicked the man in his stomach. The thug released a pain filled grunt as his body doubled over. Naruto shifted on the balls of his heels before uppercutting the man with one of his kunais. The blade piercing through the man's skull with a wet squelching noise before he punched the man's body directly into the concrete floor.

Naruto shifted his attention behind him as he spotted a familiar woman taking on 5 men at one time. She was as elegant with her blades as she was deadly. The woman was twirling around the men as dozens of sparks illuminated the dim warehouse. The sound of metal clanging against metal rang out through the hanger. The noises continued for several seconds before the sound of flesh being peirced followed by a pain filled scream echoed in the building.

Naruto shifted back towards his own group of thugs before throwing his Kunai and piercing another man's skull. The teen proceeded to run towards another man before dodging underneath a wild swing from a rather large man. The teen lashed out with several punches to the man's gut before being forced to dodge an attack from behind.

Naruto spun the single kunai in his hand before throwing his weapon at the thug who snuck up behind him. The blade peirced the man's chest before Naruto hooked his foot underneath the man's ankle. He swung outwards with his leg as the man was sent careening off balance due to the maneuver. The thug was quite literally suspended off the ground for all but a second before being rocketed directly towards the ground by the teen's foot.

Blood ejected from the man's mouth as Naruto proceeded to stomp directly on the man's head, splattering his brains on the concrete floor. The teen braced himself as he was tackled by the large brute he had been punching previously. Several blows rained down on him as he crossed his arms to protect his face.

Several more blows rained down before Naruto grasped one of the man's hands. He proceeded to clench as hard as he could as the large man released a howl of pain. The sound of bones being broken rang out before Naruto headbutted the thug, breaking the man's nose.

Blood spewed from the man's nose before Naruto tackled him and began to pummel him. He managed to hit the man 5 times before being kicked directly in the ribs by another man. He flew off the man and tumbled several times as he released a hiss of pain.

Hearing the sound of boots rushing towards him, the blond teen shook off the blow to his abdomen before hooking his arm around the man's leg. He proceeded to rotate directly to the left as the man released a scream of pain from having his leg snapped in half. Naruto relinquished his hold on the man's leg before reaching for the man's mouth.

His fingers gripped the bottom of the man's jaw before he jerked his hand down as hard as he could. The man's skull was immediately cracked due to the sheer force from Naruto's pull. The man's body crumpled lifelessly as the blond teen made his way back towards the man who was beginning to rise to his feet.

Naruto proceeded to wrap his arms around the man's waist before lifting the man several feet off the floor. The thug immediately began to struggle in the teen's grasp before being slammed into the concrete floor. The thug released a loud grunt of pain before several punches began to rock against his skull.

Left. Left. Right. Hammer. Hammer. Right. Left.

Naruto continued to beat the man's skull directly into the concrete as blood painted his face. He hit the man another 6 times before he felt someone grab his shoulder. The teen immediately tried to lash out before he was stopped by a single glance from the individual.

The woman he had met in the market place earlier today was staring at him with a small smirk as blood painted her armor and dripped down her face.

She... she looked like a war Goddess.

The golden armor she wore was covered in the essence of life but somehow managed to gleam in the light of the warehouse. The elegant braid that kept her hair in line was somehow perfectly neat except for the splats of crimson that rested in it. The woman had 3 giant, claw like markings on her left bicep with a small scar that sat just above her upper lip.

Now that he was able to get a good look at her...

She was beautiful.

The woman's smirk shifted into a smile as she tilted her head. "I am, aren't I?" Her tone was full of amusement as she crossed her arms against her chestplate.

Naruto blinked at the woman's rhetorical question before a blush formed on his face. He had said that out loud didn't he?

Why was the world so cruel to him?

"I-I... Uh. You... I." He trailed off silently as the woman raised a delicate eyebrow with a teasing smile.

"Cat got your tongue?" She chuckled as another blush formed on the teen's face. The teen averted his gaze from her as he shook his head several times.

"Thanks for the help. I'd like to say I had it under control but that'd be a lie." Naruto began to slowly rise as he shook his hands clean.

The woman glanced at the dead bodies that surrounded the teen before shrugging her shoulders with a smirk. "You did a pretty good job either way. Particularly brutal with that one over there." The woman pointed towards the man who's jaw was practically hanging off of his skull. "I approve."

Naruto glanced at the corpse before grimacing slightly. He may not be a complete stranger to death but that was pretty brutal. He almost tore the man's jaw off with sheer strength. "I'm glad I can impress..."

The armored woman nodded her head before making her way towards some of the bodies. She knelt down beside them before rummaging through their belongings. "Soooo... What caused all this anyway?"

Naruto glanced at the woman as he began to mimick her actions. "Took a mission for a client... He backstabbed me. As evidenced by the men here." There was no harm in letting her know. She did help him after all.

The tanned woman nodded her head before moving onto another corpse. "I know that feeling well... Sounds like you have a new mission." The woman glanced at the blond with a smirk as Naruto nodded absentmindedly.

"Ranma will most certainly pay for this. You don't cross me and get away with it. I'm going to torch his home for this." Naruto flipped over one of the men before retrieving a rather large satchel of gold from the man. He glanced towards the tall woman who was pilfering one of the bodies before returning towards the bag.

He was silent for several seconds before shrugging. "Found some." He threw the pouch of money before throwing several other bags of small pouches in a pile im the middle of the warehouse. The woman immediately caught on as she began to toss several bags of coins into the pile as well.

The two killers proceeded to pilfer the remaining bodies as they made idle chat with another. Several minutes passed by as the two stood near one another by the pile of loot.

"You want to split 50/50?" Naruto asked with a small gesture of his hand.

The tanned woman shrugged her shoulders as she idly twirled her silver spear. "You can take more of the pot. I don't really care either way. My Drachmae is useless anyway..."

Naruto tilted his head at the foreign word before making his way towards the pile and pocketing several bags. "Drack-may?" He tilted his head with a confused expression as he tried to imitate the word she had spoken.

The woman began to laugh before responding. "Drachmae. It's the currency of my home. It's not hard to tell, but I'm not really from here."

Naruto nodded his head before standing up and returning to his position beside the woman. She proceeded to make her way towards the remaining pouches and began to scoop them up.

"Where are you from exactly? Your skin color is lighter than the people of Kumo but you're darker than every other country... You also have an accent too. Not to mention your armor and weapons..."

The woman nodded her head as she pocketed some of the gold coins. "I come from a place known as Sparta. We are born as warriors and train from the day we can walk. We have several trials to prove our worth from a young age." The woman gestured towards her scarred bicep as she smirked. "I got this from a wolf that I killed with my bare hands at the age of 7."

Naruto's eyebrows rose in shock at the statement. Seven years old and she had killed a wolf with her bare hands?

"That's... pretty brutal. Uh... Where exactly is Sparta? I've never heard of it..."

The woman shrugged her shoulders as she adjusted her chestplate. "Across the vast ocean. I doubt your people truly travel the seas. The world is bigger than you think." She ended the vague statement with a wink as Naruto raised an eyebrow at the response.

The blond teen stared at the woman for several seconds before holding his arm out in front of him. "Naruto Uzumaki."

The woman glanced at his hand before a smirk formed on her face. The gesture she responded with surprised the teen as he was expecting her to shake his hand. Instead of his hand, she grasped his forearm before pulling down. "My birth name was Kassandra..."

Before Naruto could properly greet her using her name, she continued to speak. A sense of dread filled his body as an eerie smile formed on her face.

"But my country knew me by another name..."

Naruto's heart began to race in his chest as the woman's brown eyes bore into his blue ones. The feeling of despair wrapped around his very soul and began to squeeze. His breathing hitched in his throat as the woman's smile turned cold.

"Call me... Deimos."

AN: If you haven't played the game or atleast watched a playthrough of AC Odyssey, then Kassandra's names won't mean much to you. But if you have played, then you know.


I will be writing spoilers for AC Odyssey down in this AN and future ones. So if you don't want to be spoiled then just skip these ones.

Kassandra is indeed Deimos in this story. And I already know the questions that will follow. "How does she have Ikaros and the Staff of Hermes if she's Deimos?"

That'll be explained with backstory about Kassandra as I expand upon her character and the role she played for the Cult of Kosmos. She briefly mentions Alethia as well as Alexios so that should give you some clues about her past.

I'm going to just throw this out there by saying that this Kassandra has completed her Trials of Elysium already. Meaning, she has mastered the true powers of the Staff of Hermes. Which also makes her incredibly powerful. As evidenced in the DLCs where she fought and defeated Hermes and Hades in combat.

You can debate the whole 'Simulation' thing with Alethia but it doesn't change the fact that Kassandra is half Isu and half human. She is strong enough to slap these Gods and that's how I'm keeping her. She OP. And I'm gonna have fun with her character in this story.

Too many of the Naruto/AC crossovers rely on the AC elements which makes the story flat. What's the point of parkour when Chakra exists? Kinda boring. I'll do my best to make this interesting since AC Odyssey and Origins shifted the elements of the AC world.

ANYWAY! If you have any questions regarding the plot and other things about Kassandra in the Narutoverse then feel free to PM me.

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